Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Eggs on the Bulletin Boards

photo of: Easter RoundUP at RainbowsWithinReach

YESTERDAY: Author-Illustrator School Visit.
Williams Elementary, Parrish FL

photo: Preschool Tissue Paper Easter Eggs via RainbowsWithinReach

The day before their spring break. To say that the building  was just a little bit 'egg-cited' is something of an understatement. We started the day together in the multi-purpose cafeteria setting -- where we could gather a couple hundred of my 'egg-cited' fans. 

We sang together. We danced together. We read together. And I took photographs of all the 'egg-celence' that I could capture running up and down the halls. I know how you appreciate looking over my shoulder to see what I get to see during my travel adventures. This is my last FL school visit, before we head north for our snowbird journeys. ENJOY!

photo of: Easter Egg Bulletin Board in Preschool via RainbowsWithinReach

photo of: Preschool Grocery Bag Easter Baskets via RainbowsWithinReach

How cute are these grocery bag "Easter Baskets" -- complete with hand-drawn bunny faces?

photo of: Grocery Bag Bunny Baskets via RainbowsWithinReach

photo of: Spring Easter Egg Bulletin Board via RainbowsWithinReach

photo of: Spring Bulletin Board via RainbowsWithinReach

photo of: "Kindertastic Work" Bulletin Board Wall via RainbowsWithinReach
"Kindertastic Work" 
YES. I absolutely LUV LUV LUV the caption, "Kindertastic Work." 
I will have to have a full article about this incredible classroom -- later as time permits. Make note of those 'polka-dot' hanging clips. I asked the brilliant teacher about those. The 'spots' are precut circles of craft foam (you know the kind, the goodies that you can purchase at a craft store, already in a shrink wrap pac.) Behind them are clothes pins that are hot glued to the polka-dots. Then the clips themselves are hot glued directly onto the wall. So there's a permanent art gallery, just behind the teacher's desk. Thank you Mrs. Brunner for that explanation. I can't wait to show them the rest of your room.

photo of: Kindergarten Bunny Paintings via RainbowsWithinReach

photo of: Easter Bunny Bulletin Board via RainbowsWithinReach

Next up. Take a look at these First grade Fine Motor Eggs-tra Ordinary Creations. The base of the project is an egg shape and cut out of wax paper. Then the firsties were given their choice of numerous different types of tissue paper -- both solid color and pattern tissue papers as well. 

By gluing the tissue paper onto the wax paper, the project takes on a 'stained glass' type appearance when the project is displayed on the window. These beauties were made in Mrs. Daniel's classroom. Mrs. D was my liaison for the day's visit. YEAH Mrs. D!!! 

photo of: Wax Paper Easter Egg Collage (Stained Glass Windows) via RainbowsWtihinReach

OK. The beach is calling. I'll have to add anything else later. Please be a kind reader and pin your favorite idea to share with the wider world. Pinterest is the source of the vast majority of my readership. It's such a help when you add to the pin ripples. Thanks so much. 

photo of: "Our Future is so Bright" Bulletin Board via RainbowsWithinReach

*** That's us together getting our groove on! We're about to start the dancing to my original song, "All Together Now." Yup. My favorite dancin' tune is now available as a digital download purchase. If you ever need a brain-break to get your students up and oxygenated -- this one's a brilliant choice. 

photo of: Debbie Clement during Author-Illustrator School Visit via RainbowsWithinReach

-- Debbie -- 

I have an Easter gift for you, my readers. 
I've just uploaded my song, "God Did" to both: TeachersPayTeachers and our own EarlyEducationEmporium

Yes. It's FREE at TpT through Easter. 
It will be free at our EEE for the foreseeable future!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An Easter Gift: "God Did" Mp3


I have an Easter gift for you. 
"God Did" is now in a new zipped file with an Mp3!
Stay tuned to receive your free Easter edition.   
Today is a day of transition for us.
It's also a day of reflection and gift giving. 

Our snowbird status along the sand has now ended and we must say goodbye to "Uncle Randy's Ocean." To some it may be better known as the Atlantic. To those in our Fiedler-clan, it is "Uncle Randy's." It was dubbed as such by the Wonder-Twinzees last year during their inaugural splash, when he first introduced them, and they have kept that moniker ever since. So have we.

We have literally been counting these final days as though they are the last bits of sand in the hour-glass. Indeed. We have walked daily along the shore and found delight with each intoxicating stroll. Splash and sand. Sparkle and salt. Sweetness. Solitude. Serendipity. Strength. Sustenance. 

I'm easily entertained and am enthralled to watch the waves crash or lap -- whatever the speed du jour entails. Seeing a kite literally-go-sailing overhead makes my day. 

Nothing in all of my beach romping prepared me for our communion during the 'Pelican Parade.' That day was one of grayness, shade-upon-shade and variations of mono-chrome, when we went out zipped into windbreakers and the sand had a sting. 

Walking south Allen pointed out a short column of pelicans as they flew past us, arriving over our shoulders and seemingly headed to Miami or beyond. I smiled, grabbing my camera much too late. Like a child I called to them, long after they'd passed, "Come back, I'm ready now." Honest to goodness. Against all odds they made a U-turn in unison! And then the most unbelievable thing happened. They were joined by friends. 

For about ten minutes we were observers of the most incredible pelican pageant  ever witnessed on the planet. Right over our heads those first few were joined by dozens and dozens of their Pelican peers. Swooping and cavorting. Sometimes headed out to sea, but coming back to us again and again. Pelicans in precision returning to us. It was like doing that Jr. High Grand March when we'd circle the gym by twos, then fours, then eights, then sixteen wide and then eights and fours to start all over again. Not the Virginia Reel exactly, but orchestrated. 

They peeled and careened. Sometimes in sectionals, sometimes as a POD. (I looked that term up; thank you Google.) I was squealing and clicking. There was one other couple who came running to join us on our holy spot and he attempted to film the spectacle. My camera batteries expired mid-pomp presentation and I was reduced to tears to watch the conclusion with my heart as the lens. Memories. Sand. Hourglass. Memories. 

[That single picture above has the most pelicans in one pose. I can count 27. Even conservative Allen thinks this was less than half that arrived for the jamboree. What were they doing? Note-to-self: It never hurts to ask the wildlife to come out and play for you. Apparently on occasion they are willing.] 

How many sunny day pictures of a beach am I permitted per article? I have several hundred to choose. 

But back to Easter and your gift. Years back I was inspired by the predecessors of these unending waves to write one of my ditties, entitled "God Did." It's 'more' that a dittie.... it's a full blown song, even an anthem. I wrote it at the time of my third CD. I decided to include it as the final track at that time. 

I virtually never get to teach it at conferences. The subject would not be welcome in many school settings. This winter I had the opportunity to deliver the keynote at both FL and TN UMAP (United Methodist Association of Preschools) and guess what? I taught them "God Did." 

In my imagination I hear it being performed at the end of the Sunday School year with a children's choir backed up by the adult choir. The final coda is something for harmony and a soloist perhaps.... that's how we did it in the recording studio. In a perfect world there would be a cello playing. 

Now that I have a store within Teachers Pay Teachers, I've been oh-so-gradually learning how to create zipped files that include a copy of my song in an Mp3 version. This morning I dusted off the Power-Point slides that I created for the UMAP events. I want to give you this song as my Easter gift. It will be free from now through Sunday night. A simple click will take you directly over to TpT to receive your Easter gift, "God Did." 

After Easter I will charge a nominal fee for your instant download TpT purchase. 

My goal is always to share my work with an ever expanding audience. Legacy. Easter blessings. To that end I launched the collaborative blog, "PreK+K Sharing" a a place for excellence-in-early education. Earlier this year we launched our own Early Education Emporium -- as a shopping experience. I will have it there, after Easter as a FREEBIE for the foreseeable future. This is a thank you to my regular readers for your continued support and encouragement.

The car is packed. The kayak is tied down. The bike is on the back and every square inch of space is filled with our nomadic life. Tomorrow I have a school visit over on the Gulf side and then we will celebrate the Easter weekend with our Denver Clement crew and the four Rocky-Mountain Wonders. 

Wishing you a reflective and joyous weekend. 

 -- Debbie --

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kindergarten Excellence Viewed During Author Visit

photo of: Kindergarten Excellence: Visual Support via RainbowsWithinReach


I told you that I'd be returning to Roosevelt Elementary repeatedly to share the excellence-in-education that I observed there during my Author-Illustrator school visit last week. I've got some more goodies to share with you! [Here's the initial post from last week -- showcasing my time in their midst and some incredible bulletin boards.

Today's article is something of a mini-RoundUP of additional great ideas, similar to others that I've shared here in the past, just interpreted through a slightly new and different prism. When you LUV kindergarten, I know that you LUV to take a peek inside of the classrooms of your peers. BEHOLD. 

photo of: "Hand Jive" Kindergarten Chart for Behavior Management via RainbowsWithinReach

Mrs. Hake's room is filled with supportive visuals to encourage her Visual Learners. 
Her great "Hand Jive" poster of non-verbal communicating signals is an awesome way to contribute to classroom management in any busy kindergarten room.... in any active classroom for that matter. Communicate your needs silently. HELPFUL!

One of my favorite articles has made it into my Top-10 list {over there in my sidebar} is the HUGE RoundUP I created of Visual Cues and Supports from visits all across the country. I'll go next and add Mrs. Hake's "Hand Jive" into that oldie-but-goodie. 

photo of: VISUAL Learning: Cues, Supports and Systems
Visual Learning: Examples, Schedules, Cues, Support
Yes. That's her incredible grand-daughter, Ella posing for the pictures in the Hand-Jive poster above. Go ahead and pin that great idea. MR. Hake is even on Pinterest each morning, and I know it will give him a smile to see their beauty contributing to improving classrooms around the country, even around the world! 

photo of: Morning Meeting Anchor Charts via RainbowsWithinReach

I got such a kick out of seeing my name written-up in their morning meeting greetings for the week. YIPPEE!

Even more amazing? Take a look at the little bulletin board immediately behind Mrs. Hake's desk! She has many significant K pieces: The Pledge of Allegiance is hanging there, her grand-children's pictures, personal keepsakes of joy, President Obama and MOI!!! Yes, I'm right there with the president-of-our-country and the grandchildren! 

photo of: Kindergarten Bulletin Board

Now take a look at the anchor chart that is the classroom's Kindness Pledge. What a powerful anchor chart to help direct classroom cooperation, emotional intelligence and even mitigate against classroom bullying. YEAH! Mrs. Hake! Kinder-kiddos LUV having pieces memorized that they can share with visitors. 

photo of: "The Kindness Pledge" Anchor Chart in Kindergarten via RainbowsWithinReach

I'll need to add this "Kindness Promise" into my earlier RoundUP on all things: kind, bucket filling and reinforcing cooperation in the classroom. That one has yet to make an appearance in my Top-10. It will take a lot of pins to get it there -- but its also an issue near and dear to my heart. 

photo of: Kindness Inspiration, Filling Buckets + Emotional Intelligence RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach
Kindness, Bucket Filling and Emotional Intelligence
I have seen LOTS of variations on Behavior Charts in classrooms across the country. Here's the way that Mrs. Hake keeps track for her kinders. Notice that she uses the classic pinching wooden laundry clothes pins with the student names written in magic marker.

That image I'll have to reverse-engineer and add to my earlier RoundUP of all sorts of Behavior charts that premiered earlier this school year. I reached out to my fellow Kinderland bloggers to add their system to the many I had photographed -- so it continues to grow and grow! I quit counting at 17 examples.

photo of: Behavior Charts in the Classroom (Behavior Chart RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)
Behavior Chart RoundUP

Let's conclude today's installment with a look at 'science' in the kinder-classroom. 
These pictures are from a combination of the teacher up and down the kinder hallway. 

These great images + ideas 'belong' in my earlier RoundUP for science

photo of: Science for Young Children, Preschool + Kindergarten Experiments (RoundUP via RainbowsWIthinReach)

Hope that you've had a great weekend. 
Our beloved Buckeyes squeaked into the Sweet Sixteen. 
Tomorrow's our wedding anniversary. 

--Debbie -- 
My one super-for-science digital product is all about spring + all about metamorphosis. 
photo of: Tadpole to Frog Metamorphosis through Song and Fine Motor Supplemental Pages (from RainbowsWIthinReach)
"Pollywog" Song Mp3 + Fine Motor Materials at TpT

Friday, March 22, 2013

50th Edition of Fine Motor leads to Fine Arts!

photo of: 50 Editions of Fine Motor Meets Fine Arts at RainbowsWithinReach

50th Edition of Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts

Welcome to my GOLDEN Edition of all things fine motor! 
What a blogging milestone. Let's begin our walk down memory lane and take a look at some of my favorite ideas, images, links and inspiration from my 50 installments on Fine Motor Development and its integral role in Fine Arts. 

This whole series was launched as an invitation from Deborah Stewart of Teach Preschool fame who sponsored a link-up on all things Fine Motor. Here's my initial response to her prompt -- the article that launched the ongoing series! I will share several of those images as we launch today. 

This first one is a collage of photos that were hanging on the family bulletin board of an ECE (early childhood education) center on our US Army base in Italy. A very special spot in my heart from my tour there to sing with the children of our troops. 

Utterly brilliant in every way, the bulletin board documents the progression of fine motor development using actual children's artwork from through out the center. What a great way to launch a fifty part series. RIGHT? Educate parents on what is to be expected. 

In that first article I share seeing children at PreSchool in Tibedaux, Louisiana arriving to school and signing in for the day. 

And this is still one of my favorite 'golden-oldie' ideas for strengthening those muscles, because I saw how much fun it was bringing to this child. 

In the second article in the series I share this image of corn meal on a tray as a place for fingers to explore and develop. Notice the alphabet cards available on the table if the child is interested in creating letter shapes... they are handy-dandy motivation to prompt an attempt at replication, but no pressure to do so. 

Already in that second article I have photo documentation of a second preschool's sign-in system for once the children arrive at school. Lists of names are written in 'dots' upon lines and the child must find 'their' name and trace over it to sign-in. 

Edition number three features a third writing center, this one in a Florida preschool. Several things that I LUV LUV LUV about this writing center. 
  1. It's suitable for two friends to work side-by-side 
  2. It's stocked full of ALL sorts of materials to self-select 
  3. The materials have bins and caddies for encourage clean-up
  4. It "looks like" a desk -- as in 'go-to-work' 
  5. There are laminated sheets of the alphabet handy
  6. There is a set of the students names written out and attached to a circle clip!

Styrofoam base and Paper Umbrellas work Fingers with Fun! 

A Sensory Experience without Getting Messy: Manipulate the Glitter Gel 
In the fourth installment I share a continuum of children's drawings within the same classroom. Teachers are always challenged to reach each child where they are and to differentiate instruction for each. This collage shows just how wide the diversity in one room can be.

"Moon Sand" for Friends to Play with Together

Is there anything more meaningful that a handwritten card?

Article number 5 includes a photograph with the reminder that GROSS motor development must proceed fine motor development. There are also some 'classic' organizational picture for fine motor materials. 

Edition #6 is another FAVORITE, because it is my RAINBOW EDITION!  If you're looking for rainbows, then that's the place to start!! Here's a favorite fine motor collage that greeted me in Weston for my arrival at their elementary school for an author-illustrator visit. Think of all of the fine motor needed to cut out those bazillion handprints to create the incredible collaborative rainbow welcome! 

It was that morning that I received my own personally painted rainbow and I tell the VERY moving story of what happened that day, in this article. If you ever need a 'teacher-pick-me-up' you owe it to yourself to pop over there to see what happened..... following this big, bright smile. 

Here's the SWEETIE who Painted for Me! 

Edition #7 included some more 'organize-your-materials' images that I know are always popular with readers here.

photo of: M is for Mosaic Bulletin Board for Name Recognition (from Bulletin Board RounUP via RainbowsWithinReach)
M is for Mosaic: Fine Motor Friday #7

For installment number 8 I used quite a few family photos of my WonderPeeps. The twins were staying with us this time a year ago. I had a package of those precut foam rectangles that you can get in the store and they had a ball building me a 'quilt' that led to all sorts of fine motor fun.... getting things organized and later to matching toys to their proper colors. 

young children design with color, foam cards, twins
Twinzees Make a Quilt Together: Fine Motor FUN! 
I felt I needed to get WonderBoy in the article as well, as we were all missing him and so I dug back into some ancient files to find him in the midst of fine motor fun. 

preschool boy, fine motor, markers, drawing, puzzle, color

Article number 9 has some awesome symmetrical creatures which fit oh-so-nicely in the Fine Arts side of our equation. These were created in the traditional 'blotto' method of folding the paper in half and applying UBBER bright paints on one side of the page. RUB them together and VOILA! Never gets old!! Classic!!!

Symmetry, children's painting, bright colors, spring art, bulletin board

Handwriting, Literacy, Early Literacy, writing, school, kindergarten

By the time we get to the 10th issue in the series, I really am thinking about FINE Arts and in this case Mondrian specifically. This original art is from WonderBoy's kindergarten experience. Mondrian's work is so suitable for early fingers to explore! This example features construction paper in a collage of sorts, but in the article you'll see crayon adaptation examples as well. 
photo of: Fine Arts for Children, Mondrian, fine motor, preschool, kindergarten, Head Start, bulletin board
Mondrian Kinder-Project 

photo of: Handwriting benefits, fine motor development in children, early literacy

If you want some inspiration for SHAPES and GEOMETRY then go directly to installment #11 and do not pass GO! Yes. There's everything from LOTS of simple circles -- that resemble polka-dots -- all the way to more complex presentation for trapezoids. Everything in between, too! 

geometry for children, geometry in early childhood, shapes in art paintings

My first major attempt to create a Montessori-inspired Fine Motor Tray is housed in Installment #12.

Montessori-like Fine Motor Trays 
There's a cute little hand-written rhyme for spring, originally in that article.
photo of: Kindergarten spring rhyme, frog rhyme, bird rhyme, handwriting
Handwritten Spring Time Rhyme

You know my lucky number is 13 right? TRUE. Well my 13th episode was the first really big winner to attract viewers. It's the Mother's Day edition and has several rhymes for mother's day, but the images that acted as bait from Pinterest are these photos that I took at WonderBoy's Kindergarten during my author-illustrator school visit there. 
photo of: Kindergarten writing center using student names, Kindergarten fine motor
Kindergarten Writing Station: Photographs of Friends + Their Names

photo of: Kindergarten writing center, fine motor in kindergarten, writing in kindergarten

In addition to all of the Mother's Day rhymes and fun there was another handwritten anchor chart for spring. No wonder that article has had so many page views in a year's time. I won't make you click through, here ya go! 

photo of: Anchor chart for spring, spring poem for kindergarten, spring time poem for children
Spring Time Anchor Chart
Now I seem to be digressing, but in order to save you a click -- I'll put a third, too cute handwritten anchor chart for spring right here where it will be useful. It's from Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts #14. Which tune would you use to sing the lyrics? 

Handwritten Caterpillar Song for Spring

The 15th installment is a classic, because that's where I added these two 'sign-in systems' to the previous four outlined above. I had a GREAT pin for the article and oodles of people found their way over to see what all the fuss was about! 

photo of: Preschool fine motor development, Sign-in system
Sign-in System on the Dry Erase Board in Preschool for Children with Special Needs

photo of: Clipboard Sign in System for Morning check-in, Preschool
Clip-board Sign-in System 
I know you LUV looking over my shoulder at the excellence-in-education that I see on my school visits. Here's another great writing center, this is from one of the classrooms at Sutter Park in Worthington. 

photo of: Writing Center for Fine Motor Development
Preschool Writing Center 

This writing center image is from Part 16 of the series.  Also featured in the article is the friendship quilt that I had earlier this week in my ENCYCLOPEDIC RoundUP of Quilts in the Classroom

photo of: Quilts in the Classroom: Art Meets Geometry RoundUP at RainbowsWithinReach
Add caption

Humdinger. HUMDINGER I tell you! Fine Motor Issue #17 is one of my first RoundUPs.... in this one I have found a TON of handwritten Rules and Reminders from classrooms around the country.  Honest-to-goodness some stellar examples. I'm not sure this image does it justice. You'll have to trust me, its worth clicking through to see for yourself! 

Handwritten Class Rules
Fine Motor 18 has a ton of images from my day at St. Paul Westerville, including the bulletin board they made for my picture book, "You're Wonderful." I have always been fascinated by gears. Seeing all those hands and fingers at work to build collaborative gear project had me giggle-with-glee! 

photo of: Fine Motor Extravaganza in Kindergarten, Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts
Fine Motor Extravaganza
Spring has returned again in the time its taken to create 50 Fine Motor articles. Episode #19 is a perfect one for right now, as it is all things BUTTERFLY! I'm especially fond of this collage I created using children's art on display at Scioto Darby Elementary during their spring art show. 

photo of: Helen Keller quotation with first grade tissue paper illustrations for caterpillar and butterfly
Helen Keller's Life is Such an Inspiration + I Collect her Quotes! 

From the butterfly edition above the following week featured the theme of all things INSECT related and there's a great Anchor Chart with Insect Song included. That's all in Part 20.

photo of: Preschool Labeled Drawings of Spring Creatures
Insect Drawings by Preschoolers, Complete with Labels 

Since I'm the author of the picture book, "Tall Giraffe" I always have my eyes open for giraffe projects. There have been numerous schools respond to my book and create art projects in anticipation of my arrival. Those giraffes are the focus in Part 21 of the series. 

photo of: G is for Giraffe, Art Projects from Preschool to 1st grade focused on Giraffe Theme
G is for Giraffe!! Giraffe RoundUP 
The 22nd Installment fell on Friday the 13th and I used that date as something of a mini overview. I think I've already shared its best bits up above. 

The 23rd Part of the series features a class book of buildings in the neighborhood. LUV LUV LUV it! There are also some AWESOME images of 'materials' to explore in the Fine Arts sense. 

photo of: Preschool "Class Book" Where I like to Visit in the Neighborhood

SPECIAL NEEDS, Part 24. Last summer I participated in my first Blog Carnival and the topic was children with special needs. This is an issue very near and dear to my heart. I have an awesome array of suggestions in the article. This bulletin board of another 'Sign-in System' is from my two day residency at Sutter Park. Go to the article to learn more. 

photo of: Fine Motor Development System for Children with Special Needs

I continued on that theme of activities for children with special needs in the 25th installment and featured a class book created in Cleveland under the famed Ms. Eddie's direction. She was famous for these class books -- and made certain that each of her students received a copy to take home. She is now retired and spends  some of her year in sunny FL and we still get to go to lunch on occasion. 

photo of: Fine Motor Development in Young Children: "What I Like to Do with My Friend" Class Book
Class Book in Preschool: "What I Like to Do with my Friends" 

You'll LUV installment 26 if you like to create your art work in three dimensions -- or if you need some inspiration to do so. Many of the images featured are from the new ECE program at Concordia University in the Chicago-land area. 

photo of: Sculpture Fun: Exploring Three Dimensions in Found Objects, Repurposed with Young Children (via RainbowsWIthinReach)
Three Dimensional Fine Arts from Fine Motor Work 

There are Fine Arts projects in Part 27 it's relatively short by comparison to its peers. 

On the other hand, Part 28, THE FLAG EDITION, is HUGE! 

photo of: Collage of Patriotic Art Projects by Young Children in preschool and kindergarten

Part 29 is subtitled, The Wheels Edition and is filled with LOTS of ideas that include wheels and things that go. It is also something of a back-to-school issue and features this kindergarten writing center. Many of the images in this issue are from my WI friends. 

photo of: Kindergarten Writing Center

photo of: Fine Motor First Name Work

photo of: Water Color Paint Station at School: Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts

Episode 30 is actually a BLOGGER'S RoundUP of ALL sorts of Monster ideas from my KBN (Kid Blogger Network) of cyber-friends. I worked a l-o-n-g time on that one in honor of the release of my "Monster Spray" to the digital format, available for immediate purchase at TeachersPayTeachers and now at our own Early Education Emporium as well! 

photo of: Overcoming Childhood Fears: Monsters thru Art, Fine Motor, Math and Science (Math RoundUP from RainbowsWithinReach)
Monster RoundUP from KBN Bloggin Buddies
Often I am taking a look at the development of Fine Motor skills through the eyes of the little ones. Every now and then I am fortunate to be able to look at the work of mature students. Issue #31 featured the graphic designs and thank you notes of mature third graders in response to my picture book, "You're Wonderful." THEY ARE WONDERFUL! 

We returned to the theme of Monsters and focused on Puppet Making with Upcycled Materials for Issue #32. I thought this was a seriously cute idea and it had relatively few readers..... so I'm happy to spotlight it again. 
photo of: UpCycled DIY Monster Puppet via RainbowsWithinReach
DIY Monster Puppet from UPcycled Materials 

After all of those monsters it was time for a field trip to the farm. Issue #33 is all things FARM. 
photo of: Farm Fun: Fine Motor + Motif in the Preschool Classroom via RainbowsWithinReach
FARM: Fine Motor on the FARM!

Then it was back to the beloved theme one last time for MONSTERS and all things FALL in Part #34. We were out in Colorado at that point in this epic-cycle. This golf tee into pumpkin idea was in the preschool classroom of our RockyMountainWonderChild. Pin it now, so that you remember it during harvest season. 

photo of: Pumpkin Pounding: Fine Motor Development (via RainbowsWithinReach)

LUV LUV LUV these paintings created with MARSHMALLOW Paintbrushes in Part # 35.  That one went to press while I was at NAEYC and so it features some photos of dear friends. I LUV presenting there and meeting folks from around the world! 
photo of: Marshmallow Painting via RainbowsWithinReach
Marshmallows as Paint Brushes
Issue #36 features a GI-GUN-DO thank you quilt from the Colorado Kinders I visited while there. 

photo of: Quilted Thank You for Author Visit via RainbowsWithinReach

Of course I have a TON of favorite articles that I've written over the last 4.5 years. This one for Part #37 is a tongue-in-cheek look at the differences between boys and girls when it comes to Fine Motor. These two examples of TURKEY work are from my very own WonderTwinzees..... so I'm allowed to have a little fun. You deserve a giggle. Pop over to read my insight. 
photo of: Fine Motor Development: Girls vs. Boys via RainbowsWithinReach
My Attempt at Humor: The Differences Between Boys + Girls in Fine Motor

I absolutely LUV LUV LUV this gift idea in Installment #38. These would make perfect end-of-the-year gifts to give your students and their families. 
How cute is this idea for an end-of-the-year gift? 
Issue #39 arrived right before the holidays and featured letters to Santa and several other Christmas goodies: from cookie decorating and 'sticker fun' to an idea that wins an award due to its simplicity. Everybody's got paper plates. Everybody can use this idea for Fine Motor Fun during the holidays. Pin it now! 

photo of: Making a Christmas Tree from Paper Plates via RainbowsWithinReach
SUPER SIMPLE Paper Plate Christmas 'Tree Sculpture'

Installment #40 was another RoundUP, this time on all things Foldable + PopUP! 
photo of: Foldables, Graphic Organizers + PopUps (RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)
All Things "Foldable" (Graphic Organizers) 
ISSUE #41 is a BLOCK-BUSTER on ALL THINGS PENGUIN! This is just one example of the you've gotta be kidding me, how cute are those penguins! I also am a BIG fan of the little penguins-frozen-in-ice that I got to see up close and personal. 

photo of: Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts: Penguin RoundUP RainbowsWithinReach
Penguin Craft Project: Cute for Valentine's Day! 

January also featured a SNOWFLAKE RoundUP for Issue #42. You know you'll need it next year!

photo of: Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts, Part 42: The Snowflake Edition at RainbowsWithinReach
Snowflake Edition of Fine Motor Friday

Yes. I have a LOT of favorite articles, but this one on all things PARQUETRY, as Number 43 is certainly in the top 10 of these 50. Oh how I wish there were more readers for this particular article. The featured art below is from my day in Friendswood, Texas, making my Author-Lady visit there. 

Symmetry in Parquetry Blocks 
Admittedly, Article #44 and my many Photo Writing Promps, is no doubt for a more mature audience than my typical readers. They could be used with the littles to start conversations, but are designed for creative writing exercise with early elementary school students in mind. Gives me something to do with all of these photos that I take on my adventures. 

Writing Prompts from Photographs
The 45th Issue came out right around Valentine's Day and it is the Friends + Fun edition I was totally in LUV with this team-work, cooperation idea and relatively fewer people happened upon it. Most of my traffic comes from Pinterest -- so I'm always grateful for your pin.

photo of: Valentine's Day Friendship Paintings via RainbowsWithinReach
Collaborative Teamwork Project for Valentine's Day and Friendship Celebration

With Issue #46 I took a look at WINTER ideas and had the great-good-fortune to document these 'igloos' under construction using marshmallows and a styrofoam base. Pretty awesome! There are lots of snowmen ideas in that one! 

photo of: Preschool Winter Project: Igloo with Marshmallows via RainbowsWithinReach (Fine Motor Friday #46)
Making an Igloo from Marshmallows

Issue #47 was built literally while I was On-the-Road and goes from early 'mark-making' to quite involved 'map-making' and you'll have to come to the original article to see the transformation take place! Here's where the mature students end up.


When you need some Shamrock Inspiration and those proverbial Rainbows, they are housed together in Installment #48

photo of: Shamrocks + Rainbows at RainbowsWithinReach
Shamrocks and Rainbows Edition of Fine Motor Friday

And just last week was the TRAIN EDITION #49. It's deserving of lots more readers than have found it so far. There's a seriously too clever writing/story-telling project that I know you'll want to see! 

photo of: Preschool Trains and Shape Recognition via RainbowsWithinReach
Issue #49: The TRAIN EDITION 
So what's all this fascination with Fine Motor, you wonder? I am a former elementary Art school teacher -- morphed into a Music Lady, who then has transformed into a picture book author + illustrator. I LUV LUV LUV children's art and hope that they love mine! 

"Debbie's Ditties 6: The Handwriting Mix" 
I have been commissioned by Zaner-Bloser, the premiere authority on all things FINE MOTOR, a company with over 100 years of experience on the topic, to create a recording of songs and dances that motivate and inspire fingers for the fine motor work ahead. So, yes. I guess you can say that I have a vested interest in supporting Fine Motor. You can always get any of my materials directly from me, on my website.  I have recently uploaded the opportunity to purchase the CD at Teachers Pay Teachers, if you're already shopping there. 

Speaking of Teachers Pay Teachers, the first digital product that I created for instant download, has a TON of fine motor work included with the Mp3 of my song, "Pollywog" which would be perfect for spring time science and metamorphosis! I have just created power-point slides for the song and will need to upload those into the existing zipped file there -- just as soon as I can figure out how to embed the song directly into the ppp. MORE technology: my favorite! 

photo of: Tadpole to Frog Metamorphosis through Song and Fine Motor Supplemental Pages (from RainbowsWIthinReach)

Have you gathered that I'm PROUD of my Pinterest Princess status? I now have 109,308 followers there. My board with the largest number of followers is my collaborative Pinterest board dedicated to all things "Writing + Fine Motor."  There are over 1,600 pins under this category already awaiting your exploration! 

***I've put out a call to my blogging friends to have their favorite Fine Motor article included in this encyclopedia effort. I'll start with my buddies over at the Kid Blogger Network. I was VERY late in this request and will continue to add more links as they share them. 
Buddy + Buggy: Heart Fine Motor Skill Fun 

A to Z of Play-dough Flavors at 'nurturestore' 

I hope to have additional links for you from my blogging friends in Kinderland. I will be adding more as they give me their products. 

Hope that you have a wonderful weekend!!!
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-- Debbie -- 

Stress-Free Sunday at Fun-A-Day!

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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