Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Edition: Fine Motor Friday!!

photo of: Fine Motor Development, Fine Arts with children, painting with children
FRIDAY!!! It's Friday!!!!

Welcome to my first-ever annual Mother's Day Edition of Fine Motor Friday!

It's a special mama bear that welcomes immersion painting! 
photo of: fine motor in Art for children, painting for kids, fine motor development

Just think of all of the dexterity required to wield that paint brush!
[I think the expression on that little cherubic face says it all!]


An idea as great as painting on your hand with your own paint brush should be shared with your twinzee sissy -- don't ya think? 
An idea that great is twice the fun with togetherness. 

Who me? Who us? Paint on our hands?? How much fun is that?
Behold the twinzees on their Art-sy field trip outting. 

photo of: Preschool Process Painting, fingerpaint, children's art in preschool
Little Red is obviously enjoying making her mark on the world. 
Mr. Long EyeLashes is enthralled with just the painting of da hand. 

Think of all the Mothers all around the country receiving a handprint-painted something or other this weekend. While as mamas we treasure the finished product (card or painting) we are also aware that it is the PROCESS that gives our child all of the feedback and delight!!!

Earlier this week I've had two blog posts with **ubber-cute** poems. 
Click here for the first handprint poem installment. 
photo of: handprint poem for Mother's Day, mother's day card for preschool, DIY Mother's Day craft
Click here for the follow-up article with finger print flower + verse. 
photo of: Mother's Day rhyme for handprint, Mother's Day poem for children

photo of: Kindergarten Handprint poem, Poem for handprint art,

All of these sweet examples of Mother's Day poems had me thinking. 
I got out my pencil and this is what I came up with:
(I will work tonight on getting into a Google doc + add to my freebies.)

photo of: Mother's Day poem for children, Poem for Mother's Day artwork

Now let's take a look at some Fine Motor Fun for the special occasion!
These are hot-off-the-press from my visit yesterday!

photo of: kindergarten writing for mom

Make no mistake, kindergarten cards require much focus + concentration!

photo of: Mother's Day drawings in kindergarten, Mother's Day project

That's a delightful spectrum of beautiful mommies. 
That's a lot of kindergarten LUV being expressed!!

In order to get to the point where a child can write heartfelt sentiment on their own, they can capture much of their feelings in drawings -- like those above.

photo of: kindergarten Mother's Day writing, kindergarten fine motor development, invented spelling

After the pictures we see letters and words emerging to tell mom about our observations: 
- she's nis (nice) 
-she's hapy (happy) 
- she's prite (pretty) 
-she's brfl (beautiful) 
she's fune (funny) 

Well you get the idea and I'm sure these moms will treasure these writings.....especially so because of their invented spellings. 

Polka-dot moi, WonderBoy + Wonderful Mrs. Davis
photo of: Debbie Clement You're Wonderful, I think you're wonderful, I think you're marvelous, quilting illustrations
Debbie Clement shares her quilted picture book illustrations -- comparing Art to finished book. 

Take a look at what I observed just yesterday in Kindergarten.
These photos are from my visit to WonderBoy's own K-crew in Pataskala!

After my author-illustrator visit with the four K classes I made jiffy quick visits into the four K classrooms. 
Here's one of my FAVORITE learning centers of the morning.

photo of: Kindergarten writing center using student names, Kindergarten fine motor

You're gonna just LUV this set-up! 
Two-sided magnetic easel. 
Each student's name written out with a photograph.

Students have a journal of their friends photos 
and they must 'write-out' the friend's name!!
The center is set up for two children to work at the same time.

photo of: Kindergarten writing center, fine motor in kindergarten, writing in kindergarten

On the flip side of her easel are the names on blue for the afternoon class. 
Yes. Ohio still has many school districts with half-day kindergarten. 

[If you LUV this writing center, perhaps you have time to leap into the future and go to this link, where I have 6 different 'sign-in' systems documented all in the same spot.]

When we got home I was given permission to share WonderBoy's K-present for his mommy. 

photo of: Mother's Day gift wrap, paper bag wrapping

Now let's take a little peeeeeeek inside! 

photo of: Mother's Day flower project, Mother's Day craft for children

Hope that you have the very best time possible this weekend. 
We've been doing some spring cleaning.....
Look at this A.MA.ZING toy I found in our very own basement!

photo of: Fine motor patterns in art, fine motor development for children

The family that plays with fine motor tools/games/materials builds those fine motor skills! 

Always have the children see you writing. 

photo of: Anchor chart for spring, spring poem for kindergarten, spring time poem for children

-- Debbie -- 
Editor's Note from the future: 
Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -
I have a store now!!!
Come to my store! Pick up your FREEBIE!! Come by to shop for instant downloads of zipped files that include Mp3 versions of my original songs for children. I'm including support materials as well. 

***Looking for the other 12 installments in the series? 

Or if you want to fast forward into the future..... I have a whole article devoted to 6 different 'sign-in' systems. 
Click on this link for installment #15.

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  1. I love your poem Debbie. It would have been perfect for the gift my children made..... paper mache bowls ..May I put it in my file to use another time ?

    1. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! Please!!!! I will attempt this weekend to get it into a Google doc format -- for ease at downloading. It's been a while since I've done that so keep your fingers crossed.


  2. I can't believe how much the twinzees and WB have grown!
    I hope you have a wondermously great gooooogaa moooooogaaa Mother's Day Faithie!!

    Luv U !!


    1. Coonie. My Cooniest!!!! Can you believe it? They are like weeds and sponges all at the same time. Growing, growing, growing. It's too amazing for words!

      LOVE you my dearie. Sendin all my love, today and always.



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