Friday, April 20, 2012

Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts (Part 10)

photo of: Fine Arts for Children, Mondrian, fine motor, preschool, kindergarten, Head Start, bulletin board

It's Friday! That means it's FINE MOTOR FRIDAY!
I'm thinkin' Fine Motor!! I'm thinkin' FINE Arts!! 
LUV me this piece! LUV Mondrian!!
The master-piece above is my own WonderBoy's kindergarten art project.

photo of: Mondrian, geometry, shapes, fine arts for children, fine motor bulletin boards

I've referenced Mondrian here before (need further Wikipedia insight?) A reflection of his characteristic geometric style is easily referenced in art projects for children of all ages! 
photo of: Mondrian, geometry, shapes, fine arts for children, fine motor bulletin boards

It's not a big leap back from Mondrian to a 'geometric' look at the letters of the alphabet. Here's a playful X to mark the spot: tactile gluing of cut bits of paper. 

photo of: Letter X children's art project, shapes, colors, preschool, young children, kindergarten
Every time we make letters 'meaningful' through interaction for young children -- we lay a stronger foundation for all reading experiences of the future. 

photo of: Letter Q in sensory presentation, Head Start, preschool, letter identification

Speaking of cut bits...... did you see my post from yesterday all about Earth Day? I LUV'd watching the serious efforts with scissors. We have to allow time to master the 'basics' with children, in order to be able to help them apply these foundation-skills in Fine Arts investigations together as they mature. 

Bring on the SCISSORS!

photo of: fine motor, scissors, cutting, Preschool, Head Start, Kindergarten, tissue paper
               BRING ON THE CRAYONS!!!
photo of: child's crayon drawing, fine motor, fine arts, preschool, early literacy

photo of: drawing with crayon, young child's drawing, graphic drawing, preschool drawing

photo of: magic marker child's drawing, smiley faces, preschool, drawing, fine motor

Children are so proud of their efforts.... recognize their work! 
Kindergarten-kiddos were THRILLED to share their projects during my author-visit.
photo of: kindergarten drawings, crayon drawings, kindergarten artists, fine Arts

We start when they're young by encouraging story-telling within children's art. We can 'transcribe' the details of their stories -- saving the story's meaning -- to share with other loved ones after the fact.

photo of: child's drawing, rainbow drawing, preschool, Head Start, fine motor development

When you can share your emotions..... you are empowered indeed!

photo of: Komen Race for the Cure sign on child's back
Pinned to a child's back at the annual Komen Race for the Cure -- to find the CURE for Breast Cancer.

If we want this type of masterpiece upon maturity in elementary school..... 

photo of: Student multi-cultural Art, Student drawing, Mask drawing

We need to support these efforts from the very beginning.... 

and as we see growth -- we celebrate!!! 

When I arrived for my music-lady show, the 5 year old children were all working studiously on their handwriting skills: working on their name, the day of the week, the alphabet and numerals. photo of: Preschool Handwriting Practice, pencil grip for young child, VPK, preschool, Head Start fine motor

It takes time to develop the fine motor control for pencil-paper skills: time!!!!
Investing that time from the beginning reaps enormous rewards!!

photo of: Handwriting benefits, fine motor development in children, early literacy

and from last week.......

Have the children see you in the process of writing -- 
share your hand-written ideas!!

Today marks our tenth article in the series. Click on the Fine Motor Friday label in the side bar..... or click right here to see the first nine issues, ideas and inspiration! 
                                                   -- Debbie -- 

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