Sunday, March 10, 2013

Meet Maggy my Mentor: Maggy's Kinder Corner


Yesterday I gave you the little teaser about my cyber-buddy, Maggie. Now it's time to give you the rest of the story. No. We have not met in real life. Yes. We would LUV LUV LUV to pull that off. No. we are not related. Yes. We are our own mutual admiration society. Yes. We each have lots of kinder-buddies, but its delightfully 'wooo-wooo-kinder-voodoo' how much the two of us have in common. 

Maggie's Kinder Corner
Maggie with her GRAND piano 
How you ask? Maggie, author of the blog, "Maggie's Kinder Corner" is a kindred spirit. Let me begin by counting just a few of the ways that we have similarities. 



  1. We're both grandmas!!! (Start with the most important first.) So that also implies that we're both of a certain age maturity. We're two of the zippiest grammies you're likely to meet. On account of that significant milestone alone, we need to be in ka-hoots with each other. 
  2. We're both musicians. Maggie's the 'gen-u-ine' music lady. She has a grand piano in her living room and accompanies oodles of performers as they pursue their own music goals. I've heard her play. She's the real deal. Trust me. Thank you Google+ hangouts for our chatty conversations!
  3. We both write songs!!! Maggie's really famous for her poems, too..... some of which she also writes melodies to accompany and others are suitable for piggy-back tunes that you're already comfortable singing. We both believe in singing. We both LUV LUV LUV to sing with the kinders. Listen to Maggie's "Days of the Week" YouTube-special! (She's had over 15K views there. I stand in awe!) You can purchase your own copy right here.... on sale for the next couple days!!!
  4. We both like rainbows!!! You gotta get over there to her blog and find her 'rainbow spectrum' crayon organizer pictured in that teeny image above. She tells you all about it in her post, with very specific directions for the DIY'er inside. 
  5. We're each 'I can make that myself' sort of people. If you're not convinced by her crayon organizers, you've seriously got to take a closer look at her "BUCKET SEATS" that are too clever for words. 
  6. We both have a special affection for polka-dots. (Remember the bucket seats? there's more happy polkas spread thru out her classroom. Look here for her happy dot smiles.) 
  7. We're both "cheerleaders." We both like to see other people succeed. Maggie  has a huge heart for helping those just learning the ropes. She is kind beyond measure and is FULL of encouragement for not only her students, but her professional peers as well. 
  8. We're both the type to seek inspiration on Pinterest! Maggie's got a growing crowd of followers and eager to add more here
  9. We're both 'growing' our stores at Teachers Pay Teachers. Maggie wins hands down in this category, too. She has 354 followers there, but get a load of this: SHE HAS 88 PRODUCTS!!!  
  10. We're also both BIG on Fine Motor and Maggie's created her own materials to support that development. They are the PERFECT follow-up and compliment to my recording, commissioned by Zaner-Bloser of songs and dances to motivate fine motor work. Here's the direct link to Maggie's TpT product: "Are you Ready for Lines?"  

Spring is nearly upon us. My biggest 'digital product' is perfect for Spring! It's all about the metamorphosis of the tadpole to frog to support my 'Pollywog' song. I created five 'quilted illustrations' to support each verse of the song! Oh. Did I mention its on sale at TpT? 
photo of: Tadpole to Frog Metamorphosis through Song and Fine Motor Supplemental Pages (from RainbowsWIthinReach)
Look at ALL of that Fine Motor

Maggie worked fast and furiously to finish uploading her brand-newest newproduct, "Caterpillar, Caterpillar" so that you can get it downloaded during our sale. Obviously ubber-perfect for spring time!

"Caterpillar, Catterpiller" one of Maggie's piggyback poems with a pocket chart for your kinders. (It obviously can be adapted for younger/older students as well.) The lyrics will work for "Twinkle-Twinkle."  You see that she has everything aligned to the Common Core Standards. I told you that she's a step ahead of the curve! 

Maggie's Leprechaun with Mp3 of the best Leprechaun Music! 

****HURRY! You're JUST in time to get Maggie's  Leprechaun product on sale!  Her Leprechaun file comes with its own Mp3!

Remember the group of us at Kinderland is co-hosting our own little March Madness Sale. For the next couple of days lots of us have our stores at 20% off!! 

20% Off EVERYTHING in our TpT stores! 
It's an honor to introduce you to my kindred-kinder. I know that you'll be super happy with any of Maggie's MANY products that she tests with her own kinder-students. She's got the experience, the talent, the capability and the insight to design just what you've been searching for to augment your student's needs. 

Rumor has it that Maggie is working on additional support material for her oh-too-cute "Teddy Bear Shuffle." Stay tuned. I know she'll remind me and I'll add that news as it breaks. 

Have a great day and shop to your heart's content! 

-- Debbie -- 


  1. Strange...I am just today getting to finally thank you in the comments here. Your post is so very nice, and I appreciate your support. It is uncanny how we both took the same angle in our posts :) Hugs and best wishes!!!

    1. Yup. You caught me. I 'forgot' to turn on the comment department for the article, until late in the day. LOL. Always something. You're persistent. Just one more thing I LUV about you!


  2. I absolutely love the bucket seats from Maggie. So cute and adorable. I think I have a weakness for the rainbows in FL after a good rain compared to the ones I see here in MI. Regardless, I am a rainbow fan too. = )

    Irish at Dedicated 2 Life

    1. YES!!! Her bucket seats are truly clever AND functional. The fact that they are polka-dotted just makes them that more delightful in my polka-dotted heart. Thanks so much for taking the time to let both of us know!



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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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