Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Fine Motor FUN


photo of: Fine Motor leads to Fine Arts, Friday the Thirteenth Edition, Celebration Party!
My "Little Red" Wonder Peep's AMAZING Color Exploration: YUP my four year old grand-daughter!

WoWzERS!!! It's Friday. Not just any Friday either! 
It's FRIDAY the Thirteenth!! I LUV THIRTEEN!!
That calls for something special and I had an idea!! 

In the weeks since I've started this series, my readership has really expanded. 
I'm THRILLED! I want to celebrate all of this growth. Plus I've now been blogging for four years! That also requires some recognition!! 
There will be a HAPPY PRIZE..... keep reading! 

THIRTEEN REASONS I LUV Fine Motor, Fine Arts and the #13!

photo of: License Plate from Aruba, Lucky Birth-date number
My birthdate, Aruba-style, from my second honeymoon!!
  1. My birthday is on the 13th. Nuff said. 
  2. I'm a former Elementary School Art teacher.  I LUV children's Art!
photo of: Finger Painting in Preschool: Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts

3. In my 'music-lady' chapter I've written + recorded over 113 original songs! 
4. I have gone from teacher-of-Art to picture book author + illustrator. 
photo of: "You're Wonderful" Picture Book by Debbie Clement (quilted illustrations)
5. Children make Art in response to my work!!! AWESOME!
photo of: Kindergarten Response to picture book, "You're Wonderful" during Author Illustrator School Visit

6. I make school-visits sharing my books + see children's art on my travels. 

photo of: Tissue Paper Butterfly 'Sun-Catchers' by First Graders

7. Zaner-Bloser commissioned me to create a CD of 'fine motor songs.' 
photo of: Debbie's Ditties 6 The Handwriting Mix, commissioned by Zaner-Bloser
Zaner-Bloser "The Handwriting Mix"

8. My blog serves as a conduit for sharing what I see on the road. 
9. This series gets to explore the connections between fine motor + fine Arts.
photo of: Kindergarten Journal Writing following Author-Illustrator School Visit 
10. I keep my eyes open for fine motor-in-action on my adventures. [Click back to this article in the ongoing Friday series, it was installment #15 and pretty amazing.]
photo of: 6 Different Fine Motor "Sign-in" Systems used in Preschool and Kindergarten, fine motor development
Six 'Sign-In' Systems from Preschool to Kindergarten
11. This gives me the perfect platform to share my grandchildren's creativity! (See the glorious artwork that launches this article.)
12. Pinterest is the driving force behind the growth in my readership. 

photo of: Handwriting benefits, fine motor development in children, early literacy

Here's my little plan. I will give away a signed and personalized set of my three picture books to the winner. Here's how you enter. Since most of my viewers come via Pinterest, that's how we're gonna play this time. 

13. It's time for the 'pin-party' to get underway!!! 

photo of: Lucky #13 "Pin-it-to-Win-it" with Rainbows Within Reach (Personalized Picture Book Give-Away)

Leave a comment on this blog post with the URL of the image that you pin from my blog. Easy peasy. May I suggest that you pin my blog button as a first choice? Please write an awesome little description on your pin. Again. First you pin. Then you copy and paste the 'pin's URL' back here in your comment and that enter's you to win! I will announce the winner next Friday. MUST BE IN THE US TO ENTER.... Shipping would be a booger. 

I hope that this works because then I could do the LUCKY 13 pin-it-to-win-it every month! 

***Leave your email address in your first comment, so that I can reach you.... or else its your responsibility to check back next Friday to see if you won. Hmmmmm. How many different pins can you pin to enter? Keep yourself to 13 or fewer pins-in-a-comment entry. LOL. Hmmmm. What to do if you're not on Pinterest? I guess then you only get one entry -- follow my blog and leave me your email..... seriously tho, you need to get on Pinterest. What are you thinking? Here's my pinboard collection, where I now have over 19,000 followers.  

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for helping me grow this platform of sharing! 

-- Debbie -- 
Here's the link to the first 21 actual articles. 

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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