Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fine Motor leads to Fine Arts (Part 9)

Insect Art, Fine Motor, Fine Arts, children's Art, bright colors, children's painting, symmetry

Welcome to my on-going series: 

"Fine Motor leads to Fine Arts!" 
How much do you LUV that painting?
Look at the others on display.
Symmetry, children's painting, bright colors, spring art, bulletin board

Here are six incredible pieces of Fine Art that I snapped up just yesterday at my local, FL VPK program!
It's so exciting to have regular invitations to visit outstanding programs working with children. 
Wearing my 'music-lady' hat, I'm on a mission to share what I see on my Author/Illustrator travels. 

These studies in symmetry by 5 year old students truly take-the-cake!! 
You remember: you fold the paper, put paint 'blops' onto one half the page and then carefully PRESS onto the other side. Open up: VOILA!!!! This time there was a string involved as well. 

We were up in Ohio this time last week and I got to document all sorts of fingers at work as part of the church's family festivities surrounding a monumental Easter Egg Hunt. They had happy fine-motor stations scattered all about! Wee little young fingers. 

Children's painting, dots, circles, open-ended art, toddler, preschool

Part of the 'trick' of creating fine motor fun, is having great media! 

Art materials, paint, dot painting, do-a-dot Art, young children

Elementary aged fingers: 

elementary art, children's painting, dot painting, bright colors, preschool

WonderBoy, kindergarten fingers that I LOVE

Easter egg art project, kindergarten, painting, bright colors, children, bulletin board

Lakeshore roller paints, early childhood, NAEYC

You gotta know that I can never resist a 'rainbow' in my travels. This finished work was hanging on the wall. I can just picture the preschool child coloring and singing and singing and coloring!! How happy those little brain dendrites are when we mix together a couple of different 'modalities' in our work with children.

Rainbow piggy back song, rainbow, crayons, children's art, bulletin board

If you're new to my ongoing series, you may be wondering why my fascination with fine motor work..... I've explained my bias in an earlier installment. I was commissioned by Zaner-Bloser to create a recording of original songs, for their work in supporting young children in creating fluent handwriting. 

handwriting, preschool, hand holding pencil, writing samples, early childhood

One of the biggest challenges to creating fine motor development is the 'issue' of TIME. Prioritizing effort. 

In my association with ZB I have learned much about the connection between capable fine motor work (handwriting) and outcomes on testing and creative writing. 

Debbie Clement, Handwriting songs, Handwriting music, Debbie's Ditties, early childhood music

In packing my suitcase to fly to Arkansas in the morning [I get to deliver the keynote to the Early Childhood Education conference there on Saturday!!!!!] I uncovered my copy of "Handwriting Research: A Guide to Curriculum Planning" cultivated by ZB. So I will now be including some quick factoids assembled there for your contemplation. 

Handwriting, Literacy, Early Literacy, writing, school, kindergarten

If this issue (fine motor) is near and dear to your heart, please check out the first 8 installments for other inspiration. The earlier articles are found by clicking right here. As always, I am incredibly grateful to those of you who are able to 'pin' images to your collections. 

                                                                                          -- Debbie --

My efforts are paying off!! I have garnered the attention of the amazing blog, "Craft Corners" and they have awarded me recognition!!! I look forward to support from their amazing corner in the future!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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