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Pop Ups and Foldables on Fine Motor Friday: Part 40

photo of: Foldables, Graphic Organizers + PopUps (RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)

WELCOME to Fine Motor Friday, Issue #40! 
***As a 'special celebration' for this the 40th issue of Fine Motor Friday, I have a 
COLOSSAL-BIG thank you sale (50% off all digital)
just launched at my Teachers Pay Teachers store! 
More on that later! What a fun way to conclude the year. 
I have so much gratitude for your continued support. 
This is my way of saying thanks. 

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Today we're going to take a look at supporting and refining fine motor development through the prism of the use of 'three dimensions' in projects and assignments. Let's take a look at having some fun with 'foldables' and Pop-Ups.

First up? A Science journal that has 'foldable' components inside! These yellow construction paper insert pieces, are fold-out sections that are 'glued' inside of the traditional science notebook. First grade. Science.
VOILA! Gotta LUV it!!

photo of: Science "Foldable" Notebook in First Grade (via RainbowsWithinReach RoundUP of Foldables)

Now that I have your attention..... 
Let's take a look at some simple 'pop-up' projects. 
Perfect for any holiday or reading assignment. 
Making your work 'pop-up' is a certain invitation to fun!
Gives the tough task of writing ~~ an incentive.  
My long term fans know that I'm big on big endings. 
Having a 'pop-up' in your writing is the equivalent to a big ending in my book. 
The brain thrives on novelty!

photo of: Pop Ups in Writing Assignments (RoundUP of Foldables and PopUps via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Pop Ups in Writing Assignments (RoundUP of Foldables and PopUps via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Pop Ups in Writing Assignments (RoundUP of Foldables and PopUps via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Pop Ups in Writing Assignments (RoundUP of Foldables and PopUps via RainbowsWithinReach)

Now let's take a closer look at 'foldables' as they have been used for the final presentation of reports. 
In this case? Reports on inventors. 
These portraits-of-inventors house the student's written report in such a clever and personalized manner.
-Thomas Edison
-Wilber Wright
-Granville Woods

photo of: Graphic Organizers for elementary, Foldables for student reports, Kinesthetic learning

photo of: Graphic Organizers for language Arts, foldable examples, kinesthetic approach to language Art

A simple piece of paper 'folded' yields a three dimensional surface for sharing the learning acquired on any subject matter. These were used for the demonstration of learning acquired on porcupines. 

The folded 'flaps' create fun little triangles for sharing on all sorts of details including habitat and diet. You can bet the kinesthetic learner appreciates this atypical format for presentation. 

photo: Graphic Organizer/Foldable Reports (via RainbowsWithinReach Foldable RoundUP)

Here's a bulletin board that celebrates reading, books and the holiday season by presenting the student's favorite book in a three dimensional format. The 'reading' photo close-ups are especially well done, aren't they? Perfect blend of photo and hand drawn book cover details. 

photo of: Curl Up With a Good Book Bulletin Board via RainbowsWithinReach RoundUP of Christmas Bulletin Boards

Here's a decorated classroom door that pops up to grab your attention. Simple personalized hand prints are grouped together to create a striking collaborative Art statement of welcome-to-our-room.
photo of: Classroom Door of Individual Decorated Hands via RainbowsWithinReach
Classroom Door Decorated with Student Hands

***All of the photos up to this point are from my various Author/Illustrator school visits across the country. The above images are from schools in Texas, Colorado and Ohio respectively. I LUV prowling the hallways in search of excellence! 
That's what my entire blog is about:

photo of: Graphic Organizers and Foldables from Dinah Zike via RainbowsWithinReach RoundUP

I have had two articles here and here, previously that have featured photos that I've taken of Dinah Zike's display at conferences (click here to reach her website directly) where I've also been a presenter. These are a few images from her displays. Remind you of the porcupine summaries? 

photo of: Graphic Organizers and Foldables from Dinah Zike via RainbowsWithinReach RoundUP

This book report 'foldable' from the Dinah-display, has a striking similarity to the science inventors way up above. 

photo of: Graphic Organizers and Foldables from Dinah Zike via RainbowsWithinReach RoundUP

From a pure teaching stand-point these next two images are my absolute favorites. First. A student dictionary for syllables. Simple always wins, doesn't it? As a composer of children's music, I LUV to play with language and experiment with syllabication emphasized with the beat of the music. TA-DA! 

photo of: Graphic Organizer Example for use with Syllabication via RainbowsWithinReach RoundUP on Foldables

From a 'story-telling' point of view this next simple idea is deserving of my very top award. Recall. Memory. Re-telling. The Little Red Riding Hood 'sequence' board is simply brilliant. Once you create the system, it could be used and reused with every story shared. 

photo of: Sequencing Graphic Organizer/Foldable via RainbowsWithinReach Foldable RoundUP
Sequencing Graphic Organizer Suitable for Story-telling and Memory Recall

Now. Back to the SALE part of today's announcement! 
Many of my original songs-for-students are designed from a brain-research, simplicity of sequence and recall perspective. My all time favorite "All Together Now" is the perfect 2.5 minute 'brain break' -- designed for optimal sequence, memory work, while getting the entire class up and moving. Plenty of oxygen. Super fun! Two and half minutes of delight. It's perfect for transitions or for use in a 'shared reading' format. 

photo of: "All Together Now" Song for Students: Transitions, Brain Breaks and Shared Reading by Debbie Clement

This was the year to get my little store at Teachers Pay Teachers launched.

For quite some time folks have been after me to give them digital download capability. Slowly, but surely (is there any other way?) I am creating zipped files that include the Mp3 version(s) of my my songs. 

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 Please consider officially 'following' my store, so you'll know when I offer new releases. Tell your friends. Tweet, pin and + this article to the wider world and I will be forever grateful. This is my way of contributing to a bright new year ahead!

-- Debbie -- 

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  1. Hi Debbie, many of us do potato units as a part of March St. Patty's day fun. My class been using your potato song for years and it is one of the kids' favorites. An idea for future tpt store product??? (plant life cycle, rhyme, web of potato uses)
    Holly Rose


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