Tuesday, December 15, 2015

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat: Interdisciplinary Winter Creativity


Time to join an incredible group of like-minded educational super stars and chat on all things related to "Winter Themes, Winter Creativity, Winter Interdisciplinary Teaching!" 

Come get inspired by the brilliant Shaunna Evans! 

Shaunna takes our spotlight as #GuestEduCelebrity and shares from her many perspectives as classroom teacher, mother of daughters and blogger extra-ordinaire. 

Shaunna blogs at Fantastic Fun and Learning
Her blog is overflowing with creativity and open-ended insight into learning. 
How do I not have a picture of the two of us together? 
We spent a weekend in the same hotel room in Tampa!!! 
When I say this woman is a dynamo, I know what I'm talking about: up close and personal!! 

Here are the questions for our chat. 
Plan ahead. 

You are welcome to schedule your answers! 
Just remember to schedule your response in the minute following the question. 
Be sure you take into account the time zone conundrum. 
We gather at 9PM in the EST time zone! 

Tonight we have a new sponsor! 
Educational Insights will be giving a $100 gift certificate to one lucky participant!! 

If I got to be the winner I think I'd want to apply a portion of the gift certificate to the Pete the Cat Hot Dots!  There are variations for Kindergarten and Preschool! 

Take a look at our calendar over the coming several weeks and set an alarm so that you remember to join us! 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#TeacherFriends: The Power of Twitter! PRIZES!! ESGI Sponsored Twitter Chat

Time for a Twitter Teacher Celebration! 

With all of the hundred-thousand things that vie for your attention, 
particularly in December............ 
why-oh-why would you want to spend time on Twitter?

Join us tonight at 9PM EST to find out the answer! 
We are going to share some of the many things that we've learned as a regular chatting community. 

Tonight we will be led by a classroom teacher, 
as Terry Stoufer takes the spotlight as our #GuestEduCelebrity!  

We will spend an hour sharing how our teaching, our lives have improved 
as a result of our participation on Twitter. 

Think of a lifeline support system. 
One that stretches around the globe 
and is available 24/7!

Here is the outline for tonight's hour long chat. 
Think of it as an open-house. 
Come when you can. 
Stay as long as you're interested. 
Use the hashtag to your advantage all week long.   

Look at the schedule of guests that we have planned for the next several weeks. 
Every Tuesday there is a topic of interest! 

The more you participate, the more support you receive! 

As an extra added BONUS support, 
every week we have PRIZES. 
Think of it as extra incentive to participate! 

This week our chat is sponsored by our friends over at ESGI.
Have you heard your blogging peers rave about ESGI?  

One lucky participant will receive a year's license of the software, 
which has a value of $200! 

Clearly, we are grateful to ESGI for their support! 
The assessment portion of Kindergarten is a necessity. 
Use this program designed by a kindergarten teacher and regain your sanity. 

Just in case you aren't selected to win tonight, 
you can still get a great savings by using my affiliate code: B1215. 
You save $40 and I am also rewarded financially in the process. 

Tonight I will be sending the digital copy of my classic, 
"You're Wonderful" 
to one lucky participant in the chat. 

Listen in on a performance! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#TeacherFriends World of Wonder Twitter Chat with Wonderopolis

TUESDAYS with your #TeacherFriends on Twitter! 

We gather weekly to visit, to learn, to inspire and to encourage. 
This week is one of my favorite topics: 


What a perfect #GuestEduCelebrity to share: 
We have THE Wonderopolis 
and they have wonder-swag to give for a lucky participant.

To make your chatting experience even easier, 
we now have the questions outlined ahead of time. 
Think of it as an open-book chat. 

Plan your answers! 
Share some photos from your classroom! 
Track down a blog article to inspire other participants. 

You are welcome to schedule your answers ahead of time. 
Just schedule in the minute(s) after the question will be shared. 

Be sure that you factor in the time zone conundrum. 
We tweet in the 9 to 10 PM hour, in Eastern Standard Time. 

Every week, as extra incentive for Twitter newbies, 
we have prizes to give away. 

A chat on the topic of WONDER, 
deserves some "You're Wonderful" from me!!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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