Friday, November 30, 2012

Framed Names: Fine Motor Gifts

It's Friday! Fine Motor Friday!!
Welcome to Fine Motor leads to Fine Arts: Part 38.
Fine Motor your passion? 
Click back to see the whole series.

December is just around the corner.
What a brilliant idea! 
This concept would make such a great gift for a loved one. 

Child draws a self-portrait. 
Portrait is framed.
Frame is emBellisHed!!
Recipient is THRILLED!

Were you a fan of "Calvin and Hobbes"
Does this Calvin drawing remind you of some of your favorite chuckles? 
If I hadn't seen it hanging on the wall in Cincinnati this fall, 
 I could believe it was from Bill Watterson's series hall-of-fame collection
My dad was such a fan of the Sunday strip. He would call me laughing so hard, "Did you see it?" 
Simplicity in drawing and verbiage. 
Always enjoyed the philosophy shared by Calvin. 

Get thee to the dollar store and gather up all of those letter sets. 

-- Debbie --

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Classic: Very Hungry Caterpillar

photo of: Very Hungry Caterpillar Art Responses (Via RainbowsWithinReach)

We ended yesterday with tadpoles. Today's life cycle?
Like I promised. Here's a little RoundUP for the classic: 
The circle of life. 

I owe the inspiration for this collection to this first creepy crawlie that I captured while in Texas earlier this month. 
SPEAKING OF CLASSICS.... How cute is this?
Thank you Montgomery, TX for the opportunity to 'work' with your brilliant ones!

photo of: Classic Classroom Caterpillar made out of painted hand prints (via RainbowsWithinReach)
Caterpillar collaboration from a classroom of painted hand-prints. 

What a joy to make my Author-Illustrator school visits and  give a seminar on my approach to the creative Arts -- all while seeing what everyone else is up to. This RAINBOW finished piece is a delightful cooperative effort from little hands. KUDOS! What a welcome!!

This next crawlie-character was on display on the bulletin board in the toddler classroom at Children's Hospital childcare -- some time back in Columbus. Don't you just LUV LUV LUV how the opened-ended individual finger painted projects creep together for this collaboration? Simple always wins! What a great way to create a bulletin board from process Art. Two thumbs up! 

photo of: Individual circles of 'open-ended' paint exploration converted into Very Hungry Caterpillar Bulletin Board (via RainbowsWithinReach)

The following version was on display at my Wonder-Boy's elementary during my visit to their kindergarten collective. He had completed his 'family-homework project' of their creating a butterfly together, as had his peers. You can catch a glimpse of the family-butterflies, fluttering above. 

photo of: Caterpillar Crawls on School Wall in Study of Eric Carle (via RainbowsWithinReach)

How glorious is this teacher created tissue paper example at our Twinzees preschool? Each of these efforts, which ever state of the union, expands on the children's exposure and awareness of Eric Carle's treasure. You know as old Art teacher how much I love these various treatments of the original art.

photo of: Preschool Bulletin Board for Very Hungry Caterpillar (via RainbowsWithinReach)
Bulletin Board for "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" in Preschool 

From tissue paper on a bulletin board to an ENTIRE l-o-n-g elementary school mural. Just how big can you make one caterpillar? This work was absolutely stunning! To see it in person during my two day residency in Clyde, OH at Main Street Elementary brought a smile to my face every single time I passed by this monumental and permanent exhibit. This is why we call the original a classic. There are so many possible possibilities and variations on the theme. 

photo of: School Wall Mural of Very Hungry Caterpillar Characters (via RainbowsWithinReach)

NOW. Take a LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIES!! They were creeping and crawling in the hallways up in Taylor, MI. Construction paper strips. My favorite part? Take a look at those faces! Look at the eyes. Each one as personal as the young artist's own interpretation, yet you know instantly the inspiration for the 'craftivity.'

photo of: Construction Paper Crawling Caterpillars (via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Construction Paper Chain Caterpillar in Kindergarten (via RainbowsWithinReach

photo of: Kindergarten Caterpillar Craftivity for Hungry Caterpillar (via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Kindergarten Caterpillar Craftivity for Hungry Caterpillar (via RainbowsWithinReach)

Now back to WonderBoy's hallway in Pataskala for a look at their writing/drawing projects on display complete with three dimensional caterpillars. Are you appreciating all of the many ways that a picture book's life can be extended across your curriculum?

photo of: Kindergarten Writing on "Very Hungry Caterpillar (via RainbowsWithinReach)
"On Monday my caterpillar ate 1 watermelon." 

photo of: Kindergarten Writing on "Very Hungry Caterpillar (via RainbowsWithinReach)
"On Monday my caterpillar ate Pizza." 
photo of: Kindergarten Writing on "Very Hungry Caterpillar (via RainbowsWithinReach)

Here's a close-up of the over-sized chenille caterpillar with  pipe cleaner embellishment. When you're in kindergarten and your writing project morphs into three dimensions? You've got to believe you're the big cheese. 

photo of: Kindergarten Writing for "Very Hungry Caterpillar" via RainbowsWithinReach

In my continuing Fine Motor Friday series, I'm always harping  encouraging handwritten examples by the teachers. This anchor chart is a great example of a story emerging over time. Science. Documenting the process. Handwriting. (Student/above + Teacher/below!!) Picture book. Woven seamlessly together.
photo of: Anchor Chart with Caterpillar Observations (via RainbowsWithinReach)
Anchor CHART in Kindergarten!!!

Now for the GRAND finale. I'm really big on BIG endings. That's how I orchestrate my original children's songs. Build it, build it, build it: TA DA! Look at these amazing works of art. Simple brilliant. These were on display in the hallways in central Indiana. The art teacher's direction of this student work is simply stunning. Breath-taking in fact. 

photo of: spring bulletin board of Eric Carle style paintings

A quick hop over to Wikipedia for the publishing date reveals 1969 as the original release date. I know that I remember the very moment when I personally first beheld this beauty. The incredible color against the white background nearly took my breath away. I was transfixed!

Looking for a BIG word to associate with your caterpillar exploration? How about: LEPIDOPTERA? You know how children love to learn the multiple syllables in a dinosaur's name? How about introducing lepidoptera when you're talking Eric Carle's caterpillar. MEMORABLE!

p.s. By all means, please pin and share these ideas with those searching. 

-- Debbie -- 

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -

I'm converting my songs to Mp3 versions, so that you can instantly download them with their lyrics and support materials in pdf format. I'm just beginning to add power-point slides for your ease in  projection. By following my store you'll learn when I get another file zipped together.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Debbie Clement's Digital Mp3 Downloads

@ Teachers Pay Teachers 
All Digital Downloads save 28%

Yesterday I shared about my books and the digital downloads of those songs now available at TpT. 

Today I wanted to feature some of my favorite ditties, 
now available in zipped files with Mp3 versions and support materials in pdf + power point. 

Let's start with affirmation about school. 
CLASSIC: "Glad I'm at School." 
Take a little listen to my favorite filmed version. 

Then there's my classic brain-break/transition 
dance-along, get moving, guaranteed success smile-maker: 

Monsters are big in October, but this next perennial favorite is requested around the calendar. 
The more frequently its sung, the sillier the fears become. 

What about those of you capable of planning ahead for next spring's science focus? 
I have the perfect digital, zipped file for you!!! 

Metamorphosis. Life cycle. Pollywog.  

photo of: Life Cycle of Frog, Metamorphosis, Support Materials for Science in Kindergarten, Preschool Science. Mp3 Support Materials for "Pollywog" by Debbie Clement

I made these pieces and parts this past summer. 
My original children's song has four verses and an oh-so-cute little conclusion that always garners a laugh. 

In an effort to 'illustrate' Polly's growth and change, I created 5 quilts of fabric for you to download, print and share as you sing. 

photo of: Quilted-fabric "illustrations" to support the song "Pollywog"

My bet is that you aren't yet familiar with this classic 'science-sing-a-long.' 

No problem. I have a snippet of video from my nationally award winning video, Kweezletown, that is posted to YouTube. 

There's a fine line between excitement over a sale and enough-already.
I am such a 'sale-rack-kinda-gal' I just want to be certain you know what I have available. This 28% deal only comes twice a year. 
I promise to return to your regularly scheduled RoundUPs and children's Art insight after today's excitement wears off. 

Tomorrow I have gathered up oodles of Art pieces related to the classic, 
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" 
for your inspiration. 
Let the metamorphosis continue. 
I have so much to learn!!

After you're done with all your shopping today, 
be sure to swing back tomorrow. 

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -

-- Debbie -- 

Monday, November 26, 2012

CELEBRATE! Debbie Clement at TpT

photo of: Debbie Clement's Entire Storefront of Materials Available at Teachers Pay Teachers
Debbie Clement's Entire Storefront of Materials Now Available at Teachers Pay Teachers

The day has arrived!! Let the serious shopping begin. 
Welcome to my shameless marketing effort. 

There are several things that thrill me about the image above: 

  • I am gradually figuring out how to navigate at TpT.
  • My little store continues to grow bit by bit, month by month. 
  • That's my first power-point collage of my cover images: YEAH!
  • It's incredible for me to see the visual evidence of progress!
photo of: Set of Three Picture Books by Debbie Clement of RainbowsWithinReach

Yes. My picture books are ALL available in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers. With my offering 20% off and the site itself offering an additional 10% off of that reduction, you will actually see the price drop by 28% when you use the code: CMT12 at checkout.

photo of: "You're Wonderful" by Debbie Clement of RainbowsWithinReach
"You're Wonderful" End Material: CD insert, Sign Language Chart + Music Notation
Each of my books has a CD insert in the back -- which includes the sung version of the song + a second track with the instrumental, which is included for your performance needs. My first book, "You're Wonderful" is often used for 'graduation.' Here's the YouTube video of this song, being performed in concert setting. Watch the little fellow running laps through out! 

My second picture book is "Tall Giraffe" which is full of rhythm and rhyme and has a verses that scaffold upon each other (think The Twelve Days of Christmas and needing to remember all that came before for a comparison.) 

photo of: "Tall Giraffe" by Debbie Clement of RainbowsWIthinReach)
"Tall Giraffe" Picture Book to Song with CD Insert and Charts

To give you a sense of this song, you can follow the footage shot at one of my workshop presentations. This one was for a combined group of teachers and children's librarians. 

My newest picture book is the winner of the national Indie Award of Excellence. "Red, White and Blue" was written in the immediate aftermath of September 11th. I've created the book's illustrations from fabric as small quilts. 

The YouTube footage for this one was filmed in Springfield IL at the annual International Reading Association where I've presented for the last couple of years. If you choose to order the traditional picture book format, I can sign your copy and it will be shipped to you through the Postal Service/snail mail. 

In addition to the traditional picture book format available at TpT, I have also created files and uploaded 'digital' versions of these three songs, for immediate your download. Each project above comes in a zipped file that includes both versions of the song in Mp3 format (sung + instrumental.) In the zipped file there are pdfs of the sign language chart and the music notation which includes the words of the song. Your choice: hard bound book or instant gratification of an Mp3 and files of support. 

Tomorrow I'll share a bit about the files that I've created for some of my songs. Have a great time shopping. 

-- Debbie -- 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

"All Together Now" Goes Digital Download!

Another of my favorite 'ditties' 
is now available for instant download!

I've been hard at work creating digital files in anticipation of my first, ever
Cyber Monday/Tuesday sale!
My little store goes on sale TOMORROW!

This zipped file includes:
- Mp3 Version of the song
- A power-point slide of the lyrics
- Pdf's of the lyrics: one set goes verse by verse
as a teacher's guide of sorts
- One page lyric sheet suitable for poetry notebooks

photo of:
Power Point slide of Lyrics for "All Together Now" 
Leave stellar feedback. 
Quick. Tell a friend or pin or both! 
Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -
Follow my store for latest additions! 
  -- Debbie -- 

*** Be certain to use the code CMT12
at check out to get the 'extra' discount. 
photo of: Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Monday/Tuesday SALE

Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Glad I'm at School" Goes Digital

photo of: "Glad I'm at School" Goes Digital (Song by Debbie Clement)


I've just gotten all of the files uploaded over at TeachersPayTeachers!
For my 'classic' original: "Glad I'm at School." 

Includes Mp3 version of the song. 
Lyrics in pdf format.
Power-point slides of the lyrics!!

photo of: Power Point Slide Examples for "Glad I'm at School" by Debbie Clement

Leave STELLAR feedback: pretty please. 
I'm just getting launched in digital download land.  
Thanks for following my little store -- then you'll know when I make my next song go digital! 

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -

Please tell a friend.

Here's the film footage of my presentation of this song, on Long Island
to a packed gymnasium of enthusiasm. 

Here's how a school district in Detroit used my song.
It's worth watching to see the baby feet dancing. 

-- Debbie -- 
Getting excited about the cyber-sale? 
My little store will be 20% off....
Plus use the code: CMT12 for a total of 28% off!!

photo of: Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Monday/Tuesday SALE

Friday, November 23, 2012

Fine Motor Development Girls vs. Boys

photo of: Fine Motor Development: Girls vs. Boys via RainbowsWithinReach

"A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words" 

It's Friday! For some it's 'shopping' Friday.
Welcome to my little corner of the blog-o-sphere if this is your first visit. 
For the last nine months I've been having a focus of fine motor on Fridays. 
Let me back up a tad for any newbies and introduce myself: 
  • I'm a 'music-lady' that's recorded over 100 original children's songs 
  • Before this 17 year chapter, I was an elementary Art teacher
  • I've turned 3 of my songs into traditional picture books as illustrator
  • I LUV to see how + what + when + where children create
  • I'm a GeeGee (grandma) to seven wonders, including a set of twins
  • Our amazing twins include a boy and a girl: age 4.5 years

photo of: Turkey Creations from Apples and Marshmallows, Differences between the sexes via RainbowsWithinReach

"A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words" 
Two pictures are worth 10,000 words!!
I can't wait to see what I write about these pictures. First of all let me tell you that they are each very near and dear to my heart. VERY dear. 

These apple beauties were made early this week at preschool by my twin grand-wonders. Their particular preschool is very 'child-centered' and allows the children to direct much of their time at the program. The young students are offered many centers and 'educational' opportunities, but allowed to move through the centers at their own direction and discretion. 

As the grandma to these two glories I can tell you some of my observations. Little girlie-girl has been known to bring home a dozen 'projects' (paper creations/paintings yada yada doo-dahs) after a morning away. Her sibling brother, Baby A, an all-boy-boy, and approximately two minutes older, will have NO projects to bring home after the same amount of time, with the same teachers, in the same classroom. You do the math. Zilch. Hmmmm.

This my friends is the subject of someone's doctoral thesis. Seriously. Two children of different sexes. Same EXACT age. Same genetic pool. Same EXACT environment. Different approaches to the world. You've heard of Venus and Mars, right? Best selling books. Right? This is where it all starts. [Actually I'm guessing that the differences begin well before preschool.]

Let's start with the Baby B version. Girl style. Observations? GO!

photo of: Turkey Centerpiece using Apple and Cereal Bits
Preschool Turkey: Created by 4.5 Year old Girl

Little Red has looked at the teacher's model and created her rendition with joy. 
Not having been privy to seeing the teacher-model, I'm just guessing that her end-product has a striking similarity to the example. She has worked very diligently to follow the model provided. Tooth pics radiating happily with concentric circles of cereal and glorious triangular corn embellishments. I can only imagine how long it took her to craft this gobbler.

VOILA! BEHOLD. Another vision. 

photo of: Preschool "Turkey" Sculpture (boy version) via RainbowsWithinReach

Now for an examination of the 'boy version.' First of all let me just say, "I'm THRILLED!" Obviously the thrill is on multiple levels. I'm thrilled that Mr. Eyelashes made-a-project himself!!!!! Awesome on so many levels. Now I'm guessing (since I wasn't there) that our little-guy also had the chance to see the teacher-model. What conclusions did he experience?

What assumptions can we reach from his finished outcome? 

Perhaps the child is a creative genius. He used all of the same pieces and parts. The outcome is totally his own. Is this because he had his own vision? Is this because he is challenged in three dimensional perception? Is this because he's a maverick, outside the box, doin' his own brilliant thang, sculptor-in-the-making? Is this because he ate all the cereal allotted for his structure? Is this because he is fascinated with machinery? Cars, trucks, planes, boats = curiosity.  Hmmmmm. 

Sharing the photo of his creation this morning with extended family over egg casserole, his Great Aunt suggested he was making his own "Turkey Transformer". I LUV her insight! His outcome does indeed have a clever 
inter-galactic, satelite-esque, moon-walkin' robotic sorta appearance. 

I'm guessing that Martha Stewart would prefer Little Red's rendition for one of her magazine shoots as the family centerpiece. On the other hand George Lucas might select the Mr. Eyelash version as inspiration for his next movie-shoot. You be the judge. Or better yet? Judge ye not!

So what do we learn from these two examples of fine motor development on this particular Friday? 
  1. We need to offer all sorts of materials, ingredients, pieces + parts, bits + bobs to every child -- for whatever skill level their creativity, insight and capability dictate.
  2. There will be different outcomes from different children. 
  3. It's critical to applaud the effort of every child.
  4. It's not a stretch to image that there are some innate differences between boys and girls. Honest.
  5. CELEBRATE unique, original, creative energy. 
  6. If you're working on your doctoral thesis using twins in fine motor capability, contact me for the use of these fine examples to be included in your study. You are welcome to use this material with the promise that you will report back here and give us your insight when you collate all of your findings.
Far be in from me to suggest that little boys and little girls look at apples, tooth pics and marshmallows differently. I'll let you reach your own conclusions based on this evidence, mixed with your own observations from real life.

What is your experience? What are your thoughts? Do you notice differences between the boys and girls in your classroom? How so? How do you interest those not typically intrigued with fine motor work into that critical realm? Inquiring minds want to know!!!
photo of: FRIDAY!!! FINE MOTOR FRIDAY!!!  Fine Motor Leads to Fine ARTS, Part
Marshmalows as Paint Brushes
P.S. Speaking of marshmallows...... they make AWESOME paint brushes of sort to explore paint application. Two weeks ago they were the subject of inspiration here and I think you'll really enjoy seeing those beauties from one of my recent Author/Illustrator school visits. 

 -- Debbie -- 

We're gearing up for the big sale early next week. 
My new little store at TeachersPayTeachers will be 20% off.
Making all of my products there 28% off.
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photo of: Three Picture Books by Debbie Clement of Rainbows Within Reach

Come over and get THE, BEST prices ever on my books!

photo of: Teachers Pay Teachers Cyber Monday/Tuesday SALE

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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