Saturday, January 31, 2009

Steeples of Glory

I then walked the eight blocks down Main street to go to the Artisans Craft Exhibition Hall. Passing all of these various churches with their steeples glowing against the southern blue sky was an additional treat. I was in the mood to find some fiber arts, but was delighted instead to find all of the studios over-flowing with glass. The exhibit was also of amazing glass work, from a variety of private collections. There was a Chihuly video playing and all things glass were the order of their day. Alas, no photos allowed. Some seriously delightful color. Well worth the 16 block detour. Then I safely navigated back to my metro train..... which was a lovely amalgamation of humanity -- at the end of the workday. I nearly hugged the concierge upon my return. I was so grateful for his suggestions and directions. Here's to more adventures ahead.
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Miscellaneous Masterpieces

Just a few more masters and I'll savor the rest in my heart. Thanks for taking this tour with me!! Till next time.
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Color? You Like Color?

Here are my four favorite nominations for the use of color...... from Derain's luscious & happy hues, literally vibrating with movement (my top choice in the color department) to the art installation that played with light -- in the tunnel below the street, that connected the two massive buildings to each other (the final photograph in this section.) I could go back tomorrow and start all over again! Oh and they had lemon tea-cake for a special Friday afternoon welcome reception. Impressionists galore, African artifacts AND tea-cake!! What a day. And to think that I was 'paid' to come to Houston to share my 'song' and was able to graft in this serendipitous visit in the process.

I am indeed a fortunate person! It almost makes up for being away from my loved ones.

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Masters: Women Part II

I'm sure there were pictures of men, but apparently I was in the mood to visit with my female companions. What a delightful variety of styles and approaches. What an enormous collection.... of all the biggest names. A treasure trove by all standards. It's like breathing life into my soul. I'm just so grateful that we were allowed to photograph the images above. There were entire sections that were no photo zones. I would have loved to capture some of the African artifacts and artworks. Mesmerizing in their simplicity. Absolutely contemporary in their spare approach to the human form. Ancient & modern at the same time. Ya just gotta love a day at the art museum!!
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Houston Fine Art Museum

It dawned on me yesterday that I'd arrived in time for another adventure!! I got myself all checked into my luxurious Hyatt and then promptly got directions to the Art Museum. In honor of my dear friends Pat & Celia, who are such advocates for the arts, I got brave & I set off. What fun. Armed with a map and some directions from the concierge I was hopscotching across the country's fourth largest city in no time at all. It was a beautiful day for a romp.

After stopping a few folks, once I'd taken the new jiffy metro-train to the museum district..... I was able to find my way to the BIG art museum..... there were several choices, and so little time. Pictured above are several of the "masters" can you identify who painted which woman?? Fascinating. Transfixing. Invigorating. Thrilling. All just a click of the heels away.

Note to self: make a point of visiting more museums, when traveling. It always recharges my battery -- no matter how tired I am.
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Handwriting!!

I just love to watch the enthusiasm of a room full of teachers, getting excited about possibilites for motivating their students. Look at all of this energy being released. We had such a great time together. Now take these ideas back to your classroom & make a difference in what you've done before. See
how you can impact the lives of these little ones!

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Ride That Bike! Oh Yeah!

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Crossing the Midline: TX

Oh what fun was had in our breakout workshops. There was lots of opportunity for participation.... as always, but I think Rebecca's funny face above is the all time winning entry in to the make a funny face derby. If you read this Rebecca, leave me yourPosted by Picasa

Texas PreK Keynote: Plano

Here's a peek into this morning's launch via my keynote..... all the technology worked!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Picture Snatcher???

Just finished posting the bits of text for yesterdays pictures and realize that 8 of my pictures in my sidebar have been snatched and left with little red x's. What's that all about? Where did they go? And how can I get them back?? Just when I kinda, sorta thought I knew how to keep this format humming....... hmmmmmmm. Anybody have any insight??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Favorite People Alert!!

Pictured above are a couple of my all-time favorite road-buddies. That's Suzi Boyette on the left. Yes, it was the two of us that had the fall NY roadshow together. Now she's conjuring up a three day residency for me in central Indiana, to visit her schools this spring. How cool is that? We think that we've got a possible spot in my calendar that will work. Now to get a few more details figured out!!

Pictured on the right is my very own travel-mercy-angel: Deborah Tapp from KY. She and I were last together in the hills of Virginia for SDE. One great big hug later, it's like we hadn't skipped a beat...... and we were all getting caught up over dinner at the RoadHouse, boot-scootin' steak hoppin' oasis. What a wonder to have my flight arrive on time, to the minute!! This picture was taken at the end of the two-day event. I 'only' participated by presenting 6.5 hours of workshop/keynote..... these other two brilliant wonders presented both days: 12 hours each!! Whew. Tires me out just thinkin' about it!

After wishing my road buddies well for their own travels ahead, I then met up with my real life, Wichita cousin, Kristi!! She was brave enough to slide thru the slippery roads and gathered me up for a Chinese meal, complete with appropriate fortune cookies & gracious little good luck charms for each of us. We had a delightful time getting caught up on a missing decade or two! She is the mother of three!!! Can you believe it? I just love traveling the countryside and having the opportunity to visit here and there along the way! Big Fiedler hugs!! (Funny aside, I'd seen Kristi's mom, Sue, more recently than she had -- remember? At dad's birthday party!!)
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Jazzy Hands & Snaps

We're gettin' all "jazzy" and playin' with da beat. Our SDE onsite coordinator Marti LaDue, of snow-covered NY, just happened into the room to take her official 'count' and was willing to act as our official photographer for a couple of minutes. Thanks Marti. Ya caught me by surprise as the action was concluding. Fun!!
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Batteries Recharged

Got another set of batteries, by my second workshop of the morning and so you can take a gander at our "Handwriting" songfest. Thank you ZB!! Everyone had a great time. Posted by Picasa

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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