Thursday, February 23, 2012

Glorious Sunrise over the Atlantic

There are indeed moments that take your breath away.
Moments that try-as-you-might you want to freeze dry forever.

Before I had a digital camera I used to look really hard at the glory in question and then squeeze my eyes really tight and pop them open quickly to see if I had retained every tidbit and jot. I'd do that squeezing my eyes shut routine seven or nine times -- maybe a dozen if the scene was other world glorious. REMEMBER THIS!!!

I'd attempt to catalogue the emotions that went with the scene at the same time.... bottle up the image of the ROARING RED cardinal against the blistering white snow in the courtyard of the Art museum or the wee-baby-moon hanging precariously just for me against the desert's austere back drop of twilights and grays.

This is how the day launched yesterday. Dashing about, while literally hopping putting on my striped leggin's, I was gifted to look out the window of our 13th floor balcony setting -- in the nick of time. My digital camera was available with both charged batteries and memory card space!! I'm so happy to have this space to share this vista with you. Behold the view of the day dawning in Daytona Beach.

All day I pondered the concept of the moments-within-reach that I overlook, neglect or sleep through.

  • Where is my focus as each new day begins?
  • What opportunities lie at hand if only I'll change my perspective?
  • How can I stay riveted to what is most important?
  • Do I prepare myself adequately for the opportunities at hand?
  • Are there celebrations of *MOMENTS* that I miss in the rush forward? 
  • How can I apply the lessons that I learn to the larger picture? 
I think that its John Wooden, brilliant basketball coach and maker-of-men that I have heard attributed the concept of 'each day being your masterpiece.' Get out your paints and camera, your words and keyboard, your flour and yeast -- make today your masterpiece! Relish and soak up the morsels, fluff and details that make it your own.

                                                      -- Debbie --  

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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