Friday, February 17, 2012

Co-operation, Collaboration: 100 Ways to be Grateful

Today's another NEW--NEW day!!!!
Such exciting promise each new day! I'm on a brand new adventure!

First. I promised additional ideas from my observations yesterday at my Author-in-the-School visit with kindergarteners having just celebrated their 100th Day party.
So let's get those ideas out there into cyber-space and then the new adventure part!

Honest to goodness I truly can 'see' how Pinterest is morphing early education -- right before my very eyes. It's such a thrill as a 'blogger' to realize that ideas that I've had (or fellow bloggers have created) now have such an 'easy' way to be shared with our colleagues across the country -- and around the globe. These teachers yesterday were the first to wax on about their enthusiasm for the visual nature of Pinterest and being inspired by ideas they'd seen there for inspiration.

Here are a few of the Portraits of the children as 100 Year old Individuals -- these created by tearing construction paper to create the self-portraits.

When I first walked into their kindergarten pod..... the very first thing that greeted me was an amazing celebration of all things 'mathematic' -- relating to 100.

So here's what the finger-count looked like, with each student contributing one hand to the total.

Counting by 10's is not the only way to get to the total.

They also counted by 'fives' featuring furry feet!

There's so much more to share...... I guess this is going to be a three part series!!!!
Come back again tomorrow to see additional "100 Days" ideas.
Did you get to see yesterday's post?

Whenever I work with children, even as young as kindergartners, I ALWAYS tell them: that my JOB is to have ideas and to write them down.
I even go so far as to tell them that I get PAID for having ideas that I have written down!!!

They are often ASTOUNDED by this thought! 

 I think that its so important for children to begin to realize that 'creativity' can be self-sustaining,
that having ideas adds to one's personal economy,
that sharing the Arts can provide income while contributing!

YES!!!! I have written and recorded a dittie -- just for the 100th day party! It's an Elvis-style bit of nonsense that includes a lot of counting by 5's and a grand finale of counting by 10's! It's on my fifth recording, "Debbie's Ditties 5: Jump, Jam and Jive."

***Therefore I have a Pinterest board for all things 100!
                         Click right here for those ideas!

Now to the 'secondly' part of today's post:
Well folks, in yet another leap of collaboration, today marks my entry into an ongoing Friday blog-hop, linky of bloggers from around the world --
dedicated to improving the lives of children through sharing, collaboration and cooperation.

Kids Co-op Idea swap
Every Friday I will help 'host' this sharing of ideas.

Link your thoughts below for the wider world to 'see' what's going on from your perspective!!

This is my first time to enter into with this group.
I have a lot to learn!!!

I am so excited to grow with each of these opportunities.

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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