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Fine Motor Follow Up

Let's continue to think about all things Fine Motor.
Let's also continue to think about all things ART!!!!
Yesterday was the beginning of this mini series, prompted + linked to Teach Preschool -- 
now let's continue to consider all things 'finger-fun!'
Let's start at the VERY beginning!
Wiggling our fingers thru amazing surfaces!!
Invest in great finger paint materials!!!!!

What else?
'What else' is one of the best questions you can ask!
It leads you in your growth to direct the children!

Working in corn meal also gives immediate sensory feedback for those little fingers!
Strengthen all the muscles in the fingers in a happy, open-ended manner.
I expounded on the benefits of 'sensory' exploration as it relates to fine motor in this earlier article.

Fine Motor Fun in the Sensory Table: Developmentally Appropriate Practice!
Your classroom (or family room) can be filled with opportunities to strengthen fine motor.
Think of your sensory table (or large container) as the perfect spot for fine motor exploration!

The 'Dollar Tree' store always seems to have a large selection of these extra-thick and foam-like puzzles with popular characters. They are an absolutely delightful way to work those digits! Even though you are constructing a 'puzzle' the pieces all fit together with ease, in the way that you want to construct them: TOTALLY open-ended!

Where else can you take this finger-focus?
Clay, PlayDoh, Gorp -- all great choices!!!

Yesterday I shared the way that one school has the children 'check in'
by writing their name in their notebook. Awesome, right?

Here's another school and their 'sign-in' process.
There are pages around a table with sheets of the names of classmates written out.

Each child must locate their name in the midst of their peers and trace the letters.
Right from the start!
This is what it looks like in the beginning.
Celebrate every masterpiece of originality!!

LUV'd getting to see all of this emerging fine motor up in Binghamton, NY earlier this winter.
Soon enough those marks start taking shape!
And once that happens, entire stories beging to emerge.

Blink your eyes.
When fine motor exploration is supported.......
before you know it -- amazing collaborations are possible!
This one's from kindergarten children in Tampa Florida.

*LUV* these 'rainbow names' that were made in honor and anticipation of my arrival to Main Street Elementary in Clyde, Ohio earlier this fall for my two-day residency in their midst. These are the work of mature third graders. Genuine work. They were oh-so-proud. The cafeteria was a RIOT of color!!

One final thought for today.......
In this age of increasing use of  'Smart Boards + White Boards'  in the classroom and laptops and i-pads at home, I think it all the more critical that the children "see" their teachers, parents and loved ones actually CREATING print. Be sure that you are integrating print into your day, for your child, children and students to observe!!

 Bet you wanna see the buckets that go with this filling-your-bucket written expressions?
They have a whole 'system' for writing down positive behavior!
If we don't continue to demonstrate by our actions that fine motor skills are worth developing,
how will we ever have master pieces of originality for the future?
Fine motor and the ARTS are totally woven together!!!!
-- Debbie --

++Yesterday I shared my 'vested interest' in all things Fine Motor. Scroll back or click here.
The article + a ton of additional ideas are in my Top 10 List!
I also shared my website promo-code!

Here's the third installment with more ideas in the series!!
***I found a fun new linky over at Funky First Grade. In honor of Valentine's Day.
What do you LUV?
Can you tell from this post what I LUV?
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Love to eat? YES! Cookie dough, lasagna and carrots!! There's a meal.
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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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