Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Color Theory Hand Prints


Do you see how this was accomplished?
Two children needed.
Two primary colors of paint -- one color per child.
The magic happens with the thoughtful 'application' of those painted hands + the cooperation (over-lapping) of the partner handprints.
The children have to patiently 'apply' each of their painted hands according to some adult direction (so that the paint mixes.)
Placing their second hand 'over-top' their partner's hand print.....
makes for the magic transformation!!! 

These beauties were on display in the hallways in New York during my two day residency earlier this month. The beauty of being 'on site' for two days is that I really had enough time to take a look in the individual classrooms and go up + down the halls to see the work that had been produced prior to my arrival and 'document' it to share back here at blog central. 

The perfect combination of enough space available on my memory card, with enough battery power in my camera and just enough minutes to run like a wild-woman, through the building during every 7 minutes transition between my concert performances with the kiddos, allows me to share what I saw...... and I saw a LOT!!! 

This lesson is an absolute cake-taker!!!!
                        Here's another example:

I speak a lot on the importance of 'delayed gratitification' in my presentations to educators.
According to my dear friend, Dr. Pam Schiller, children who can 'delay-their-gratification' are demonstrating the number one predictor of lifetime success. That old expression "patience is a virtue" has statistical validation according to the research experts.  

This 'project' is the perfect example of a project to help stretch a young child's ability to 'delay gratification.' DAP in action!!!!! (that's Developmentally Appropriate Practice.) Given a young child and paint on their hands -- with an empty piece of white paper nearby -- what is the natural inclanation of a young child? TO GO WILD!!!!
                 Painted hands + empty paper = let me go!!!!!!!!

With this project the teacher is asking the child to 'control' all of that excitement and anticipation and enthusiasm to participate in a shared learning, a shared demonstration -- with an exciting outcome in the process. Learning to control our enthusiasm and direct our excitement is the hallmark of growth and the foreshadowing of success. I LUV this lesson!!!!

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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