Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Doctor is IN!

How's this for a dramatic-play learning center?
Print-rich indeed! LUV it!!! Just needs the kiddos!!!

Looks like our friend there has had some surgery or needs some -- I couldn't decide which?
Clever attention to detail with the movable sign and the "Doctor Duck" book handy-dandy.

(From my two day residency earlier this month..... thought you'd get a kick out of this one!)

If we're going to prepare children for the bigger world around them, the world that is ever changing, one of the easiest ways is to enrich their early world with 'dramatic play' opportunities. Times for them to 'try on' different roles, different hats.... to PRETEND!!!!

I grew up in a world of make-believe and pretend. We grew up in an era where we threw a blanket over the dining room table and it became a submarine -- because we said so. We didn't often have props for our dramatic play. That blanket and our imaginations were the key!

I grew up in a 'black and white era' -- the photos of my childhood are all in b+w. I tell the students on my author visits that I grew up before color was invented! That's pretty accurate!!! Here I am in my very best 'pretend' a.k.a. "dramatic play" costume.

Little Debbie immersed in dramatic play!
That's me in my mommy's shoes and wearing her hat and gloves -- let's you know just when I grew up! The glove era!! I'm ready for an adventure. I credit my rich formative years with giving me the imagination to choose to begin writing and recording original children's songs at the age of 40. I credit my rich imagination with giving me permission to begin writing a blog at the age of 51!! I can't wait to see who I am -- when I grow up!!!

I work hard here at blog-central to bring you glimpses of my creative process and the amazing sites I see during my school visits and travels. I just did a whole review of my time in Reggio Emilia, Italy! Click right here if you'd like to see the catalogue of those posts. I work EXTRA hard to bring color to your day. Please come back often. Or pop over HERE to see my collection at Pinterest if you really want inspiration!!! (I now have 2,572 followers of my colorful, visual collections. I've done a lot of homework for the ECE community -- take advantage of it!)

My latest brain-storm on behalf of the ECE community has been the launching of our BRAND, NEW Collaborative blog over at PreK+K Sharing. We have over 30 amazing authorities on all things Arts, Mental Health, Classroom, Special Needs and Parenting; authors, bloggers, teachers and performers contributing a new 'article' once a month -- so you have brand new ideas and inspiration on a daily basis!!!! You must check out this newest resource! You are entitled to a FREE Mp3 of one of my songs by following this link to my article on childhood obesity.  

All this talk of 'pretend' seems like something Charlie Brown and Lucy would appreciate.

Speaking of Charlie Brown....................

I saw this image in the morning paper while on our cross-country trek, earlier this month.
We really haven't figured it all out yet, have we?

We need more voices advocating for children, for their precious early years.
We need more voices clammoring for resources to be focused on these without a voice.
We need to give our VERY best to children in their foundation years.....
Giving them plenty of opportunities for dramatic play and all of the other basics!

It's time to speak up -- where ever + when ever you have the opportunity!

*****I've added this post to Deborah Stewart's linkie on Dramatic Play over at Teach PreSchool. Click here for a ton of inspiration + ideas.

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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