Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Letter Recognition + Fine Motor

photo of: Bulletin board of Names and letter recognition, M is for Mosaic, Art projects for name recognition
"M is for Mosaic" Preschoool Art Project: 'tiles' of color glued to names
We are back in the car, on the road, traveling "home" ........which in my vagabond life is more of a concept than a destination. (Is that kinda profound? Or maybe I'm just getting a tad slap-happy and can't tell the difference between philosophical and silly.) 'Home is when I'm with my honey.'  We are so fortunate that we have made the opportunity to support one another in our endeavors. We are still in the first half of our 7 week road-life, vagabond. Send no snail mail. LOL.

The conference in Baton Rouge was A-MAZ-ING!!!!!! Despite a technological challenge in each of my presentations -- I had a blast!!!!!! Reading through my evaluations -- so did those in attendance. Happy participants can apparently forgive a CD that skips in one presentation and a laptop that 'stops' in another...... as long as there is lots of engagement. Ah, technology. Special thanks to my tech-angels who came to my rescue -- in the nick of time. Many thanks to Pat in real life who had a magic wand, and Pat in heaven who orchestrates nonsense just to see if I'm paying attention. Life is seldom perfect, keep smiling and carry on!

photo of: Preschool name projects, letters in preschool, art project for names in preschool

These are collages I've assembled from my recent "music-lady, author/illustrator" school visit last week. These are from my second VPK in Florida -- which is "Voluntary" Pre-Kindergarten. Little ones. Little wonders.

I LUV the name MOSAIC pictured up top.
M is for MOSAIC!!! 
Isn't that a brilliant idea? They were big, bigger, and biggest -- depending on the name of the child and that would have been a lesson within the lesson. Glued bits of precut paper squares to letters from construction paper on paper roll lengths. Got it?

They were glorious decorating the room!!!!!!!!

Now, I have to plan to arrive early enough, that before I set up the space for our concert time together, I allow for enough time to go dashing through a building to snap up as many pictures as I possibly can to share here and on through Pinterest. I am so glad to give you an opportunity to look over my shoulder on these amazing visits!

photo of: Letter recognition, letters and sensory presentation, M is for Macaroni
Letter M traced with Macaroni pasta for sensory integration + letter recognition!!

And I don't believe I've seen letter "M" as a study of macaroni previously? Not even on Pinterest?? This may not be the very first place on earth to trace M in appropriate pasta, but the first for me to see it..... and truth be told? It made me giggle. ENJOY!!!

The Letter M studies remind me of the recent Letter Q's I saw at my first VPK visit -- before the holidays. Click here to go see those in all of their glory and to see how I used the word 'quixotic' in a post. You know I work at these little snippets, right? LUV the sensory exploration for these children as they get acquainted with letters.

*******As to other bits of trivia that entertain me on L-O-N-G road trips? I have indeed surpassed the 100,000 page view threshold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Party in the clubhouse!!!! Shaking PomPoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah Teaching Blog Traffic School!!!!!!!!!!!! At some point I need to go back and see how many page views I had in the first 3 years versus the most recent 6 months. You would be astounded -- I know I am!

Edible Snowman Science at PreK+K
 Today over at PreK+K Sharing, Laura has such a clever round-up of all things snowman. It's worth clicking over -- just to see her oh-so-cute, melting snowman, edible science experiment!!! Such fun!!!

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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