Wednesday, October 26, 2011

C.E.S. Author Visit!!!

It's a pretty brilliant administrator that plans my author-visit in such a way as to get it off the ground with an all school 'rock concert' kick-off and then orchestrates the visit together in such a way that there's enough time to get 'up close & personal' for individual grade level "workshops." In this first picture we're playing the game "Find the Quilt." I have a couple backdrops hung and my original illustration-quilts hanging for the children to see how quickly they can match my book's illustration to its original artwork. As you may be able to grasp from the picture -- they're pretty quick!

We have forty minutes together for each workshop and I have three picture books to share. That's just enough time to insert one of my own original children's songs between each book. I choose a VERY active song to insert between sharing my books and the question & answer periods that unfold as we take an up-close look at each project. Here, the big kids are 'freezing frozen' -- as part of our study of alliteration and self/body control. Big hit!!!

I am stationed for the two days in the school's music room. This is the hallway art, just outside the door.

Here's an entire couple of classrooms full of DREAMS (in sign language) from my book, "You're Wonderful."

As promised to my friends on Pinterest...... I will be documenting my visits with an eye on ideas that will be of interest to the visual nature of that sharing opportunity. Who follows the 'bucket-filler' program? You've got to know that I love a bulletin board that includes the use of a rainbow!!!

The mascot for the school is: Clyde Elementary School Fliers. So there are more than a few airplanes in the building!!

The Art room invitation!!! "Art: it's outta this world!"

Here's a fall orchard in bloom amidst the kindergarten classrooms!

That's some sign language for the phrase, "I love you." Which is a pivotal phrase in my picture book "Red, White and Blue." All of the classes have been well prepared prior to my arrival and so they're especially excited to perform for me!! They were kind enough to schedule my visit around my Ohio availablity, but it was fun to know that they are preparing for their upcoming parents program -- which is going to feature a patriotic theme.

That's some afternoon 'freezing frozen' used as a brain break mid workshop. 

There are lots of 'firsts' with this visit. Pictured below are the lucky 'first-day' winners of my books. Principal Peggy had the idea to seek funding to be certain that there would be some happy owners of my work. This is the end of our first day celebration with those shiny smiles that were chosen at random and the book that they will be taking home as their own!!! Talk about lucky-ducks!!! Maybe I should say 'flier favorites?'

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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