Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn-4-Mommy Linkie

Fall. Autumn. Leaves-on-parade. Exuberant colors!!!
Today's post is for my mommy. My mid-western mother and lover of all things crisp, bright and cheery has been transported from her point of origin to a southern staple of surroundings. She's been missing the changing of the seasons. She has been longing for the bright maple trees annual exploding-splash of fireworks. In our recent phone calls I've attempted to describe these bright blue skies playing amidst the changing of the guard. For the last several days I have attempted to soak up the colors on her behalf with my Canon-PowerShot SX130 IS in hand.

My mother is the genesis of my playing-with-words. She's a poet, hewing words into order to transfix a fleeting moment forever on the page. She hammers a phrase deftly till it melds with the verse, which then turns forever in the readers mind as though it just fell from her heart. Some phrases probably do. Others no doubt require the hammering effort over days. Chewing and kanoodling till just the right expression finally comes forth, sprinkled between awe and effort. The final version bearing reference to the inspiration certainly, but it is that love of language woven thru the process that brings life to random letters joined together as words -- which paints the final picture.  It is her joy. It is her gift. Her avocation. It is my genetic heritage.

We are a mutual admiration society: me + mom, mom + me. Back in the olden days of this blogging effort of mine, she was no doubt my one continuous reader. She'd tell me,"that experience you shared yesterday -- that was really special. You are so capable at effortlessly telling the tale." So with a readership of one I continued on...... blogging in my cave, for my mom and the occasional friend who wandered in wondering where I've been lately.

The part of blogging that I appreciate the most, is going about my day as though others might appreciate seeing from my perspective. Seeing the colors at hand or the juxta-position of mums in the hands of a capable gardener. Blogging gives me a sense of appreciation for my own day unfolding. I am reminded that not every person has an October filled with trees a'fire. I am reminded that not everyone is regularly graced by looking into the big bright eyes of children. [My mom especially loves the photos of the children that I capture mid-song, when they are engaged, at ease and absorbed in the fun at hand as I teach them my original children's songs.]

Mommy, these pictures are for you. We went vagabonding, searching around our magic peninsula on our trusty green steed (AKA the motorcycle) for your amusement: me squealing in delight at each curve in the road as we went in search of color on your behalf. Allen, my ever patient chauffeur stopping at a moments notice when the skies and the leaves cooperated.

Every farmer's market and gift shop had painted a still life with gourd and flower in seasonal welcome.

Rejuvenated by morsels of dried cherries we'd thunder off in search of splendors anew, weighing vistas with close-ups.

October is such a favorite month for many teachers. Those first long weeks of establishing routines are already fleeting memories and most days get underway now without tears. The season's changing backdrop is inspiration for all sorts of art projects and writing prompts. Construction paper creations and cook books are filled with springboards to sensory delight. The prospect of costumes lingers in the air!!! It's harvest time!!!!! Share your blogging home with a wider world.

Let's link up!!! Please add your fall ideas -- new or old. All are welcome to join in here as long as there is a direct LINK & mini-shout out back here to the entire collection! Be a good-sport and send traffic to fellow bloggers sharing their ideas, by referencing the hopping-here!

I'd LUV for your post to share a memory of your mommy's impact upon you -- or your own mommy efforts on behalf of your own WonderPeeps!! Though that's a bonus and not a requirement -- but a lovely way to introduce yourselves to new readers.

Here's a couple ideas to get you started. These were hanging on the bulletin boards this afternoon during the Powell Kid's fest where I was a performer for "Big Hearts, Small Hands" childcare center.

And when it doubt???? Just give 'em glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have two weeks to join the blog-hop. Be certain to reference the fun here at this post!!

I am going to do my best to link this blog-hop to other, similar hops:

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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