Monday, January 18, 2010

Angels in our Midst

Every blue moon you meet someone that reaffirms your every bit of faith in the universe. Any nagging doubts that might have crept in around the edges of your earthly experience are instantly vanquished and you sigh a contended sigh of assurance that all is right, when you are in the presence of such an earthly angel. I want you to meet just such a being. She is very shy and I will not take advantage of my position to 'out' her beyond her comfort zone. So instead I will just tell you a little story, a true story.

Once upon a time there was a happy-music lady who was required to adjust her life of giddy delight around a diagnosis of cancer.... and being such a pure-pollyanna type she looked for the good that could emerge from such a diagnosis. The music lady found a sisterhood of amazingly strong women who had endured much and had smiled resilliantly in the face of pain and fear -- overcoming much in the process. And she grew stronger in their presence.

As the sprites and fairies were orchestrating good jestures of hope, they conspired on a clipboard for two such upbeat polly-people to meet in person: Baton Rouge. Jan. 2010. It was seasons away, not mere months, but entire seasons off into the future. It gave the giggle-girls something to look forward to. And time passed. And months of the calendar fell away. And diagnositic tests were undergone and poof, before you could blink your eyes it was January of two thousand and ten and a second diagnosis of cancer had befallen the star-of-the-show.

Just like the sprites and fairies had concocted, eons ago, the two indeed got to meet. In person. The unsung hero dedicated three entire days of her life to the support, care and feeding of the dittie-diva..... loading and unloading heavy things, schlepping, encouraging, prompting and reminding. All the while: sharing. Sharing. SHARING.

We do indeed have angels in our midst. I've met more than my fair share. I will forever be grateful and remember crossing the hurdle of my second cancer diagnosis because of the grace of my looniest fan. Thank you sweetie. Your support kept me sane in the face of the unrelenting beast. I got to sing & dance because you were there to hold me up and hold me together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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