Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beauty All Around Us

Back from today's bicycle adventure. When I left this morning it was 55 degrees. That sounded like just four degrees colder than when I rode on Friday. Right?? Plus the sun's out: bright and beaming. The piece of the equation that I didn't factor in was the WIND. Serious wind. Continual, adjust-the-angle-of-your-bike, wind. Fifteen miles today felt like thirty on any other occaision. WHEW! But I'm on a mission. My other summer of dedicated biking I clocked in 661 miles over the course of the summer. With my sixteen miles today, I'm up to 623.7 miles so far. I have exactly two weeks remaining to add to the bank. Wind or no wind, I rode. Look what I found!! I'm thinkin' it's a moth?? Pretty little creature, who ever you are.

Thanks to my blogging buddy Kathy, I was able to ferret my way thru Facebook's NetWorkedBlogs process and got my blog added to their rolls. Last night I noticed their list of "categories" of subjects. Much to my amazement, in their list of top-50 blogs with the subject "children", the 50th blog in their list only has 44 followers. At the time I saw this I already was up to 24 followers. I put out a plea, and have gained 9 new peeps as of this posting, bringing me up to 33 in my pack. Whooohooooo. A few more pleas and I'll sneak in the back door of the top 50! Come one. Come all. Please officially 'follow' me and take me from complete and total invisibility into the top 50. Maybe I should offer a prize?? Hmmmmm. That could be fun. An autographed copy of my book, perhaps?? How would this work?? I could put all the names of the 'followers' into a hat, when I reach the 30th on their list (currently #30 has 63 followers -- so we're already half way there) and draw a winner from the pile assembled. OK. We're on!! Let the following begin.

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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