Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bulletin Boards, Walls + Classroom Doors

Thought it would be fun to share some of the sights I've seen as I raced about at the end of the school year. It was an especially delightful romp around the Midwest, wearing my "Author/Illustrator" hat. Hope that these ideas get your creative juices flowing for next year! This could take all week, so be sure to 'pop' back through again -- if these ideas are the sort you're looking for.

photo of: Preschool Bulletin Board: Movie/Popcorn theme
Preschool Bulletin Board

Here's an ol' favorite preschool bulletin board. 
YEAH DR. Seuss!!

photo of: Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board for Preschool, Cat in the Hat Art Project
Cats-in-the-Hat on Preschool Bulletin Board in honor of Dr. Seuss: notice the 'springs'

Now, let's head to Kindergarten!! 

photo of: Classroom Door decorated as an old fashioned school, Kindergarten Door Deocration

My last visit of the school year was to St. Paul Catholic School. 
I thought those of you in similar settings would be especially appreciative of the bulletin board portraying the rosary with the children's photos included. 

photo of: Catholic School Bulletin Boards, Rosary Bulletin Board

photo of: Welcome to School Bulletin Board, First Grade Bulletin Board
First Grade Bulletin Board of Welcome with Self-Portraits for the Beginning of the Year

photo of: Bulletin Board for Reading Accomplishments, Stars for Reading Bulletin Board

photo of: Spring Garden First Grade Bulletin Board, End of Year Writing within Bulletin Board

You simply must take the time to read what these almost-second-graders have to tell their incoming first grade peers. These are enlargements of the sunflowers featured in the 'growing' garden bulletin board above. 

photo of: First Grade Writing Sample for End of Year Suggestionsphoto of: "What I've learned in First Grade" Writing Samples

St. Paul Catholic School: First Grade bulletin board, Westerville OH

Spring-time theme: Camp Cow-a-Bunga -- End of Year Festivities

"Room 9 Thanks God for our Great teachers"

photo of: Classroom Door Decoration for Fifth Grade

This last masterpiece was also in the hallway at St. Paul. 
As you enter their building the words: 
"RESPECT- Learn it, Give it, Earn it, Get it!"
are permanently painted above the entrance hallway.
I have collage that image in with the others below. 

The 'bulletin board' of puzzle pieces of personalized creations were brightening up the hallway to the upper grades. How awesome when the whole building is in on the same theme! photo of: Bulletin Board on Respect with Student's Puzzle Artwork

Come back to see Part 2 of this collection. I will kick it off with the acrostic bulletin board for R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and I'm sure you'll appreciate seeing what they've come up with for these letters. 

Part 3 has an amazing Fill Your Bucket door decorated for Teacher Appreciation Week. Plus the best ever door for "The Lorax." 

-- Debbie --


  1. I love these! My favorite one is the first grade self-portrait door, or maybe the important thing about first grade, or maybe...They are all great!

    Owl Things First

    1. Jenny!!! Thanks so much for the feedback. I LUV to share, but its a whole lot more fun when I get feedback. I can't wait to hop over to your Owls!


  2. I love picture. I am like the kiddos... very visual! We are your newest follower. Come check us out at for some freebies. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the support.... I really appreciate hearing from you. I have quite a few more to share over the next several posts.



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