Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Classroom Doors, Bulletin Boards Part 2

photo of: Bulletin Board Acrostic for Classroom Rules, Handprint pledges

WELCOME to Part 2 of my mini-series on Bulletin Boards + Classroom Doors, Showcases + Murals!
As promised, that was the acrostic bulletin board from St. Paul's first grade for sharing R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Can you tell that it was hanging on the classroom window?
This room faced the school's parking lot and I'm sure that this pledge provided a type of 'screen' from that busy activity. 

photo of: Bulletin Board for Spring Butterfly Preschool Art

This is the follow-up article providing additional inspiration for your future efforts. LUV LUV LUV walking into the Bryan, OH school to see this wall of color!!!

If you're new here..... I am something of a rainbows reporter. "Have guitar will travel" has always been my motto of sorts, as I make my way in and out of schools for my Author-Illustrator visits. Perhaps I could also have a tag line, "Have camera will travel." 

It's "Pawsitively Perfect" to have a growing blog to share the inspiration that I find in my travels!

photo of: Bulletin Board: Pawsitively Perfect Work

photo of: Bulletin Board for Art Show in Elementary School
Welcome Bulletin Board for Darby Creek Elementary Art Show, Hilliard OH
This next photo was the entrance hallway at Lincoln Elementary in Bryan. It's an entire building that serves second and third grade only. This post-it-note collaboration is just across from the school office. Students write the name of the book they've just finished reading and add it to the wall. 

photo of: Bulletin Board of Elementary Reading Celebration on Post-it-notes

Now for a selection of decorated classroom doors in this same building. 

photo of: Classroom Door Decoration with Bear Theme: Be Excited About Reading

photo of: Classroom Door Decoration: Dive Into a Good Book

photo of: Classroom Door Decoration Detail: Cowboy Western Theme

photo of: Classroom Door Decoration: Garfield Reading Theme

photo of: Classroom Door Decoration: "Bee" a Reader

photo of: Spring Bulletin Board of Garden Flowers and Insects

Let's conclude today's installment with this A.MAZ.ING showcase. Try as hard as I could it was a challenge to photograph due to the glass front and the lighting in the hall. 
The title at the top says, "JOIN TEAM POWER." 
photo of: Join Team Power for encouragement of Physical Fitness: Turn off your screen, get moving!!

Then there's a section that says, "Turn it off" with the logos for all sorts of 'screen' activities (Netflix, YouTube, Wii, FB etc) and above the tennis shoes it says, "Put 'em on." The very lowest shelf of the display says, "Use your Power Tools." 

I wrote an article over at our collaborative blog, PreK+K Sharing on Childhood Obesity. It has the alarming statistics of reality that threaten our nation's productivity for the future. [Click right here to go read those thoughts.] Seeing such a professional presented showcase addressing this issue certainly sends the needed message. USE YOUR POWER TOOLS! Tie up those tennis shoes and get moving!!!

Come back for more of these ideas in my next installment! I'm culling my files for more!! This will be the theme here all week! There are great door ideas on the themes of bucket-filling and the Lorax, that I've already gotten cropped. Stay tuned. 

Here's the link back to yesterday's dozen ideas, Part 2. 
Here's the link in the future to tomorrow's post, Part 3.

-- Debbie --   

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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