Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Dreams: Sunshine-Ray Writing

photo of: Summer Sunshine Writing Project: first grade bucket list for summer, written on sun rays

What hopes do you have for this season? 
Plans? Have you made a bucket list? 
How about a ray of sunshine list?
Take a look at these 'bucket list' sunny writings from first graders:

  • Pool
  • Zoo
  • Field trip
  • Bike 
  • Baseball
  • Picnic
  • Beach
  • Mom
  • barefoot (LUV this one personally!!!)
  • birthday
  • ice

How clever is this idea? What a great project for that last week of school. 
These sunshine plans would look awesome on a bulletin board once they dry!!

photo of: Summer Bulletin Board with Sunshine Dreams

These were laying on the desks, while I went classroom crashing at Sutter Park during my Author Illustrator School Visit. I think all of the first graders were outside for recess -- while I snapped away with my trusty Canon. LUV LUV LUV how simple these are, yet how insightful. 

photo of: Bulletin Board for Summer Dreams, Sunshine Writing

Here's a couple of sunny collages assembled by preschool children with special needs: fluffies and stickers bring the sunny forms to life. These were on the drying rack up in Bryan, OH and I have a feeling that they were probably going to be painted next.

photo of: Sunshine Collage, Art Project for Children with Special Needs

Now take a look at this amazing handwritten thank-you  SUNSHINE mural!! 
This collaboration is from my kindergarten buddies at my own WonderBoy's elementary school following my 'sunny' visit in their midst. 
It was huge-huge-huge!!!

photo of: Kindergarten Thank You Mural of Handwritten Gratitude

photo of: Handwritten Thank You Mural from Kindergarten

I told you before that Mrs. Davis is an OVER achiever. Remember she's the one with those awesome beginning of the year and end of the year letters and photo keepsake. That article is now in my Top 10 list. Thank you Mrs. Davis. [Click here for the direct link.] My WonderPeeps call me GeeGee. So you see that reference above from WonderBoy's peers. I got a special tickle from that one! Yeah school visits!!!

Here's a couple of sunshine ideas that I've had up here previously. These two are already in the Beach round-up, but I think they deserve to be housed here as well. 

photo of: Preschool Sunshine Paintings
Sunshine Paintings from Preschool
This one is simply a CLASSIC + deserves seeing the light-of-day. ENJOY!!

photo of: Summer Bulletin Board of Painted Footprint 'Rays' around Painted paper plate
Classic Preschool Painted Footprint Sunshine

So what about you? What's on your sunshine bucket list? 
photo of: purple pail on the beach, bucket in the sand, reflection on waves in the ocean
Summer time bucket fun!!!

-- Debbie --
photo of: Sunshine Art Projects: collage of ideas for summer-time fun!!

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