Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sweet Summer in Sister Bay

While the calendar may not officially concur that this is the first day-of-summer. 
It is in my heart! Season of sunshine and sundowns!!
We are headed north to our heaven-on-earth haven. 

I think about daisies all year long and now we are headed up to my blue skies and all those white petals await me all over again! A new season of daisies!!! Daisies will be blooming soon in Door County, probably not upon our arrival, but they are coming. They're waiting. They beckon all year long. We're headed north!

It's been a big year of making my Author Illustrator school visits. I use summer to recharge my battery! It's my favorite thing!! Daisies and reflection. I reflect on all of those schools and all of those smiling faces. I consider how to make a larger impact. I learn something new about connecting my blog to the bigger world. 


Punctuating all of those SWEET SWEET daisies are the sundowns. A few glimmers from last season. The nightly show a block from our front door: Sister Bay Marina.... where the evening sailboat tour tacks back and forth for photographers delight. I LUV that we -- tourists and natives alike-- applaud when the sun goes 'plunk' below the horizon line. Brilliant kaleidoscope of color!!

We live 'just' behind the BIG tourist attraction-slash-restaurant known as 'Goats-on-the-Roof' Al Johnson's. Give me a call and I'll make a reservation for us!!

Beyond the goat watching and the daisies and the sundowns....... my other favorite pass-time is the stacking of rocks. Seriously. There are few things that are more soothing than sitting at water's edge and playing with rocks. Sister Bay and surrounding beaches are known for their lovely 'flat rocks.' I will know it's summer when I've made some lovely rock cairns. 

What does summer mean to you? I think of summer as the season for my ultimate creativity. I recharge my batteries in these amazing natural surroundings. Our peninsula is well known for its invitation to creative-types. There are galleries and festivals and Artist studios to tour. 

My favorite week of the summer is our Plein Air festival when 40 professional artists will descend by invitation bringing their tubes and sticks of color plus all of that talent to capture our surroundings. They are brilliant and share, instructing as they work. Can't wait!! They always help to fill-my-bucket!!

I've learned so much about blogging over the last year. There are actually people reading here these days and that's a huge thrill!!!!! I have all sorts of ideas about what to do with this creative season at hand. The challenge will be to F*O*C*U*S!!! I'm thrilled to have the time and opportunity to stretch my wings on new ideas percolating for the future. 

  • At what point do you begin planning for the new school year?
  • What agenda items do you have for your professional growth this summer? Reading? Conferences? 
  • Do you have any exciting travel plans on the horizon? 
  • Where do you get your inspiration for the year ahead?
  • Are you interested in having an Author/Illustrator Skype session next year? 
  • Which blogs are your favorite for summertime surfing? 

I wrote this post to join my blogging friends excited about the season at hand. All of us are eager to recharge and renew. Join the fun over at "Kindergarten Lifestyle." 

-- Debbie --
Linky Party Time!!

Just added this post of MY FAVORITE THINGS over to Mary's blog hop at "Sharing Kindergarten." 

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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