Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What if? Now what? How?

photo of: FUN2BEME license plate prompts for creativity

What if you woke up to learn your dream had begun construction? 
What if you received word that a long awaited brain-storm was taking shape? 
How would you go about this day.....
 if your seedlings suddenly sprouted right before your very eyes? 

How do you keep the zest in your day?
Where do you get your inspiration?
What brings a project to fruition?
Baby steps!!

photo of: Cloud Watching 101: tutorial on getting perspective, taking a break

What important journey can you plot and nurture? 
How do you move your idea to fruition? 
Where do you store your dreams?
photo of: Fairy Farms: Child made castles and cottages for fairies

Keeping your spark alive is the key! 
Following your passion is paramount!
Believing in yourself is critical!!
Knowing the worth of your contribution is vital!!!

photo of: Dance Your Dance, Dream Your Dream painting

Educator, Camp Counselor, Creative Genius, Parent, Librarian, Author: 
Believe in the steadfast value of your efforts.
Know the significance of your contribution.  

Your work is so critical. 
So important. 
We need everyone to nurture that unique spark --
the spark that makes you twinkle. 
The spark that makes you sing-out-loud! 

photo of: Sing Your Song, Birds in Nests elementary Art Paintings for Spring

We've got to be willing to take some risks. 
Stretch our comfort zones. 
Think outside the box. 
Swim in the deep end. 
Keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

We need our big girl panties. 
We need to nurture our dreams even in the drought. 

photo of: Swim in the Deep End: children's paintings of fish for the bulletin board, Undersea Creatures

We're woven together. 
We're on the same team:
Team children.
Team creativity. 
Team literacy.  
We're all connected!!
photo of: Weaving on a CD, Yarn Weaving by Elementary Students

photo of: Team Work + Cooperation, hands on completed globe project

  • Thank the people who have nurtured your seedlings, tended your growth and supervised your dreaming.
  •  Express your appreciation to those who have blazed the trail. 
  • Know that there are bright lights paving your progress. 
  • The world awaits your unique contribution: BRING IT! 

photo of: Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld: Teaching in the Key of Life

Tell the people in your world how proud you are of their efforts. Mr. Rogers used to  send letters and postcards daily that he concluded with the simple phrase, "I'm proud of you." Talk about a gold star! Mr Rogers? Proud of me? That's a letter to treasure!!!

Who needs such affirmation in your circle of influence? Is there someone waiting that you could assure with some simple words: "I think you're wonderful. I think you're marvelous." Maybe you could sing them a song?

photo of: "You're Wonderful" bulletin board welcome for Author Illustrator School Visit

Folks. It's really a WONDERFUL Wednesday. 
The kind that brings a smile to my toes. 
The kind that puts some spring in my step + hope in my heart.
photo of: Bloom Where You are Planted, floral assemblage collage

These are the longest days of the year!!! 
What are you doing that will make a difference next year? 
What can you start today that will brighten the lives of others? 
What seeds can you sow? 
Begin it now. 
Get started. 

photo of: License Plate Statement: "I B Goofy"

-- Debbie --
photo of: License Plate Collage by Debbie Clement


  1. How inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing all these great thoughts. :)


    1. Oh thank you Miss Trayers! Sometimes I think I'm just sitting here talking to myself (which I just heard a report on NPR that talking to yourself is a good thing.... so that's OK.)

      Having feedback is just the best -- the absolute best and I thank you with my whole heart.



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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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