Friday, June 1, 2012

Friendship Quilt for Fine Motor Fun!

YES! Friday has returned! Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts!
This is a special Friday, because it's also the FIRST of the month!!
photo of: Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts (continuing series on fine motor development)

Take a look at the photos of this AMAZING collaboration, where the Arts, geometry, creative writing and fine motor fun are all seamlessly integrated! YEAH First Graders!! LUV LUV LUV it!! What a brilliant end-of-the-year bulletin board to show off all of the hard work of your first grade year.

photo of: First Grade Friendship Quilt: Drawing and Writing combined

Here's a close-up for your inspection and clarification. Even within the name square, there's opportunity for individualization!! Whooooop-whooooop. Of course I LUV the 'quilterly-ness' of the whole class effort. I saw this cooperative master-piece in the hallways at Sutter Park Elementary last week during my artist residency in their midst sharing my quilted picture book illustrations. 

photo of: First Grade End of Year Quilt Bulletin Board

photo of: First Grade Mural of Writing integrated with Artwork

Here are some examples of the first grade writing within their quilt squares. 

My 'real' article for today, since it's the first of the month, is over at PreK+K SharingThis post is just a taste test. In real life we are actually 'moving' this weekend. How do you spell C-R-A-Z-Y? Boxes, and boxes and boxes galore!

I worked especially hard to integrate the fine motor aspect with the concept of 'emotional intelligence' over at our collaborative blog (at PreK+K). I've also observed an incredible way to encourage the sharing of materials and have it documented more in detail. This is just the bait for you to hop over there.  

Now, back to our abbreviated Fine Motor Friday. Here's a writing center I also saw at Sutter Park here in Worthington, OH. I had a two day residency with their preschool program that serves children with special needs along with their typical peers and took hundreds of pictures.... until my memory card was filled to over-flowing.

photo of: Preschool Writing Center for fine motor development

Here's a close-up of the elements that they have included. Attractive, inviting, colorful, well labeled. Of course this makes me smile ear-to-ear. 

photo of: Writing Center for Fine Motor Development

This brilliant piece of cooperative writing is from my Artist-in-the-Schools two day residency in Hilliard at Darby Creek Elementary. Mrs. Sherwood is simply amazing when it comes to having her kindergarten students create purposeful writing for their classroom!

photo of: Kindergarten Writing Goals Cooperative Writing Mural

Always have the children see your writing!

-- Debbie--
When the dust settles, I've got lots to share this summer!

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