Monday, June 11, 2012

Flowers in Children's Art Projects

photo of: Class Mural Collaboration of Individual Handprint paintings creating a Sunflower in Bloom.

Rushing these spring-time flowers to 'press' before summer arrives officially on the calendar. After yesterday's poppies-in-real-life I thought it would be fun to have a mini-round-up of blooming beauties. 

Who can resist a community collaboration of painted handprints around a sunflower-esque center? This mural above and the Tootsie Tulips (painted footprints) below were both on display on the hallway bulletin boards during my Michigan Author-Illustrator school visit last month. 
Cue: Tiny Tim -- "Tip Toe thru the Tulips." CUTIE CUTE!!

photo of: "Tootsie Tulips" from painted footprints in Preschool

photo of: Tissue Paper Spring Flower Art Project Bulletin Board

Tissue paper and coffee filters each lend a three dimensional aspect to floral creation. 

These 'daisies' below includ a green grass foundation. The grass provides an exercise in cutting and the use of scissors for the young children with special needs at Windfall School in Medina County, OH. 

photo of: Tissue Paper Spring Flower Art Project Bulletin Board

photo of: Pastel Flower Drawings by First Graders

The mature artwork of these first graders was on display for their annual end-of-the-year Art Display at Scioto Darby Elementary in Hilliard, OH. I LUV being in a building for kindergarten and getting to take a gander at the work of other students while I'm on site. LUV wearing my "Rainbows Reporting" hat and capturing as much as I can to share with you here! 

This S.P.R.I.N.G. acrostic writing was also done by a first grade class in Hilliard, only it was happily displayed across town at Darby Creek Elementary. You know how I LUV seeing student handwriting within a collaborative project! Here's a prime example!!!

photo of: S.P.R.I.N.G. Acrostic Poem written by First Graders, Collaborative Bulletin Board

One final inspiration!!! All of those garden and seed catalogs that are filled to the brim with color and glory can certainly be 'up-cycled' after their useful lifespan and serve as the material for a group collage. This work was proudly on display at one of my preschool romps and provides the perfect opportunity to explore with scissors -- working together to bring some color into the room. 

photo of: Enormous Spring Flower Collage using Garden Catalog Photos

While we're thinking about flowers and blooming and planting seeds......... remember this MASSIVE bulletin board (floor to ceiling size) that I saw earlier this spring. 

photo of: Spring Bulletin Board, Flower bulletin Board, School bulletin board for Spring
Three dimensional Bulletin Board Wall for Spring

If school is out for the season, then by all means get outside and tend to your gardens!!! Soak up all of the color unfolding and catalog these ideas for your classroom next year!

-- Debbie --

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