Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring's the Thing!!!

It's here!!!! It's SPRING-time!!!!! 
The season of new beginnings!!!!!
(For my readers sharing my hemisphere, that is... I'm so ego-centric: LOL!)

I'm creating this blog post to inspire and share.
In my travels as a "Music-Lady" making 'author/illustrator' visits to schools, centers and libraries -- I get to see all manner of amazing work in my adventures.

Spring children's artwork, scissor snipping art, flower, preschool, early childhood art, spring bulletin board

Look at this bulletin board idea!
I could have had that in one of my round-ups for all things 'fine motor leading to Fine Arts!!'
What a great way to encourage scissor activity for young hands!!

preschool art, clay bird, early childhood, spring projects for children

There you have it!
My version of the Birds and the Bees......
from last spring's art festival in Ohio!

bumble bee art, children's art, children's spring collage, spring preschool art, NAEYC art

bumble bee art, children's art, children's spring collage, spring preschool art, NAEYC art
This bouquet was professionally framed and under glass, hanging in the program director's office...... obviously a gift of love from an earlier spring. What a great idea for a mother's day present. Or a gift for GeeGee, Nana, Mimi, Grandma, Grannie et. al. Hint-hint.

Rembrandt in the making.
Spring = smiles!
Spring = butterfly!!
Spring = Happy flower!!!

photo of: Preschool craft for lamb, children's bulletin board for spring

I had posted this footprint sun collaboration earlier, but felt it was needed in this collection.
Truly a classic and oh-so-simple. Simple always 'works.' Simple is great in the spring!!!
footprint Art, sunshine Art, children's painting, spring art for children, bulletin board

umbrella painting, spring art for children, bulletin board, circle painting for children

Looking for Rainbows?
I had an entire blog article FILLED with Rainbow ideas last week!
Just click here for all of those ideas + projects.

photo of: rainbows paintings for preschool 

kindergarten family art for spring, family tree, leaf collage, bulletin board, collaboration

Here's a 'family tree' I saw recently at South Daytona Elementary.
Their kindergarten classrooms were adorned with permanent brown trees.
This one was 'blooming' with family leaf collages.....
made at home under the watchful eyes of parents.

photo of: spring flower painting, craft for preschool, bulletin board for spring flower


eggs in nests children's art, painting, bulletin board for spring, kindergarten, Head Start art

butterfly painting, spring Art for children, preschool, marble painting

photo of: Easter Egg craft, Reggio art project, Spring preschool art,

Here's an Easter Egg collaboration from last spring.
This HUGE effort was one I saw during my tour through Reggio Emilia, Italy.
If you're looking for all 18 of those earlier articles click here.
Handprint rainbow, kindergarten Art, children's handprints,

Take a look at these child-created flowers:
GO FOR IT!!!!!!

LUV that the children have been given the independence to create their own projects!!!
That's a pretty amazing continum of response.

open-ended art for children, flowers for spring in children's art
I'd be so delighted if you'd 'pin' your favorite spring idea.
That will help bring these projects to a wider audience searching for inspiration.

Thanks for your help!!!

Did ya LUV these?
I have another installment of ideas here in a future issue.

-- Debbie --

I created this post to support my blogging friend Mary who is hosting her FIRST linky party.
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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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