Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweet Sensory Stimulus

Sensory input. Playing with corn meal. Fine motor happiness.
It's such a joy to wander into a program and observe amazing interactions taking place before I get to plug in my "auditory-wonderment" for the kiddos. We will be strumming the guitar momentarily, singing joyfully is next on the agenda. I can't wait to introduce my original children's songs to my eager audience. But in the mean time, what a perfect way for a three year old to get to explore his world and receive immediate sensory input at the same time. All you need is an over sized tray and fill it to the brim with corn meal.

Have fun!!! Make shapes. Impact your world. Make a dent. Draw and erase in a heartbeat. Immediate feedback. Dancing dendrites. No delayed gratification here. You can see the evidence for the joy in the process!! All while exercising those fingers, strengthening those fine motor connections -- all in a totally playful and developmentally appropriate manner!! KUDOS!!! The alphabet cards are sitting innocently in the middle of the table, should anyone want to mimic a letter form. No pressure, just resource material readily available.

I have a great collage of pictures that show ideas of how to bring sensory integration to letter recognition. Click right here to see some exemplary ideas for the "Letter Q" that I saw at an exemplary VPK program in Florida. Here's the link to "Letter M" created in macaroni that's awesome, too!

Or if you're looking for a sensory 'lab' that I got to see during my tour through Reggio Emilia in Italy this spring, just click right here. Their laboratory of the senses is a whole room devoted to exploring our sensory world.

***I remembered snapping this 'corn-meal' picture because of the Linky party being hosted by Deborah Stewart over at Teach Preschool. I've added this to her blog-hop in the hopes of bringing yet another idea to teachers who are looking for additional ideas to incorporate into their plans. Go take a look at the dozens of ideas already in the hop!!! You'll be glad that you did. (Just click on the photo 'Every Day Sensory Play' below to see her original brilliant post of ideas and to follow thru to the suggestions of other bloggers from around the world!)
Every Day Sensory Play

***While you're exploring the web, take a moment to read over at our new collaborative blog, PreK +K Sharing. Pam Bergman has written an upbeat post on the Top Ten reasons she enjoys teaching young children with special needs. She's got some great insight and additional ideas to share!!

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PreK + K Sharing

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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