Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kinder Capabilities

Take a look at this amazing work!!!

These are from kindergarten children!
At the beginning of the year!!!
Brilliant use of material.

Amazing study of our natural world.
 Create a fall still-life to study:
Leaves and some small 'pumpkin-like gourds.'

Drawn first with crayon.
Water color wash.



  1. Hey Debbie- just gave you the versatile blogger award! you can see it here-

  2. PAM!!!!!!

    You sweetie you!!! I just found your comment. We are in the middle of one of our road trips. This one two weeks in length and it tickles me to receive your shout out! Versatile is what this blog is: LOL! One never knows what tangent I am going to go larking upon!


    I'll accent on the PreK + K nickle, maybe that will make it more visible to searching!!!


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