Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude 101

GRATITUDE!!!!! Thanksgiving!!!!!

I have so much to be grateful for this season.  
My list is long. My heart is full. I have learned so much. I started this summer on a quest to improve my blog. I really didn't want it to be perceived as only-being-about-me. I wanted it to be a better resource. I also needed to learn how to get it connected. So the journey began in earnest this summer with my introspection and study of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. program!!

Somehow I learned about that support system because of my serendipitous find of the website and circle of folks over at WeTeach. Spend a morning or spend forever, WeTeach has a forum for you -- if you care about education -- if you care about children, you'll be happy to learn of the resources at WeTeach. (Amy is the heart & soul, the genius behind the screen. That's the two of us meeting for the very first time in Orlando a couple of weeks ago at NAEYC. We were pretty thrilled to have a hug in person as you may be able to tell from the two big smiles. This photo was captured just moments after the HUGE exhibit halled opened to the public.)

From that supportive system I went on to meet Charity Preston a member at WeTeach who is the creator of The Organized Classroom Blog, but even more specific to my needs she is the creator of Teaching Blog Traffic School.

From that circle of folks and from brain-storming with Charity in her home, I was led to launch a collaborative blogging effort at "PreK + K Sharing" our collective blog launched at the beginning of this month --and it has already had 5,000 page views in three weeks!! (That's Charity with moi -- in her kitchen for my interview for the radio: "Chatting with Charity"  program that aired a while back this fall. I want to go on record as reminding the world that I was her first 'live' interview!!) Charity is holding my original quilt and I am holding open a copy of it's corresponding picture book illustration in my national award winning, "Red, White and Blue" INDIE Award Winner of Excellence. (Take a peak in my products tab up above for more info and YouTube videos, because my picture books are songs.)

As the circle of folks at PreK + K began materializing, I suddenly realized that we were noticeably short in the Visual Arts being represented. At that same moment a sweet comment was left here on my blog by Joanna Davis. One thing led to the other and Joanna dove head first into our collaboration efforts. Today is her first post there...... all about hand-print art and young children. I urge you to go there and read her insightful & delightful ramble, "Behold the handprint." Start by reading her first article for PreK + K Sharing. When you have a chance -- pop over to her ART FILLED blog by clicking here.

I have just started my Pinboard collection entitled "My Two Hands"  (click here to see the first couple dozen ideas) there are still quite a few amazing ideas already & I promise I will continue adding more over time!!!

******That's just the beginning of my list of reasons to be thankful. I'll continue reflecting all week. This post has been added over at the first linky party ever at "What the Teacher Wants" blog. There are over a hundred thankful teachers that you can meet, by clicking right here and hopping around to get acquainted!!!!

*******And there's a gratitude-teacher linky over at "Oh Boy Fourth Grade" too!!! She's shared an awesome template & here's how I'll make my list tonight. (You should pop over there for the awesome template -- and while you're there go visit some more teaching blogs.)

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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