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Earth Day Resources for Children

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Happy Easter!!!! Happy Earth Day!!!!!
A group of us who focus on children have worked together to present our first ever orchestrated effort on 'literature-around-a-theme' and are starting our collaborative focus in conjunction with observations of "Earth Day."

As you move through our blog hop, I'm sure you will get lots of ideas and inspiration. Here are some awesome 'natural' collages that I photographed this time last year in Reggio Emilia, Italy during my author-illustrator tour there.

Nature collage preschool
Natural Element Shadow-box Collages created by children in Reggio Emilia Italy as documented by Debbie Clement

Years ago I wrote and recorded a sing-a-long song, "Care of the Earth" with simple repetitive lyrics appropriate for such an observation.

"Let's take care of the earth, let's take care of the earth.
We only have one........ and she's a lot of fun,
So let's take care -- take care of the earth."

Other verses include, "Plant a tree for the earth........"
As well as "Pick up trash for the earth........"
Another favorite: "Let's recycle for the earth.........." 
I think you get the idea!  

This is what I call a 'zipper' song. Once you get the original tune and the idea, you just 'zip' in the new verse and everything else stays the same. SIMPLE!!

preschool handprints

When I saw this "April/MUD" bulletin board, I knew it could be easily adapted for 'Earth Day' and be such an appropriate day's project for little bitty hands. 


It then reminded me of this earlier colossal hand + footprint painting that I also saw in Reggio Emilia, Italy last spring. If you have time you might appreciate seeing all of the other photos for this particular Reggio mural... click here to see the whole article. I took a lot of photos to show how they incorporated photographs into the mural to document the process. It actually has curtains! 

toddler painting

Of my three picture books, (the ones where I am both author and illustrator,) the picture book of mine that could add to your exploration of all things "earth" related -- of a celebration of all things majestic and relating to earth science, is my book "Tall Giraffe." My book is based on the song I wrote earlier by that same title.

Debbie Clement

My niece Kelly and her friends took the photographs of this amazing animal in its natural habitat in Africa. When we think of taking care of our earth, conservation and our amazing creatures here -- there is none so novel as the giraffe.

photographs Africa

Here's a very simple craft project to follow up on your 'giraffe' studies!


Here's the link to my tutorial on making a giraffe puppet on a gift bag.

Debbie Clement

Here's my friend, Lisa -- fellow ECE presenter, with another paper-plate variation that would be fun for height!

preschool craft

Or how about a paper bag as the basis for a happy giraffe 'mask'??

DIY preschool

When I think 'Earth Day' I think of using up materials on hand. How about creating a HUGE Earth Day 'sculpture' from bits and pieces of materials and 'upcycle' them into something truly glorious? This is what the girls at CSG in Columbus created together.

Earth Day

What about a great Earth Day/Spring mural for your program?

ladybugs paper plates

Or Spring/Earthen growing colors?


Those that know me, know that I'm wild about Pinterest!
My boards are organized around the songs I've written. 

I have a terrific collection of EARTH DAY pins that I've collected for just this purpose.


If you 'fast-forward-into-the-future, I have an amazing post from an Author-in-the-Schools visit that you simply MUST take the time to see. Click here to see how we did it!

Now let's get down to the real fun!!!! Enjoy your time seeing all of the resources shared by these fellow bloggers.

I know that I welcome 'pins' from my blog........ I'm guessing my fellow bloggers are equally grateful for a pin! Go make an Earth Day pin-board collection from your blog hopping!!

-- Debbie --
If you are looking for 'spring' art projects, featuring lots of flowers and growing, living elements...... check out 

I just added this post to the blog-hop hosted by my buddy Denise of Sunny Days fame.

And now I've added the article over at Greening of Sam + Avery, too!

This article is now added to LittleBlogFish linky party, too!


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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