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Earth Day Collage Collaboration

photo of: Earth Day Art project, collaborative Art project, bulletin board, Preschool, Headstart, Spring art

WELCOME to RainbowsWithinReach!!
Welcome to COLLABORATION!!! 
WELCOME to an EARTH DAY Celebration!!!
How incredible is that picture? It may be my all time favorite picture -- ever!! 
Or certainly my favorite picture this month!! Take a look at how this unfolded.......

photo of: Earth Day Art project, collaborative Art project, bulletin board, Preschool, Headstart, Spring art

This morning I 'volunteered' a visit at my local VPK program as I had promised. (We are winding up our hiatus season here in Florida and the time was now!)  

After we got done singing all of my happy 'Ditties-by-Debbie' I went with the oldest class. I had a project to follow up my original children's song, "Care of the Earth." 
I had planned ahead(!!!) and brought lots of tissue paper in blues and greens. 

photo of: young hands cutting with scissors, Fine Motor work with scissors, tissue paper Art, Earth Day

        Out came their scissors + all the five year olds got to work! LOTS of work!

photo of: Preschool children cutting tissue paper for Earth Day collaboration, Head Start Art
           Cutting was easy-peasy for some and others? Not-so-much!

photo of: Challenges of children using scissors, fine motor development

After the work came all of the fun!! I had taken my standard issue green, one dollar, 'pool-noodle' to the school. [Dear hubby had sacrificed an old golf-club grip that was laying around the garage as an 'insert' to create the permanent circle.] The school had a roll of white bulletin board paper for the backdrop + the glue sticks.  

photo of: Earth Day collaborative project: pool noodle and tissue paper, kindergarten bulletin board for spring

I LUV'd watching the children work together in creating their puzzle-of-colors! Everyone got a turn to get up close and add some of their pieces to the work of the others already in progress. There was much oooooohing & ahhhhhhhing midst the glue-sticking.

The big reveal............................. (I'll miss you Piknik!)
photo of: Earth Day collaboration with Debbie Clement, song and art for preschool, Head Start, Kindergarten

I'm certain that you could replicate this idea for under $5.00!!!! 
It's the perfect bulletin board for your EARTH DAY observation!

*** Would you be a 'helper-bee' and pin or tweet this project? I know others are searching for a simple idea!! 

This is the simplest..... yet has all of the tenets of a winner: fine motor skill development, working together, and a glorious open-ended outcome!!! 

                                                  -- Debbie --

I had an earlier 'round-up' of ideas and added them to several blog hops for Earth Day. Here's the link to my earlier article.
photo of: Reggio Emilia natural collage, Earth Day bulletin board, preschool Art

I also have a HUGE Pinterest collection of Earth Day ideas that you can go to directly for additional ideas. 

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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