Saturday, October 10, 2009

Making Strides Against BC

With all of the euphoria of the wedding & then the adrenaline of the Redleaf/WB hospital saga, I have been mostly absent from my 'extended-family' over @ BCO this past week. This morning provided a nice block of time to read back over some of the threads that I missed in all of the excitement.

I was drawn to return to the "Clapping for Heidi" thread that was initiated by her brother Bobby upon her passing. I read & reread the outpouring of love for her. I got all choked up all over again. I clapped for her all over again. I learned that Heidi's son is nine years old and her daughter a scant six, hardly prepared for hopscotch let alone this loss. I read another tribute from yet another, of Heidi's 'real-life' friends. And then I went dashing over to Facebook to escape. Escape the harshness. I was considering signing up for Farmtown or taking some inane poll about 80's music. Anything to still that sense of helplessness.

There in the sidebar of my FB profile page was a little blurb about Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. It is Pinktober after all. I clicked. Our Columbus American Cancer Society walk is in fifteen days. I've walked for them in the past, but somehow this event was nowhere on my radar screen.

Barely more than two weeks, but I was moved to 'do something' and so I started a team. And a team must have a name.

I named my team: "Away We Go for Heidi Ho" and have a page up there with her picture and one of Saint & I and our men (scroll down below the thermometer.) The computer has arbitrarily thought highly of me and has assigned a fundraising goal of $2000. I have figured out how to put their link on my FB page and I kinda have a link in the upper right hand corner here on my blog..... ABOVE my guitar picture. I can't figure out what happened to their logo box, but I think this link will indeed connect you to my little effort.

If you're a local Buckeye, please consider joining me @ COSI. If you're able please consider supporting our "team" with a donation, in Heidi's name, or the name of someone you love. Every dollar helps make a stride forward toward our cure. If you're technologically gifted, please share this post thru any means that you are able. Her children will be grateful. Her brother will be grateful. Her husband will be grateful. Her parents will be grateful. Her friends will be grateful. All of her sistahs will be grateful. And I, I will be very grateful.

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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