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Kindergarten Memories Scrapbook RoundUP Bloghop

KINDERGARTEN: Kindergarten Beginnings!

photo of: Kindergarten Scrapbook Memories with Debbie Clement, Author + Illustrator

Let's face it folks, as you can see from the evidence above, I grew up in a different era. Think party-line on-the-rotary-phone: O.L.D. (If you don't know what I mean by either of those two concepts? You.Are.Young.Honey.) 

I often share this photo of *kindergarten-moi* during my Author-Illustrator school visits and start off by saying, "I am soooooooooooo old [insert: just how old are you?] that they hadn't invented color when I was a child." Ba-da-bing. And now? Now I spend a LOT of time in kindergarten.

Seriously, though. Let's take a look at that postcard from another century. It is the declaration that I have won a coloring contest: Kindergarten ROCKS!! The outfit that I am modeling with those awesome wooly knee socks? That's my store-rack Buster Brown outfit that I selected as my prize!! My first experience 'shopping.' MEMORIES!

photo of: Kindergarten Scrapbook Memories with Debbie Clement, Author + Illustrator

What do I remember about kindergarten? 

  • my mom putting my coloring contest page on top of the fridge for me to work on 'later'..... in installments..... so that I could do 'my best job'.... (she obviously believed in 'delayed gratification')
  • my dad walking me by hand for my first day at my new kindergarten in the booming metropolis of Batesville, Indiana (we moved mid-year) 
  • climbing the kazillion steps up to that new building's door
  • my now-nameless K teacher playing the piano and us dancing in circles while singing and marching around, tromping about holding hands
  • honestly? the taste of stale graham crackers-- while I am no culinary expert, I honestly remember thinking "these are really too stiff" during morning snack
My most vivid, techni-color memory of my K year? 

That snake coil basket play doh feel is my earliest 'tactile' memory. 

Now I am the GeeGee (grandma) to a soon-to-be first grader. Did you see the awesome letter his parents received for his first day of kindergarten? LUV me that picture of my fantastic five! [Click back to this article to see the letter better and gather up other great ideas from the brilliant Mrs. Davis, kindergarten teacher extra-ordinaire.]

photo of: Welcome to Kindergarten Letter for Parents, Poem for Kindergarten
First Day of Kindergarten Letter

My favorite WonderBoy Kindergarten project? LUV me his RAINBOW, RAINBOW project in the meter and shadows of the classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear. You've got to click back to this article to see that idea in its entirety. 

Rainbow Early Literacy, kindergarten, preschool, Bill Marin, Eric Carle, spring, weather for preschool

Now that I'm on the 'round-it-up' mentality.... how about my favorite set of kindergarten rules from my travels this past year? LUV'd me some Mrs. Sherwood and her brilliant K-kiddos in character-building action.

photo of: Bulletin Board of Classroom Rules, photographs of Positive behavior traits and individual self-portaits

Her set of rules is just one of over 20 that I captured in my travels last spring. It's a pretty amazing collection and since its not in my Top 10 list it will be buried forever. Click back here to see the other brilliant examples from classrooms across the country.

photo of: Classroom Rules from PreK to Primary Grades from across the Country, Round up by RainbowsWithinReach
Classroom Rules from PreK to Primary
Sharing the excitement with South Daytona Beach Elementary Kindergarten's 100 Day Celebration was another highlight of this past year. Those ideas are in a series of articles captured back in this link

photo of: 100 Day Celebration Ideas for Art, Math + Science: KINDERGARTEN ROCKS!

If you've been here long, you know that in addition to my LUV of all things Fine Arts I'm w-i-l-d about fine motor development -- which we need to lead us into the magic land-of-art. Popping into the Pataskala K-room to see this writing center below in operation was such a DELIGHT. Here's the click to that original article. 

photo of: Kindergarten writing center, fine motor in kindergarten, writing in kindergarten
I just created a glorious MATH round-up with oodles of K ideas. 
Here's one of my favorites from those reflections. 

photo of: 'Physicality of Math' in Kindergarten -- Teamwork Captured in Photographs
Every school visit of every new year is a favorite for me. 
Yet sometimes returning to sites I've been previously kindles up extra joy. 

Take a look at my favorite bulletin boards of Kindergarten Artwork created in response to my picture books. 
Extra summer-hugs to my buddies at St. Paul Elementary for directing the k-kiddos to create amazing efforts in time for my arrival! 

photo of: Kindergarten Bulletin Boards of Student Art in Response to Picture Books by Debbie Clement

Wanna see more of those St. Paul projects? Follow the links for each of my books. 
"You're Wonderful" 

Do you have visual learners in your room? 
Children with special needs? 
This earlier round-up may be my finest blogging effort. 

photo of: VISUAL Learning: Cues, Supports and Systems

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  • On the 18th I hit 100,000 page views for THIS MONTH which is barely over half the way finished! I'm out-of-this-world CRAZY-CUPCAKES!!!
  • AND I HAVE A FAVICON!!!! My little rainbow will show up in your tool bar -- way up top -- as you visit here, making me smile. Here's the link to Kinder-Craze that taught me how!

I was prompted to create this reflection-round up by Jennifer over at Simply Kinder. You simply must read her memories of being kicked out of kindergarten. It was her idea to launch a 'remember-when' party and she's hosting a Bloghop! I am also adding this to Teach123's First Day of School Hop!  Also added to Step into 2nd Grade.

photo of: Kindergarten RoundUP + Bloghop: Meaningful Math, Fine Motor, Art Projects, Bulletin Boards the whole enchilada!

Now that I'm thinking bloghops..... I gotta make this a bloghop. So bloggers link up! Use that image above and throw me some backlink-love!

-- Debbie --
*This post has been added to the linky over at Second Grade Sparkles. 

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 Editor's Note from the future: I have now opened a little store over at Teachers Pay Teachers. 
I'm gradually uploading my songs in Mp3 format into zipped files with pdf support material. 
Come over to get your FREEBIE!


  1. I love the page of your kindergarten picture. Those bangs and knee socks are so cute! Haha. I love how you decorated the page with the comments and colors you used.

    1. Thanks so much for support, Bliss! I'm getting a little bit more 'sophisticated' with using PicMonkey in my collage efforts.


  2. Debbie,
    I loved reading about your kindergarten memories. Yes, my Mom was a big believer in delayed gratification, too. UGH! It's a great life lesson, but not a fun lesson to learn. Your grandkids are too cute!
    Thanks for linking up!
    :) Michelle

    1. Michelle!!! I've been getting readers all weekend from your linkie! So glad to have *found* it and you!


  3. Buster Brown! Boy does that bring back memories...


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