Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Classroom" Crashing: Looking Inside

Let's Take a Look at an Organized Teaching Space

photo of: "Classroom" Organization on a Color Scheme

The article I posted here on Sunday is about to become my numero uno, #1, biggest block-buster ever! I knew people would appreciate seeing how others organize their teaching spaces. All of those nearly hundred photos came from dozens of classrooms around the country. How to follow-up on such a grand slam? How about we just take a look around one divine teaching space today.

photo of: Welcome to Mrs. Sprecher's Room, an Episode of Classroom Crashing

This 'classroom' crash seems to be the perfect way to continue the theme of back-to-school planning. Let me be very clear right up front. This is NOT my classroom space. I am fortunate to make Author-Illustrator School Visits and I work hard to document what I see on my travels for your professional development. Today's pictures are from ONE of the most inviting teaching spaces I've had the good fortune to have a peek-upon. 

photo of: Bulletin Board: "Read to Grow"

The good news? I have a dozen glorious images to share.
The bad news? I never met Mrs. Sprecher, so I have no details as to her title. 

I'm sure this doesn't make a lot of sense...... all I can explain easily is that this is not a 'traditional' classroom for twenty students, but rather a pull-out space of some type. 

What I want to share here is the over-all 'look' of what Mrs. Sprecher has created. This could be a layout in a glossy teacher magazine -- if there were such a thing. Thanks to Pinterest we have our own version of just such a concept. So let's take a look!

Photo of: Classroom Space using Fabric Curtains to 'Hide" Teaching Materials

Watch how these 'jewel tones' are used through out every aspect of her space! The striped fabric serves as a screen for the 'busy-ness' of the books being housed on the shelves. 

photo of: Classroom Space using Fabric Curtains to 'Hide" Teaching Materials

photo of: Inviting Classroom Space with Area Rug and Lamp

Even the anchor charts are created in the room's color scheme. They are an oasis of welcome in their calm presentation. I just felt like I could 'exhale' as I meandered around smiling. Wow. Mrs. Sprecher knows what she's doing. 

photo of: Anchor Chart

photo of: Anchor Chart

Yes readers. It's not your imagination. The colors of the anchor charts are the very same color scheme used through out the room! Folks. This is attention to detail. 
~~ KUDOS~~

photo of: Anchor Chart Colors Match Room Decor

photo of: Collage of Anchor Charts

Did someone say bulletin boards? 

photo of: Bulletin Board: "Readers are Royalty"
"Readers are Royalty" Bulletin Board

One final peek as I'm on my way to yoga this morning. This room is 'award-winning' on so many levels. Neat. Tidy. Organized. Calm. Planned. Choose your description. What's your theme? Do you have a 'color' scheme? Wow. 

photo of: Classroom Organization of Reading Materials in Buckets

Again, this was was her room looked like with NO knowledge on her part that I was about to descend on her oasis. I was there to sing + dance with the classrooms serving the Preschool children with special needs. She had no idea I was about to 'crash' her room. Can you imagine her surprise while popping about Pinterest to come upon my glowing adoration of her room!!! 

Mrs. Sprecher if you ever find this article I bow in reverence to your style and grace. Please tell us just a smidge of the students you serve in Room 123. You are so deserving of having Room 1-2-3!!!


  1. I love the curtain that hides her bookshelves. That is a great idea! What a bright & inviting classroom! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Lisa, I'm such a big 'fan' of fabric. My fabric stash is way beyond 'out-of-control' and stops just short of an episode of hoarders. This is such an elegant (and simple) way to use fabric to simplify a room.

      I only get credit for taking the picture and sharing it.


  2. I love the fabric! It matches my room perfectly. Any idea where she got it?

  3. fabric looks like shower curtains or drapes. I am currently reading a Debbie Diller book about classroom spaces and it looks like this teacher has read up on implemented a lot of her ideas :-)


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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