Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

photo of: Patriotic Projects for Preschool + Kindergarten Students in response to "Red, White and Blue" Picture Book


Sending out pride in this unique patchwork-quilt of can-do Americana, which is the land that we love. 

photo of: Americana Birdhouse

Generations of hard work have come before us. Tilling fields and planting seeds and we reap the rewards of all of that ingenuity and invention. 

photo of: Field of Hard Work in Agriculture

Here are some finger painted 'window' decorations at the Windfall School in Medina, OH.... in anticipation of the celebrations from village to city -- across the entire width and breadth of our land. 

photo of: Finger Painted American Flags on Window

Country charm in Fish Creek, Wisconsin on a daily basis.

Here are two images from my time this spring in Louisville. Take a close look at that second photo and chuckle over our American sense of humor. 

Here's a hand-painted personal t-shirt in central Ohio. 

photo of: Child painted American flag on t-shirt

A simple set of puzzles in kindergarten set the stage for both history and patriotism for our youngest citizens. 

photo of: Puzzles in Kindergarten on American Flag

This year, I'll remember the celebration of the FOURTH for my participation with Children's Hospital's fundraiser for children's literacy at an amazing event called, "READ, White and BOOM!" There were lots of traditional events -- a cake walk and a watermelon eating contest! 

photo of: Watermelon Eating Contest on the Fourth of July

My participation was in the children's tent..... sharing my songs and books as an author and illustrator. The very best part of the oh-so-hot-and-steamy afternoon? Spending quality time with the delightful husband and wife team of Christopher and Jeanette Canyon. I learned that they've been married for over 23 years and often travel together to make school visits. (I followed in their footsteps this spring in SE Indiana this spring!) 

I had met Christopher years ago as he was in the midst of launching his books in response to John Denver's songs. He signed a copy of the book he's holding for my mommy's birthday those years ago. I have appreciated Jeanette's work for years and had given her board book version of "Over in the Ocean" to my WonderBoy. 

They were kind enough to loan me the use of their sound system and we had sufficient time to brainstorm some literacy connections.... entrepreneurs one and all. The true American Dream story in the sweltering sunshine. 

photo of: Author and Illustrators: Jeanette and Christopher Canyon + Debbie Clement

A peek-a-boo at the fun underway in celebration of all things READING!!! 

photo of: Debbie Clement Dances with Children

photo of: A single Sparkler says Happy Birthday, America

Wishing all of my readers an amazing time of reflection this summer -- on all things that make your life amazing in every way. Treasure your time with family and traditions. Long may you enjoy the rich heritage that is yours to celebrate!! 

-- Debbie -- 


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    1. Thanks, Jessica!

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