Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Father's Day Festivities!

photo of: Father's Day: Poem, Writings and Bulletin Board via RainbowsWithinReach


We often go off-the-deep end in our celebration and honoring of the 'moms' in our life, rightly so. How much attention is showered on those unsung heros? DADS! 

I've gathered up some 'goodies' in honor of the men in our lives from my spring time Author-Illustrator school visits. I know how you appreciate looking over my shoulder as a skip about the countryside. Part of my mission while on site is to gather some goodies to share.

photo of: First grade writings for Father's Day

First up are these fantastic first grade portraits and writings. I never tire of children's art. As a former art teacher morphed into an illustrator, children's art is the great joy in my life. Children's art that honors the most significant people in their life? PRICELESS. These writings are to be filed away and treasured in a decade or two. They cut right to the heart. 

These goodies were on the bulletin boards at St. Paul Catholic school in Westerville, OH -- site of my end-of-the-year visit for the last decade! 

photo of: Drawings of fathers for Father's Day

The part of these writings that 'gets-to-me' is the truth that children LUV LUV LUV the TIME that they spend with their parents. Pure and simple. Laughing together is memorable. 

This next little poem was on the drying rack over in southern Indiana. Heartfelt words. Painted tootsies. PERFECT for the younger crowd to give to their daddy on Father's Day. Preschool project for certain. I think Kindergarten fathers can also benefit from the occasional reminder. The days pass so quickly. 

photo of: Father's Day Poem for footprints,

This next oh-so-clever Father's Day Bulletin Board was happily displayed at my own WonderTwinzees (that's the grand-kiddos) Preschool in Pataskala, OH earlier this spring. The idea could easily be translated into a card for dad..... or a special person in any child's life.  

photo of: Father's Day Bulletin Board Idea from painted footprints

photo of: Father's Day idea for a child's card

I had a great photo-magnet idea that I saw in Mrs. Jones Kinder-class in Hilliard this spring. The same idea could be equally as applicable as a gift for daddy on Father's Day. 

photo of: Photo Magnet for holiday gift giving: tutorial at RainbowsWithinReach

After today's article went to press I created a DIY Tutorial on the making of these photo magnets. 
To watch a step-by-step set of directions go to this future article

photo of: Father's Day Craft: Photo Magnets, DIY Tutorial Instructions

I hope that these ideas prompt and inspire you for heartfelt exchanges, sure to please! 

Next year I created this Father's Day "Subway Art" piece. 
Made it on Picmonkey of course! 
Easy peasy. 
I've got it as a FREEBIE to print
Just go over to our Early Education Emporium. 

Click picture to get Father's Day Subway Art as a FREEBIE Printable

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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