Sunday, April 22, 2012

Butterflies in Children's Art


Do you think that image is as glorious as I do?
Do you LUV the quotation? LUV LUV LUV it! 

I've been waiting a long time to use this photo. My daughter Sarah took it last summer in their backyard... and yes(!!!!) that is indeed Little Red's hand reaching, ready to awaken in her own time. Like mother, like daughter you ask? 

So an Earth Day Birthday on a SUNday is a perfect celebration!! REJOICE!

Having your camera ready at the precise instant as the one Sarah snapped is what turns you into a photographer. Capturing your first breath taking image starts a whole new transformation.... a desire to learn, a desire to anticipate, a desire to be prepared. A desire to FOCUS on the 'Rainbows-within-Reach.'

I was attempting to savor the sunflower thru my camera's lens, when at the precise instant the monarch came to pose for me on that very platform. That was my instant of metamorphosis to hence-forth FOCUS on photography. 

Let's celebrate this profound and delicate walk in the very midst of beauty. Let's make efforts to protect this planet and its finite resources. Let's make today a celebration! Let's make today a day when we AWAKEN in our own time!!! 
Let's make this an AWAKENING DAY!!!! Jubilation Jubilee!!!!!

photo of: children's painting butterfly, Eric Carle style, bright paints

Is there a more amazing sign of spring than the butterfly? 
Is there a more uplifting experience than tracking the color flight, fluttering by? 
Is there anything more delightful than children's Art work?

photo of spring bulletin board of Eric Carle style paintings

I've been saving up these images of my favorite inspirational creatures-of-wings and thought it would be helpful to have them all grouped here together for your delight and insight on this fine Earth Day celebration. 

photo of: butterfly rhyme for spring, preschool, kindergarten

How cute are these 'foot-er-flys'? Simple smiles for spring.
A certain keepsake for the future. Go ahead: PIN it!

photo of: footprint paintings of butterflies, children's artwork for spring, bulletin board, preschool

photo of: spring marble painting of butterfly, spring bulletin board, preschool

The classic marble running through paint concept. 
Open-ended. Fail-safe. Cut the paper to butterfly contour and VOILA!

There's also the classic folded paper symmetry lesson. 
Here's a version with some happy 'hot' paint in Florida.

photo of: symmetry in butterfly painting for preschool, artwork for children, kindergarten

Here are tissue paper-thin winged creatures.

photo of: butterfly with special needs

Did you get a chance to read about our visit to the conservatory? 
Click right here to go back in time. 
As the photograph portrays, there really are butterflies with special needs.
We are each unique. 
We are each special. 
We are each attempting to use our own gifts and fly. 
[Classic 'Pinterest' butterfly: baggie with snacks and clothes pin closure... above that wittle left-hand.]

We all get excited on New Year's Eve to 'transform' ourselves. 
  • What if we use today as a brand new starting point for transformation? 
  • What good things could you do for yourself starting today? 
  • What metamorphosis could be wrought by new behavior today?
  • What action might you take TODAY to emerge new + improved? 
  • What changes would become apparent to the whole planet if you took the small action of emerging from your chrysalis and showing your colors to fellow Earthlings?  
  • What would it take? 
  • What gift do you have that could use an awakening?
I'd LUV for you to leave me a comment and tell me!

I've had two earlier posts this month with ideas for Earth Day and its certainly not too late to refer to those projects as we continue tuning into our Mother Earth. 

photo of: Earth Day art project, collaboration, preschool, kindergarten, globe art

Click here for the first installment. 
Click here for the second article.

-- Debbie -- 
I'll tell you the whole story in my next blog post..... 
but here's the ending....... 
I JUST this instant at 1:56 p.m. found this button!!!!!

I'm so excited, I'm gonna host a blog-hop!!! 
Stay tuned. 
Things lost, things found. Amazing co-incidences.
The bottom of the box..................
Get your engines running!!!!!!!

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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