Thursday, August 18, 2011

Winners are Announced!!

The winners for my signed books are beginning to roll in! It's such a thrill to find out who will have a copy of "Red, White and Blue" for their observations of Patriot Day. Today I took the first copies to our little post office up here on the edge of the world. It's fun when both of our Post Mistresses are up-to-date on the workings of my contest. They were just as excited as I to be sending the books out into the world. In a little village you tend to get acquainted with with each other.

Editor's note. I don't know what happened to the paragraph where I mentioned the winners names?? I am attempting to learn how to intersperce the pictures with the type. I guess I blew that paragraph away??

Here's a list of all the winners so far -- that we have gotten ahold of:

Sunny in 2nd: Kristen Vollmar, PA
Happy Rainbow: Connie Dyson, GA
Owl Factory: Andrea Fletcher, OK
Best of TpT: Laura Major, LA
Froggies in 4th: Melissa McNamara, NY
Learning Ahoy: Paula Belchior, NJ
Illuminations; Bette Vaughan, FL

From here: Mary McGough, PA
also from RWR: Joni A., OR
also from RWR: Barbara Greuber, TX

In our list of winners it seems that we have covered quite a spectrum. Pennsylvania came out on top with two winners. In addition we have a teacher whose husband is bound for Afghanastan this fall & she has done her entire classroom in patrioritc theme to support his mission. We also have a teacher from Harlem -- she is certainly the closest to Ground Zero. We have PreK thru First grade represented. We have a not-quite-graduated beginning teacher selected and  teachers with lots of seniority, with years of experience, too. My books are going from coast to coast!!!

HUGE thanks to all of my blogging-buddies who helped to spread the word of my labor-of-love.

I'll be making daily trips to the post office while we get this all sorted out! [The pictures are from our Fourth of July parade festivities over in Bailey's Harbor last month. The local book store takes up a collection to send new books to those who are serving abroad.]

Meanwhile I had a ball at Pinterest today. I made a board for all things "You're Wonderful." To show you just how over-the-moon I am with this resource, I took my laptop to the beach for our daily afternoon sunshine and made a board just for me: all things polka-dotted, black and white, striped and checked! LOVE LOVE LOVE having all of these ideas in one 'folder' & always available.
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  1. Where is the list of winners? Am I missing something on the blog site? marlegal

  2. Faithie I don't do Pinterest, but my DD keeps me posted on things I might like. Please make sure you post your pics of the DOZENS of colors of flip flops you've posted at the beach. That's one of my favorites:) COLOR COLOR COLOR :)

    Hey Marlegal!! Hope you won!!! :)


  3. Mary & Coonie in the same set of comments!!! Ya gotta love the internet.

    Mar. I just added the list of winners.
    Coonie. I'm crazy of Pinterest!!!


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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