Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pinterest! Resource!! LUV!!!!!

[Note from the editor, several weeks after the this post was published, there is a linkie party over at TBA (Teaching Blog Addict) where a guest poster, Ms Kerri, has a linkie party with our favorite resources for the classroom. Go to the linkup to be saturated with a gazillion new ideas for your classroom!! Thanks for the opportunity to share my resource collection with a wider world!! I'm an author/illustrator + music lady and my pinboards support the use of my books & songs in the classroom.]

Yes. Today is the day! Today is THE day!!!
After weeks and weeks of attempting to get in the front door of one of Time Magazine's Top 50 websites of the year, I am kicking up my heels. I'm celebrating my membership at Pinterest. [It's a dingy-Debbie story about the delay & I won't bore you with those details. Let's just say that I had a moment of clarity this morning around 6:00 and now I'm in!!!!!!!! Insert uncontrollable laughter now.]

Here are my main goals for Pinterest:

  • Create a 'board' for my Debbie Clement classics.
Today I have jumped right in & created some great visual collections for my three picture books: "Red, White and Blue" + "Tall Giraffe"  + "You're Wonderful." I love creating a collection of craft projects, snacks, DIY (do-it-yourself) bulletin board, fine motor, directed reading ideas to support your 'extension' & 'expansion' of my little ditties!!! I've gotten underway on behalf of Goldie Goldfish, Creepy Monsters, Lion Prowl. and even the lesser known Busy Buzzy Bumblebee!!!! How excited am I?

  • Create a 'board' for inspiration.
Today I started on a collection of rainbows in all sorts of media. I've also begun to assemble an ensemble of quotations & words that are uplifting. Tidbits to give you some spring in your step. Pinterest is all about inspiration!!!

  • Create a 'board' for art projects.
Today this also got underway!!! Children's art!!! Amazing process & open-ended, hands on ideas that have been successfully directed by Art teachers, classroom teachers and parents. I will be adding photos I've taken in hallways across the country in due time. (Patience, grasshopper.)

Oh happy day!!!!!!! This truly has to be the best thing since the invention of the wheel. For life in the cyber world -- where every possible resource is at your beck & call, it just takes a system to organize all of the potential that's a click away. Ideas galore. I am sooooooo excited!!!

I can't wait to learn more!

Today I learned how to set up a board. How to pin. How to repin. How to search within Pinterest. How to look at friend's collections. How to follow new people. Special thanks to Deborah Stewart, Laura Major, Ayn Cosh and the very young and brilliantly pinning, Brittany Coon.... whose collections I have pinned extensively into my baby boards. They have resources that are truly amazing for the early childhood world. "It's all about sharing resources," in the words of my fellow Deborah Jo. (read this post for our past collaborations.) I can't wait to delve into Cate Heronan's amazing collection!

Next up are Dinosaur Romp and Monkey Fun. In due time it would be awesome to catalogue boards for bicycles/Ride my Bike and vegetables/Eating Healthy and Reggio Emilia and art materials and quilt projects and fabric and daisies and sailboat sunsets and Venice and and and and and AND!!!!!!! Pinterest is all about the AND!! I will need to make a note to brush my teeth. I am willing to sacrifice my time on Facebook. This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Have I mentioned that I'm excited? [Morning after editor's note: I got a FB message from Brittany prompting me to make boards -- collections for polka dots & stripes --  and of course that is beyond making my heart race!!!]

********I've been able to get my Pinterest account and this blog post linked up with "Michelle's Math in the Middle" blog-hop. Be sure and check out all the friends who are pinning by going over to her page right here!!!

******* I have the link to my "Pinterest account" permanently catalogued in a 'button' at the top of this blog page. Click there to be transported into a world that weaves dreams and tulle into gossamer joy!!!!!

*******Yes! The contest ended last night at midnight. I am awaiting a couple more winners being announced by my fellow bloggers, before I announce the winners here. Come back tomorrow!!!!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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