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I have just gotten off the phone with the National Indie Excellence Book Awards president, Ellen Reid. In the most exciting phone conversation I've ever had, (now nominated for the most exciting conversation in the history of the telephone) Ellen personally confirmed the e-mail leak I received last night.....

My book, "Red, White and Blue" has indeed been chosen as the winner of the Indie Excellence Book Award in the category of 'Children's Book with Audio' division!!!! I am ecstatic!!!!!!!!

My Picture Book w CD Recording:

My book is based on the song I wrote immediately after 9-11. Receiving this honor, at this exact moment, is the perfect way for others to become aware of the existence of this project. It is just barely in time for the upcoming 10th anniversary observance. I envision classrooms of children raising the flag, saying the pledge, having a moment of silence and then singing this book in conclusion. I honestly believe this song could bring HOPE to the day.

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -
[Editor's note from the future: I have now joined Teacher's Pay Teachers and my song and the end-notes from the book are now available for immediate down-load! Click here for a zipped file that includes 2 Mp3 digital versions of my song (sung +instrumental) plus the charts for sign language and music notation.]

I am sitting here trembling with excitement and have no idea what this means, beyond the fact that I am now entitled to use their logo for all future printings of my book. Ellen promises that I can use it  the logo, on my website and blog FOREVER!!!! And rolls of shiny stickers are winging there way to me up here in Door County, WI as I type!!!!!! Shiny stickers!! Children love shiny!

The book might actually be 'discovered' by some new folks, in time for being used next month for the anniversary. The award can shine a little light on this response of mine...... all in the effort of bringing teachers a resource to use with their students.

A NATIONAL book award!!!!!!! ME!!!! National recognition. ME!!!!! . I know this has yet to sink in. I envision taking the first dozen stickers and affixing them all over my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Take a deep breath Debbie.]

Last summer when I was making the final quilt illustrations and I could barely lift the iron as I was quilting, (due to the complications from my Breast Cancer surgery....... )Allen kept saying: you can do it, you can do it, you can do it. I know that most days I didn't believe him. I sit here in total dismay that the work got done. I sit here in absolute disbelief that this little work of mine has garnered the award. May I have a Hallelujah chorus? How about a resounding "AMEN!"

In our phone conversation, Ms. Reid was kind enough to take the time and talk to me directly about the need for excellence in self-published projects -- particularly for children. She was full of enthusiasm in her congratulations and the evaluation from the judging panel. She spoke of my project making the grade for superlative quality. Do you love that word? She placed a lot of emphasis on the word 'excellence,' All the time she spoke, all during her upbeat delivery of the amazing news, I was attempting to keep from falling off of the ceiling!!

 Let us always remember to offer hope as a choice. Hope is indeed a choice in the face of each and every challenge. No matter how big. No matter how small. We can always choose to select hope. I am willing to choose hope, though sometimes I have to be prompted. Let us always cherish the choice of hope. Today I am here to celebrate! I am here to celebrate the keeping of hope alive.

****Click here for a link to the YouTube video of the song version in sign language.

*****Click here for the amazing response in Carie's Kindergarten classroom. Carie served our country for a year in Iraq in the Army, before taking the helm in K. This series of posts details her K-kiddos construction of a HUGE quilt in response to my quilted illustrations.

*****Allen just added a 'promo-code' to my website. For anyone interested in ordering their own copy of "Red, White and Blue" if you enter: RWB911 into the box, you will automatically save 20% off of the cost of the book. Please feel free to share that info with anyone who might be interested. The code will work from now until the end of September.

My emotions are running the gamut from tears of honor to hilarious laughter and back and forth again. If you are a tweeter, please tweet this news out to the big tweetin' early childhood & educational universe!! Let the Wild Rumpus begin!

****Click here for a linkie-party of amazing ideas to support children in their understanding of the historic event of 911. This link-up is being hosted by Denise over at Sunny Days in Second Grade and there are dozens of teachers from across the country with ideas.

****Click here for a "linkie-party" of favorite songs for the classroom, hosted by my friend & fellow blogger over at 'Learning Ahoy!!'

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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