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Pinterest Directory for "Special Needs"

photo of: Pinterest Directory for Those who Pin for Special Needs

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Today I'm a children's music-lady. I've turned 3 of my songs into traditional picture books..... so now that makes me an author and illustrator, too. For the ten years prior to this recent  chapter of seventeen years, I was the "Resource Teacher" at a private preschool for children with special needs. I was in charge of the Arts in all facets: music, visual Arts, horseback riding you name it! 

photo of: Debbie Clement meets her Fan Club Members: Children with Special Needs
Recent Invitation to Perform Together
 As a result of that foundation chapter in my professional life -- all of the songs that I write are very simple, repetitive and sequential with a 'can-do' attitude. They leave children + teachers alike saying, "I can do that."  As a result, I am often asked to perform and offer training at sites that serve children with special needs. I'm so grateful for such an honor. 

photo of: Debbie Clement Meets Member of her Fanclub
Newest Member of Debbie's Fanclub

Today's theme is those pinning with a perspective on Special Needs.

This is week #7 of the Great Pinterest Link-Ups

Week #1: The original Edu-Pinners [PreK-12th]
Week #2: Early Childhood Educators
Week #3: Kindergarten Kinder-pinners
Week #4: Primary Grades Pinning People
Week #5: Art Teachers + Teaching Artists
Week #6: The Library-Book People 
Week #8: Upper Elementary Perspective

Find Pinteresting People to follow. 

Honest. This is easy to do. 
  • Go to Pinterest. 
  • Go to the 'wall' that houses your Pinterest pin-boards collections. 
  • Look up-top in the bar with your pinterest identity. 
  • Copy that Pin-URL. 
  • Go down to the bottom of the link-up below. 
  • At the bottom of the list, click on the blue words that say: "Click here to enter".
  • Designate your Pinterest collection with a descriptive title. 
  • Then paste your Pinterest URL in the URL line. 

No blog addresses. Just Pinterest accounts, please. 
I will remove any accidental blog addresses. If you're really confused you can leave your Pinterest account in the comment section and I'll add you myself. 

Come back in the future to follow later additions to the directory. 

Here's a peek inside my first picture book, "You're Wonderful." I made the illustrations from fabric as small contemporary quilts that we scanned for printing. I travel  about making school visits sharing the quilts and my songs. This one is something of an 'anthem' for children with special needs. 
"You're right, I'm wonderful!"
I'm ALWAYS looking for new invitations! So glad that you found me!

photo of: Quilted Illustrations from "You're Wonderful" by Debbie Clement
Earlier this summer I wrote a compilation article here, of all the various 'visual' prompts and schedules that I had documented in my spring travels last year. I think it is one of my crowning glories. It is seriously filled with amazing resources from classrooms around the country. Click here to go to that article. There are so many helpful ideas. Many thanks to all of those who contributed.

photo of: VISUAL Learning: Cues, Supports and Systems
25+ Visual Prompts + Schedules

This next article is one specific to fine motor, hand-writing and 'signing-in' with adaptations made for a range of children with a variety of special needs. Three stars to the teachers who have devised such helpful steps at mastering such a challenging task! (Click here.) 

photo of: Fine Motor Development System for Children with Special Needs
Fine Motor Development for Children with Special Needs

After you get yourself added, please be helpful and pin the image at the top, to ensure that others will find us. If you are a blogger, you're welcome to grab the html in the footer and circulate the entire list from your blog! The more the merrier. Thanks for your help. 

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-- Debbie -- 
Right now there's a chance to win all 3 of my picture books. Click here to enter. 
EASY PEASY + Hardly any entries. What's up with that? 

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  1. Thanks for another great idea for a Pinterest directory, Debbie! I added my special needs board as well as pinned this post to it:

    1. Deb. You must have set your alarm this week. Wow. I can always count on you! Thanks so much for helping to get the 'word out.' Your board is a fantastic resource!


  2. You know friend I think I just might nickname you the Princess of Pinterest! You are awesome, and thank you, thank you, thank you, for adding me to your linky!!


    Joy of Kindergarten

    1. Awwww. I LUV being a princess. You are quite welcome. Can't wait till we meet in person!


  3. Found you through pinterest really great idea thanks


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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