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Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts: Part 28

photo of: Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts Party 28, The Flag Edition

Welcome or WELCOME BACK!!
It's a Friday Fine Motor installment: Part 28 
Today is all about 'the flag' + Americana. 

This is the Friday before we honor and observe September 11th next week. My focus today will be to inspire you with oodles of Art project possibilities that are patriotic in nature. These ideas will span the spectrum: from the tiniest of tots to quite mature elementary students. All in an effort to add ideas for your observation next week.

Interior pages of picture book, "Red, White and Blue" (patriotic Americana text to song by the same name.) Quilt illustrations.
Quilted Illustrations within "Red, White and Blue" by Debbie Clement
If you are new here I am thrilled that you've found my little corner under the cyber-rainbow. I am an Author-Illustrator of picture books based on original children's songs that I've written and recorded. Immediately in the aftermath of 9-11, I wrote a very simple little refrain for children to sing and through their sincerity offer HOPE to their audience. 

"Red, white and blue, I love you."

photo of: "Red, White and Blue" by Debbie Clement: Picture Book in Response to 9-11
"Red, White and Blue" Indie Award of Excellence Winner: Picture Book in Response to 9-11

This blog is the journal of my many adventures and travels around America and beyond to Europe as I make school visits to share my work. 
Last year I sang this simple refrain with the children of our US Army troops stationed in Germany and Italy. 

photo of: Debbie Clement shares her picture book, "Red, White and Blue" at European Army Bases
Quilt Illustrations Shared by US Army Personnel with their Families

I have taught my song to wee-wonders barely old enough to hold their flag........

photo of: Toddlers wave the American Flag during Author Visit with Debbie Clement hearty preschool children filled with reverence.... 

photo of: Preschool Children wave Flag during Author Visit with Debbie Clement

photo of: Preschool Children wave Flag during Author Visit with Debbie Clement

photo of: Elementary School Patriotic Music Flag of Guitars for Author Welcome

.....and at elementary schools filled to the brim with waving, musical flags. 

photo of: Elementary School Children Waving the American Flag for Author Visit with Debbie Clement

photo of: Field of Heroes: American Flags honor Memorial Day

Just as 'fine motor' work is challenging for the child, so is creating a picture book. 
I use my own challenges as the springboard to discussion on 'working hard' for a goal. 

photo of: Proof Sheets for picture book, "Red, White and Blue" by Debbie Clement
Debbie Clement with proof sheets for "Red, White and Blue" 
Now let's take a look at some images to inspire your efforts.
If we are to end up with Fine Art expressions such as this Fourth of July Fireworks creation...... 

photo of: Child's Flag Drawing for Fourth of July with Fireworks

..........we need to offer the tiny toddlers in our midst the opportunity to develop those fine motor muscles as they explore media using every sort of application possible. 

photo of: Cooperative Painting with Young Children, Toddler Patriotic Painting

photo of: Painting with Different Brushes/Application for Toddlers

To get to the dexterity of wielding a paint brush with purpose + resolve... 

photo of: Child Painting the American Flag

....we start years earlier laying a firm foundation and delight in collaborative Art experiences. Yes. We can direct these open-ended explorations around a theme. The colors available can be 'patriotic' in their summary. 

photo of: Toddler Collaborative Painting with Patriotic Colors

We can offer our young children paint to explore or as featured below, they can 'assemble' their own quilt from an assemblage of collage materials. This cooperative project was created in New York City in anticipation of my arrival to their center. 
photo of: Patriotic Media Collage by Toddlers at NYC Childcare center
New York City 'Quilt' of Patriotic Collage Elements by Three Year Olds
photo of: Finger Painted American Flags on Window
Classroom Windows Painted with the American Flag

photo of: Child painted American flag on t-shirt
Personalized Painted American Flag T-Shirt

Bulletin boards, classroom windows and  personal t-shirts can all be the platform for raising our flag. 

photo of: American Flag Collage of Kindergarten Art Work in Construction Paper
Kindergarten Torn Construction Paper Patriotic Flags
photo of: Classroom Window Painted with Patriotic Design

photo of: Bulletin Board of Patriotic Images for Author Illustrator School Visit with Debbie Clemen

photo of: Kindergarten Patriotic Americana Symbols
photo of: Pledge of Allegiance on Wooden Flag

photo of: Multi Cultural People within the American Flag

photo of: Red, White and Blue in Nature: Hollyhocks against a Brilliant Blue Sky

photo of: Fireworks Art Project in Celebration of all things Americana by Kindergarten Students

photo of: Memorial Day Art project for children, kindergarten painting for Memorial Day
photo of: Preschool Painted Handprint American flag

photo of: Flag image of photos of students, Patriotic projects

photo of: Flag paintings by young children, preschool patriotism

photo of: Flag of painted handprints

photo of: First Grade Construction Paper Quilts in Response to Patriotic Picture Book

Here's a 'quilt' that was from a nationally touring Quilt National exhibit on display in Columbus. 

photo of: American Flag Quilt from Quilt National Traveling Display
Patriotic Quilt National Quilt
I am big on big endings. Let me conclude with the most amazing kindergarten response to my song and its picture book version. This project was created under the guidance and direction of Carie and has been well documented here previously. Long story short: marble painting on construction paper. Wait till you see how it turns out!
photo of: Marble Painting in Kindergarten for Art Project
Preparing Construction Paper with Marble Painting 

photo of: Kindergarten Patriotic Art project for 9-11
Adding Stars
photo of: Kindergarten Patriotic Art Project

photo of: Kindergarten Quilt Project in response to picture book, "Red, White and Blue"
Close Up of Prepared 'Quilted' Construction Paper Flag in Kindergarten 
photo of: Kindergarten Collaborative Quilt Construction in Response to "Red, White and Blue" by Debbie Clement

Their finished quilt measured 19 feet wide x 11 feet high. That's an amazing tribute created under the guidance of an amazing teacher. Carie served 9 years in the Army, with an active duty year in Iraq prior to taking over as K ringmaster extra-ordinaire. Take a listen to their YouTube salute. 

My latest evolution of my song is to have it available for you now as a 'digital' zip file in Mp3 format! You still have time to purchase and immediately download the files at Teachers Pay Teachers and teach it to your students next week. 

The file includes two Mp3's: both the sung and instrumental version, and charts of sign language and music notation with chords. Everything you need to honor this somber day with hope for the future. 

This is the one image inside my book that is a direct reference to September Eleventh. I have a quilt image to honor the firehouse and first responders to the Twin Towers. As you can see it is an 'inviting' image of our community helpers. With young children I simply say, "there are people who come when we need help the most." 

photo of: Debbie Clement at the Library Sharing, "Red, White and Blue" picture book in response to 9-11
"House 10" First Responders on 9-11: Firefighters Illustration
As always, I would be ever-so-appreciative of your social network sharing of this project. Your 'pin' is the easiest and most efficient way to circulate these ideas to a wider audience. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support of my efforts to offer hope. 

-- Debbie -- 

***Yes. I have a pinboard of patriotic + 911 related pins on Pinterest. 
Click here for those 397 ideas. 

photo of: Collage of Patriotic Art Projects by Young Children in preschool and kindergarten

Here's the link to all 28 parts of this on-going fine motor series. 
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