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Pinterest Link-UP for Educational Pinners

photo of: The Great EDU-Pinner Link-UP hosted by RainbowsWithinReach

Welcome to my bright picnic blanket under cyber-skies. 
Hope you're having an AWESOME AUGUST. My guess is this is your first time here and you found me via Pinterest. I hope you can take the time to search around a bit while you're here! My top-10 list is in my side bar and that gives you an idea of what other teachers have appreciated in the past. 

Number one on my hit parade is this little beauty. OODLES of organized-vignettes in classrooms, photographed during my Author-Illustrator school visits around the country. Worth your gander in any BTS season.

photo of: Organization in the Classroom RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach

Earlier this week I gave a quick shout-out to Pinterest. I even shared my Google Analytics from the last year to document just what a difference 'its' made to me as a blogger. Amazing GROWTH! STAGGERING is not even an exaggeration. 

photo of: Pinterest Power for Blog Viewership
My Growth Attributed to Pinterest + Connecting to Bloggers

Today I thought it would be fun, insightful and helpful to 'piggy-back' on a pin that I saw just last night -- which offered a link-up of Pinteresting people. Thank you to the trend-setting blogging brilliance over at Fox Hollow Cottage and Debbiedoo's. (How can you not smile at the title Debbiedoos's?)

photo of: Pinteresting Link Party
Original Pin from Fox Hollow Cottage

What if we could go one step further and get our EDU-pinning selves organized and together in one spot? Think of the benefits!! Think of the sharing!

So this is your opportunity to *find* others who are using Pinterest for educational sharing!!! All you have to do is add the URL for your Pin-Board Identity to the collection below. You do NOT need to be a blogger -- just a pinner! 

Of course the whole point is to find edu-people to follow..... so it behooves you to pop about onto Pinterest and see if these edu-pinners are a good fit for your level of focus. (That can usually be determined with one quick click.) It would help people know if the 'fit' of your boards is to their interest if you'd kinda-sorta-qualify your pinning efforts as you link--in your title. So I'll list myself as PreK-4th + Arts. Got it?
Am I making this way more difficult than necessary in my explanation? 

****One last shout out. For the last eons of time I had some conflicting html code that prohibited people from going directly here-from-my-blog-to-Pinterest. Ye gads you say? Imagine how helpless I've felt! ^!^!^! Not a brilliant  plan for a wanna-be-Pin-princess. Just like a wizard my RainyDayMum blogging buddy, from across the pond, interceded yesterday with grace and brilliance and fixed it!!!! [I'm repaying her insight and generosity in pins! Pretty fitting, right?] 
JOY! JOY!! JOY!!! 

photo of: Let's Lasso the Moon on Top 10 Tips for Pinterest
Zina's Pinterest List 101

If you need a Top-10 List of Pinterest Etiquette and How-To 101 then you need to hop over to Zina's list in this click. She is the Pinterest QUEEN and to think how close I came to meeting her IRL! (cue sound effect for gnashing teeth.) She's the oh-so-clever brains behind the weekly Kid's Co-Op with hundreds of link-ups a week! 
Can you imagine how excited I am to introduce you to one another?  

FYI+FMI (for my information, too) I have 23,947 Pinterest followers, with 16,613 pins onto 106 boards as of press time. I would LUV LUV LUV LUV LUV to add you as a follower of my happy, bright, colorful, Artie, literacy infused, organized pins! Yes. I'm the first link below!

Of course it will help us find each other if you'd pin the first image in the article. THANKS for thinking of that detail! After you link up, please PIN the invitation for others to find us!

***Fine print disclaimer brought to my attention from comments below, these are collections of boards by edu-people, which is not to imply that the only pins they ever pin are educational.... just probably a whole big bunch are helpful to fellow educators. I will be removing any links that do not go to Pinterest collections. No blogs. No stores. ONLY Pinterest, Please!!

-- Happy hopping!! Thank you Pinterest for the possiblity!

+Part #2 Pnterest LinkUP subset will be for all Early Childhood people, click here.  
+Part #3 is the directory for Kindergarten Kinder-pinners, click here
+Part #4 is all those who pin from a Primary Grades perspective, click here
+Part #5 is the Art Teacher, Teaching Artists Directory, click here. 
+Part #6 is the Library, Author, Book Luv Directory click here
+Part #7 is the Directory for all those from a "Special Needs" perspective. click here. 
+Part #8 is the Directory from the Upper Elementary perspective. click here. 
-- Debbie --
linked up at: Threading my Way

photo of: "Red, White and Blue" Picture Book by Debbie Clement (with CD insert for song of text lyrics)

photo of: Quilted Illustrations to "Red, White and Blue" Picture Book by Debbie Clement
Quilted Illustrations from "Red, White and Blue" Picture Book 
Debbie Clement has written and recorded over 100 original songs for children, used in classrooms around the county. She has taken three of her favorites from the "Debbie's Ditties" catalog of songs and has turned them into traditional hardback picture books by creating illustrations in fabric as small quilts. Her newest book is entitled "Red, White and Blue" and was awarded the national INDY Award of Excellence. She speaks around the country at conferences. Her next big state wide keynote is in Arkansas in Oct. You can always receive 10% off of any hard goods you order from her website by using the promo code: GREAT. 

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -

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Later this weekend she is holding her breath to open her first TpT store and offer digital downloads of her songs with LESSON SUPPORTS!!!
Out in the far-off-future, this post has been linked at Teach 123's Pinterest Party for Educators. 

Teach 123

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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