Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Flower Bulletin Board

photo of: Spring Bulletin Board, Flower bulletin Board, School bulletin board for Spring

Some people are truly gifted and talented. 
Take a look at this 'bulletin board' -- floor to ceiling size -- between two classrooms. 

Behold: Beauty! Brilliant!!
I want WonderBoy to have this teacher for first grade!!
These photos are from my Author-Visit last Friday. 

photo of: Spring art project, flowers in art project

Look at the art on display in the hallway!! 
Mr. Harris is preparing for the all school Art Show mid-week.
These are amazing creations for first graders! 

photo of: Elementary Art Show, first grade bulletin board flowers, Art show bulletin board

photo of: Handprint bulletin board for spring, flower handprints
Elementary School Bulletin Board from Construction Paper Handprints

Great minds obviously think alike. The growing handprints in the school showcase above, reminded me of this spring bulletin board I'd seen growing in Preschool, earlier this spring. It's fun to compare the treatment of the concept. 

Preschool Spring Bulletin Board from Painted Handprints

Speaking of flowers. Get a look at this 'set' for the school musical for Darby Creek!!! 
You know I LUV every building I get to visit, right? What I LUV so much about this school is the way that everyone works together!!! This is the stage, which is in the gym, which will be featured in the midst of the all-school Art show!!

We placed the folding chair in the picture so you'd have some idea just how 'towering' these flower are in real life. 

photo of: set design for elementary school musical, over-sized flower backdrop

I'll be posting pictures from my visit for WEEKS ahead.

I LUV LUV LUV LUV all the colors of SPRING!!!!

photo of: tissue paper flowers, flower craft for preschool, spring art project

Did you get to see this amazing 'upcycled' flower sculpture? 
It's worth repeating with all of the other flowers!!!
photo of: bright flowers, Upcycled flower sculptures, kitchen recycled pans into Art,
Upcycled Flowers from Kitchen Pans!

Did you get to see my Mother's Day post from yesterday? It's a home-run via Pinterest and is already climbing my Top 10 chart and its barely 24 hours old! Obviously, the celebration of mom is on everyone's mind. 
photo of: Mother's Day craft bouquet, kindergarten Mother's Day project, coupons for Mother's Day
Mother's Day Craft Bouquet

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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