Saturday, May 19, 2012

Patriotism, Civics, Memorial Day

We're approaching Memorial Day, which means so many things to so many people. I've gathered up some recent images to share how a variety of schools have demonstrated their patriotism to their communities. 

photo of: Patriotic picture books, Red White and Blue by Debbie Clement

Let's get started with this bookshelf display of picture books in a kindergarten room at Darby Creek Elementary. Imagine the thrill in my heart to see my very own "Red, White and Blue" sitting proudly amid the other selections as I arrive for my author visit!! 

It is such an honor to make school visits + share my work. I bring the quilts that I've designed and sewn to convert my original children's songs into traditional picture book status. The students work to see what differences there are between quilt and finished book format...most noticeable is the size difference.

photo of: Author visit for Debbie Clement

We sing together the song I wrote in the aftermath of 9-11 and I teach the sign language to support the song as we go along. Here is a YouTube video to acquaint you with the lyrics to my picture book. 

Enough about me. Now let's take a look at this A.MAZ.ING photo collage of all of the students and staff at Blair Moody Elementary in Taylor Michigan. This beauty is just inside the front door of their building -- appropriately in the place of honor for all to appreciate! I was in their school at the beginning of this week working with 'at-risk' preschoolers and their parents. 

photo of: Flag collage of student pictures, Patriotic project for Memorial Day

I took a couple of 'close-up' photos so that you could see how they accomplished such a professional looking end product. The students wore either white or red shirts, but additionally there was a back-drop of paper for the student to hide behind as they were being photographed-- bringing further uniformity to their smiling faces. 

photo of: Flag image of photos of students, Patriotic projects

This framed 'Old Glory' below of painted handprints was on display in Northwest Arkansas where I traveled earlier this spring to deliver a keynote for their gathering of early childhood educators. It is hanging proudly in the Jones Center building of community outreach agencies that I was able to tour, created by young hands working together. 

photo of: Flag of painted handprints

Next up are some letter-of-the-week student creations that were on display in the hallway of South Daytona Elementary during my "music lady" visit to their kindergarten classes. F is for flag: from the minds and markers of k-kiddos. Simple. Sincere. 

photo of: F is for flag, patriotic letter recognition

Is there anything as uplifting as seeing the bold work of young children in reference to our flag? 

photo of: Flag paintings by young children, preschool patriotism

photo of: American flag, literacy and heroes

This final image of the flag as a backdrop for activism for literacy is on the hallway wall in Kirkersville, OH, opposite the entrance to the school's library. Literacy is a birthright in America. How are we doing with that edict?

As you enjoy the holiday at hand consider the sacrifice of others. Wave your flag. Give honor to those who have served our country through history, giving their lives in the process. I hope that these images inspire you to direct the children in your life to create patriotic works of their own. 
                                  -- Debbie -- 
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  1. What wonderful ideas! I love the flag of hands!

    1. Thanks so much for poppin' through, D!!!! I LUV the flag of hands myself!!! I hope that it inspires others to think in terms of projects that children can contribute to the observation of Memorial Day. I am so appreciative of your support.


  2. The flag of hands is really amazing.Thanks for linking up to Book Sharing Monday.

    1. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share. Thanks for hosting!


  3. I'm just finding your comment. Thank you for the feedback!


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