Monday, May 28, 2012

Kindergarten FIREWORKS: "Red, White and Blue"

Yesterday I shared my deep appreciation for our men and women in the service of our country. (Click back if you missed the children's flags, bald eagles and statues of Liberty.) Let me conclude my thoughts on the observation of this holiday weekend with a star studded salute to all of those who serve and all of those who have sacrificed. Some of the favorite moments of my life have been spent in your midst and I am honored to share such an image as this one. Polka dots and camouflage. That's quite a combination!!

Debbie Clement Author Visit to US Army Base in Ansbaugh Germany, "Month of the Military Child"

My heart and prayers are extended to every family who has an empty chair at the table for today's picnic and tomorrow's breakfast. There are no adequate words in the face of your loss. Silence and reverence certainly, but I don't know how to convey that in a written tribute.

Red, White and Blue, I love you!

Know that from every corner and all across this amazing country we acknowledge and hold a deep respect for your daily bravery in the face of the unthinkable. Your family member's contribution to the legacy of our country is remembered and revered. May you treasure the memories of your loved one and know that we appreciate beyond measure their contribution. With my kindergarten friends, we salute their ultimate sacrifice. 

photo of: Memorial Day Art project for children, kindergarten painting for Memorial Day
Strength and courage. Strength and courage. Strength and courage. 

Community Observation of Memorial Day in Westerville, OH: field of 3,000 flags in tribute to family members service

May this day of national observation also be some acknowledgement of the debt we owe the individuals who continue to serve far from home, with dignity and bravery. Your daily work makes us all proud of our finest who have risen up to protect and defend the ideals we hold as a country. We wish you strength in your journey.

Captain Mettle, my son-in-law, displaying Kindergarten Art in response to my picture book!
It has been my great good fortune to share my song and picture book, "Red, White and Blue" with families currently serving through the US Army stationed in Europe. I conclude today with some images of my travels in your midst as I wish you well in your continued service. 
US Army Base, Camp Darby, Italy
Yes, that's me in a Blackhawk Helicopter, Anbach Germany!
Poster for Month of the Military Child, Hohenfels Germany
Family Fun Night, US Army Base, Vicenza Italy

US Army Base, Camp Darby, Italy

US Army Base, Ansbach Germany

US Army Base, Hohenfels Germany
US Army Base, Vicenza Italy
US Army Base, Hohenfels Germany

Family Fun Night, US Army Base, Vicenza Italy
It is my hope that by sharing these personal photos with my reading audience, that I can put a "face" on those  currently serving our country half a world away. May we pause today to contemplate their service on our behalf. 

My song and its picture book format are full of waving flags and purple mountains, men in uniform and an array of children in a celebration of giving thanks .

The grand finale is fireworks!!!

Read along from the kindergarten wall. 

-- Debbie --

To read more about the FIELD of HEROES follow this link.

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