Wednesday, May 16, 2012

'Graduation' Bulletin Board Crossword

The end is in sight. The school year is winding down in earnest.
photo of: Bulletin Board for first grade, Bulletin board for kindergarten graduation
Graduation Bulletin Board: Create a Crossword Puzzle (from the names of the graduating students!!)

How clever is this idea for a kindergarten graduation bulletin board? Obviously it could be adapted for any grade level with a diligent teacher. I saw this in the hallways over at Laurel Elementary in Indiana last week.  

The poster below is from their 100 Day Celebration (click here for some other 100 Day ideas) and still hangs in their over-sized classroom. I think you can tell that these are treasured little K-kiddos. I LUV the use of the individual photos in both the bulletin board and the little medallion ribbons in this poster.

photo of: 100 Day Party Poster, 100 Day Celebration

Have you ever seen a 'triple tiered' classroom? What I'm about to show you is truly outta this world. I've never seen anything like this before in any of my Author visits. You're probably not gonna believe it. I'm only going to share it with you if you promise not to have a temper tantrum. It has a loft, which is oh-so-cool to be sure, but have you ever seen a sunken reading corner with a faux fireplace in a public school classroom? Seriously!

LOFT AND FIREPLACE!!! All in the same kindergarten classroom!! Are you ready for the great reveal? Here..... we..... go!!!

photo of: Kindergarten loft and reading corner, sunken reading corner in classroom

I told you I'd never seen anything like it before.... if you could have one or the other, which component of their room would you choose? The loft or the sunken reading corner? Eeny, meeny, miney, moe!!

As we come down the homestretch toward the end-of-the-year I thought you might appreciate seeing a couple of keepsake projects that I saw up in Michigan just yesterday. These photos are from my visit to Taylor, MI as the "Music Lady" sharing my songs and picture books with their preschool children. I've made visits here numerous times over my 15 year tenure -- so its a lot like going to visit old friends. 

Look what I saw, drying on the racks: 

photo of: Handprint poem for preschool, handprint rhyme for kindergarten graduation

Here's another project that will be making its way home soon. KEEPSAKE!
photo of: Preschool graduation keepsake, handprint rhyme for preschool
If you ever wondered why I like invitations to visit schools, I hope these images give you a glimmer of why I get so excited to travel! Hope these shots offer some inspiration!!
-- Debbie --


  1. Here are my hands with ten fingers in all.
    My first mark in school to hang on the wall.
    As years go by, I'll remember and say,
    "My hands and I had a great first day!"


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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