Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day Card Keepsakes

photo of: Mother's Day handprint rhyme, poem for Mother's Day, craft gift for Mother's Day
Kindergarten thumbprint poem for Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost!!!!! 

What a brilliantly super-fun, extra glorious school-visit day!!!! I'll tell you more about it over the week ahead. I took an unbelievable number of pictures and have them to share. I'm rushing-this-to-press..... just in case you're still looking for a sweet rhyme and finger print keepsake for your gift giving on Mother's Day. These beauties were long and narrow and would make perfect book marks. 

I am just LUVin' my Rainbows-reporting-from-the-road function of blogging!

photo of: Mother's Day rhyme for handprint, Mother's Day poem for children

Today I was in the hills and hollers of Indiana. Small world detail? We stayed last night in Batesville, IN!!! YUP. The one and the same Batesville where I went to kindergarten through 4th grade!!! Today was my author-illustrator visit to Laurel Elementary. Down the cork-screw hills from Batesville!!! 

photo of: Kindergarten Handprint poem, Poem for handprint art,
Kindergarten Handprint Poem

It's my first time back in that little hamlet of my childhood since leaving as a fourth grader!!! WOW! How amazing to make a visit to the area where I was a K-kiddo -- and get to see all of the fun unfolding in their rooms on behalf of a mom celebration!! These are kindergarten handprint, fingerprint + thumbprint cards awaiting hugs on Sunday! 

photo of: Preschool Mother's Day gift, kindergarten Mother's Day, preschool magnet for Mother's Day, photo magnet
Magnets for Mother's Day
Now I 'just' had a post a couple days ago, filled with gift, song, another handprint poem and a bouquet. Click here to go see those ideas. It's already the #3 viewed post here of all time! I think people are wild about the photo magnets for an inexpensive gift. Great for Mother's Day, but equally suitable for end-of-the-year memento, too. 

****NOTE FROM THE FUTURE. I've gathered up everything Mother's Day into this RoundUP. (Click on the picture's edge.) 

photo of: School Marque for Author visit, Debbie Clement school visit

Yup!!! I am ALWAYS over-joyed to see my name 'up-in-lights' upon arriving at my destination. I always breathe a sigh of relief that I'm in the right place at the right time. Yup!!! Allen's driving now as we make our way 'home' and I'm blogging at 70 MPH!!!! LUV technology when I can get it to work!

                                                 -- Debbie --


  1. How awesome to have your name on the marquee!!! =) I love the photo magnets.

  2. Oh REBEKAH!!!! Thanks so much for the feedback! It never gets old to see my name written out. I LUV that my coming to a school is something that folks are looking forward to and anticipating. How cute are those magnets?



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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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